WMD Guns New Black NiB-X Coated BCG for AR15 First Shots Review

#BlackBCGsMatter Nickel Boron (NiB-X) bolt carrier groups aren’t new, but they are always a shade of grey or silver… until now. WMDguns.com has figured how to add a special top […]

WMD Guns black NiB-X BCG review - first one#BlackBCGsMatter

Nickel Boron (NiB-X) bolt carrier groups aren’t new, but they are always a shade of grey or silver… until now. WMDguns.com has figured how to add a special top layer that gives a black color to NiB-X coated parts. Gear Report was sent the very first WMD Guns Black NiB-X AR15 Bolt Carrier Group for testing and review. In the video below Josejuan walks us through the details of the Black NiB-X Coated BCG and we see it being shot in a .300 Blackout AR15.
We will post more as we shoot it more and see how the Black NiB-X finish holds up. So far, after about 50 rounds it still looks brand new.

WMD Guns black NiB-X BCG review - in 300 blackout

WMD Guns black NiB-X BCG reviewWhy NiB-X?

According to WMD Guns, “NiB-X is the only coating that optimizes the trifecta of performance attributes needed in firearms:  hardness, wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.” We have heard many claims of running NiB-X coated guns without any liquid lubrication for many, many rounds. We have not tested this, but have seen enough reports from folks we trust to believe that, at a minimum, a gun with Nickel Boron coated internals should be more reliable than an otherwise identical gun without NiB-X coating. We like reliability in our firearms.


WMD GunsIt seems to me that most “gun companies” were borne of a passion for guns and a desire to figure out how to make a living pursuing that passion. WMD Gun took a different path, in that they started with science and technology and a desire to apply them to “enhance the shooting experience”.
Prior to WMD Guns, Wynn Atterbury, the WMD Guns President and a mechanical engineer, worked at the DoD evaluating new technologies. When PFC Jessica Lynch was captured in Iraq, PFC Lynch reported that several weapons failed to operate in the attempts to fend off the attack. As a result DoD was pursuing new solutions to lubricate weapons in harsh environments via high tech coatings. Wynn was so intrigued by the technology that he left the DoD to work with it. That led to founding WMD Guns in 2011, bringing together plating engineers, metalurgists, trades experts and others to offer NiB-X and other coating tech to the firearms industry.
The pride in Wynn’s voice was evident when he described The Beast – the world’s first “All NiB-X AR-15”. Although he quickly clarified that WMD Guns is not a one trick pony. They focus on using the right coatings on the right parts. For example, their research showed that NiB-X is not the best choice for the inside of the barrel, so they use Salt Bath Nitriding inside the barrel. The Big Beast is an evolution of the original Beast.

WMD Guns is a diverse business with 3 areas of focus:

  1. Solutions for OEMs: For example, WMD Guns applies NiB-X and other coatings to parts for high-end trigger companies, other brand’s bolt carrier groups, etc.
  2. Consumer retail: This is where the WMD Guns NiB-X Fire Control Group that was submitted for this review fits in their businesses.  They also sell chassis and complete rifles in 5.56 .308, and (if my notes are correct) .300 AAC Blackout, 1911 pistols, fully coated shotguns for protection in corrosive environments, and a variety of billet and coated parts.
  3. Consumer parts coating: Offering consumers the types of high tech coatings that were previously only available to big corporations due to cost and complexity.

I won’t pretend to understand the details of the wide range of technologies that WMD Guns brings to the market, but they include Nitromet Salt Bath Nitrocarburizing (Melonite, Tennifer, Black Nitride), Electroless Nickel (EN), Electroless Nickel with Teflon, Black Nickel with Boron Nitride, etc.. Rather than butcher the details (as I am sure I have already done), I’ll refer to their site for the correct information: https://www.wmdguns.com/get-your-firearm-coated/production-coating-services
Overall, the more I learn about WMD Guns,  the more impressed I am with them.

Defender Ammunition CompanyWhere’d you get that ammo, bro?

Gear Report is fortunate to be a part of Defender Ammunition Company’s Team Defender for 2016. As the sponsored review site Defender Ammo provides us with most of the ammo that we shoot in our reviews. For this review we shot Defender Ammunition Company .300 BLK 150 gr FMJ and .300 BLK 220 gr SMK Subsonics.

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