Where To Buy .300 Blackout Brass: AGBArms.com Processed .300 AAC Blackout Brass

Where To Buy .300 Blackout Brass: AGBArms.com Processed .300 AAC Blackout Brass .300 what?! .300 Blackout… officially “300 AAC Blackout” or “300 BLK” (SAAMI short name)… sometimes called “.300 AAC”… […]

AGBarms.com_300_blackout_brass_for_reloading (1)Where To Buy .300 Blackout Brass: AGBArms.com Processed .300 AAC Blackout Brass

.300 what?!

.300 Blackout… officially “300 AAC Blackout” or “300 BLK” (SAAMI short name)… sometimes called “.300 AAC”… it goes by a number of names.
The 7.62 x 35mm, .30 caliber rifle cartridge was designed to give a larger, heavier bullet option that is backwards compatible with the 5.56×45 AR-15/M-16/M-4 platform rifles and accessories, requiring only a barrel change. 300 Blackout is becoming well known for the ability to fire supersonic projectiles that are roughly double the weight of typical .223/5.56 projectiles, as well as heavier, slower projectiles in the 200 – 220 grain range at subsonic speeds. Subsonic rounds fired from a .300 BLK through a silencer are dang-near “Hollywood quiet”, as our friend Don Berckman of GP Arms says.

Ammo prices

Sure, .300 AAC has some interesting ballistics and a range of potential uses, but the ammo can be pretty pricey. Most people I know that shoot .300 Blackout choose to load their own ammo since you can cut the cost to about 1/3 of the price of factory .300 Blackout ammo (or less if you buy components in bulk). I have found .330 BLK to be one of the easier rifle rounds to load. However, since it is a relatively new cartridge and many people who shoot it keep their brass to reload, finding economical 300 blackout brass cases to reload can be challenging, with factory new .300 blackout brass cases sometimes costing as much as factory loaded ammunition.

AGBarms.com 300 blackout converted brass reloading benchWhat else do I need to reload?

Cheap .300 Blackout cases

Maybe I should say “inexpensive” instead of cheap, but the best way I have found to get .300 blackout brass cases without breaking the bank is via converting .223 Remington or 5.56×45 cases to .300 AAC. The process isn’t that difficult… cut the spent .223 or 5.56 case down to the specified length, lube and run it through the .300 Blackout sizing die, trim to finished length, chamfer, tumble, swage, etc. However, it is a multi-step process that can be time consuming.

AGBArms.com to the rescue!

AGBarms.com 300 blackout converted brass for reloading shirtIf you either don’t have the tools, time, or inclination to convert your own 300 Blackout brass, then I suggest you talk to the guys at AGBArms.com (All Guns Blazin’ Arms). AGB Arms sent us a batch of 1,000 converted .223/5.56 cases to test and review. So far, we have not loaded all of the cases, but have nothing but great success with the AGBArms.com converted .300 Blackout brass that we have used. In fact, a couple of weeks after sending us the brass to test AGB Arms identified a trend of some cases of a certain brand being a bit more challenging to load. So, they sent us a box of replacement cases to cover any of the troublesome brand that _may_ have been in the batch of cases we were sent. Talk about customer service!

AGBarms.com – In their words…

“We are a very young company in this industry.  We are a group of four who also own and have owned other businesses in a number of different industries.  We are slowly but surely finding where each of our expertise can be valuable to this business.  Randan, who is the other active partner besides myself is really the brains as this industry has been a major part of his life from when he was a young boy, to serving in Afghanistan as a Marine Scout Sniper, to our current time being a key factor in this company.
AGBarms.com_300_blackout_brass_for_reloading (7)The other three of us function together as the financing for this business and I also work the day to day with Randan.
Initially we are working on becoming a reliable brass company for reloaders and manufacturers alike.  We are solidifying relationships with primer companies, projectile companies, and powder companies, so that we can soon be a full on component supplier.  It is then our goal to be a once fired ammunition company.
Our brass is inspected twice.  once during the sorting process and once again for the brass that has been fully reprocessed.  Reprocessed cased are cleaned in a dry media and then processed on commercial equipment.  Depending on the caliber and need to be filled, our brass is decapped, swaged, full length resized, trimmed, and deburred prior to being polished and sent out to our customers.” -Landon Noah, AGBarms.com
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Jeff shooting rounds made from AGBarms.com brass in an AR pistol in .300 Blackout

Jeff shooting rounds made from AGBarms.com brass in an AR pistol in .300 Blackout

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