What Does A Surplus HMMWV Cost? How To Buy A Humvee.

How To Buy A Humvee. What Does A Surplus HMMWV Cost? How much a Humvee costs (also known as a Hummer or US Military surplus HMMWV) depends on a LOT of […]

How much does a HMMWV cost? storage lotHow To Buy A Humvee. What Does A Surplus HMMWV Cost?

How much a Humvee costs (also known as a Hummer or US Military surplus HMMWV) depends on a LOT of variables. Most notably, HOW you buy a Humvee makes a big difference in the cost.

But you can’t get a HMMWV titled, right?

It is true that the recent batch of HMMWVs sold by the US government come with paperwork marked “Off Road Only”. This is because Humvees are missing a few key safety items required on civilian vehicles. No worries though, it is relatively simple to add these items so that a HMMWV will pass most state’s safety inspections. Simple things like:

  • Rear View mirror
  • Reverse lights
  • Three point seat belts
  • Doors
  • Side mirrors
  • Windshield wipers and washer fluid sprayer
  • Headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Horn

Yes, most of the items on that list are already on most HMMWVs. However, many are sold with some of these parts missing or inoperative.

VIN madness

Some states also have issues registering any vehicle that does not have a full 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This is silly, as all they have to do is either:

  • issue a new VIN that meets their criteria, or…
  • add 11 zeros to the front of the HMMWV’s six digit serial number to get to the 17 digits some state’s registration computer systems require.

Smooth sailing

One might logically deduce that with safety items addressed and the VIN issue so easy to clear up, that it should then be easy to register and/or title a HMMWV. However, we are talking about government agencies… the places where logic and efficiency go to die. Some states have actually cited AM General’s (HMMWV manufacturer) objection to Humvees being sold to civilians and used on roads as their reason for denying ALL HMMWV registrations. As if a corporation can dictate exceptions to laws. Others appear so scared that the state will incur liability if anyone is hurt in an accident involving a surplus HMMWV that was issues a road use title or registration that they either refuse all such applications, or put absurd requirements that the owner certify the vehicle meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Emissions rules… even though it is well documented that military vehicles are exempt from both. Because the path to a clean, clear, on-road use title can be tricky to navigate, I recommend any prospective Humvee buyer research the rules for your state BEFORE you purchase one. If your state won’t allow HMMWVs to be registered, then contact your legislators to get the rules changed so that HMMWVs can be registered once the safety items above are verified operational.

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If you go the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) approved  auction route here is the basic process:

  • Spend a few weeks to find the right Humvee for you and bid to win the auction. I guess you could just jump in and bid right away. However, I advise that you do your homework first and watch some auctions to see how they work before you bid.
  • After you win an auction, make full payment and complete the paperwork (can take a week or more for some people)
  • How much does a HMMWV cost? Humvees on a shipWait 12-16+ weeks the End Use Certificate (EUC) background check before the government will let you remove the HMMWV from the storage lot
  • Wait another 4+ weeks if you purchase a form SF97. Some folks have had success getting an on road title for their Humvee with the SF97
  • Modify your HMMWV to meet your state’s vehicle regulations
  • Complete your state’s requirements for a title and registration and pay the fee… IF your state will even register a HMMWV. Some won’t.

Depending on the other bidders, you may get lucky and snag an older Humvee for $6k out the door (after the auction company’s 10% fee and taxes). Most likely, though, your Humvee cost will be closer to $10-15k out the door. And don’t forget shipping (more below).

The cost of making your new acquired surplus humvee road worthy will vary based on the condition of the specific HWWMV you purchased. I would budget at least $1,500 for basic service and roadworthiness parts like filters, fluids, grease, special tools, backup lights, 12V power source, etc. As you can see, your Humvee costs will add up quickly.

Private Sales and dealers:

Several thousand HMMWVs have been sold by the US Government to private citizens. Most of these have been sold since 2014, although a small number have slipped out and into private hands over the years prior. You can sometimes find a Hmmwv on eBay or private party sale. Most privately owned and titled Humvee cost $20 – $50k.

Why so much more expensive?

How much does a humvee cost? custom hmmwv“Off Road Only”

In nearly all cases, the US Government sells HMMWVs for “Off Road Use Only”. It can be really tricky getting a title and registration to allow on road use in some states. I’ve read of folks waiting nearly a year from the time they win an auction before they physically have the HMMWV and all required paperwork in their possession… Then getting stonewalled by their state’s DMV who will not give them an on road title. So, if you can find a HMMWV via private party or dealer sale that already has an on-road title, then those generally get a $5-10K price bump just for having the on road title.

Getting your surplus HMMWV home:

Regardless of whether you buy a Humvee from a DLA approved auction, eBay, a private seller or a dealer, you will have to get it home somehow. As the supply of Humvees for sale grows you may be able to find one locally. However, as of this writing, it is much more likely that you will have to travel to pick up your HMMWV. Don’t forget to budget for either picking it up or having your Humvee shipped to you.

The current DLA auction site includes a handy shipping cost estimator. While searching auctions I found many very compelling HMMWVs that were far enough from me that shipping cost was estimated at over $3,ooo!

How much does a HMMWV cost? humvee transport

Be smart, have your Humvee transported home

Here are a few results pulled on July 29, 2016:

Distance (miles)   Estimated shipping cost

99                           $562

148                         $616

443                         $1023

600                         $1,363

803                         $1,702

1,780                       $3,196

2,086                      $3,557

how to fix hmmwv mile marker winch controller

Project Humvee Battlewagon

Should you drive your “new” Humvee home?


Remember that the Humvees being sold at DLA auction have often been sitting for years before the DLA gave approval to sell them. Then they sit for months during the auction process. Many of these HMMWVs are being sold because they are the worst one’s in the fleet. So, save yourself some headache and don’t drive it until you have gone through all of systems and are sure it is road worthy.

Here is a quote from a recent GovPlanet contractor:
“I was a contractor for them, they don’t give a shit about customer. Inspections are a joke. Sometimes the equipment will sit for literally years from when it gets inspected to when the customers purchase. You would think a system would be in place to attempt to keep the equipment in somewhat the same condition, right???? Starting the vehicle, driving it around, airing up the tires, ANYTHING…….. Absolutely not!!!! As a matter of fact it is not even considered at any level of management. They would rather cut the contractor’s hours in half than give them the time to maintain these vehicles.”

 PLEASE… DO NOT plan to drive your “new” HMMWV home if you buy it from government auction. Even if it appeared to run perfectly in the auction sales video, you have no idea what hidden issues are present. Notice I didn’t say “If hidden issues are present”… they are.
While I have heard of the occasional person driving their HMMWV home, the fact is, it is probably illegal, and is DEFINITELY unsafe as hell.
I can’t stress enough the range of issues I have heard about from HMMWV owners that thought they were buying good running Humvees, just to have the steering box sheer off, brakes fail, electronics sizzle when attempting to start the truck, wheels fall off while going down the road, etc. Even if you have a towing service like AAA ready to tow you home if it breaks down, PLEASE don’t risk the lives of the other people on the roads. If you are unlucky and your brakes go out you could kill innocent people. It simply isn’t worth the risk. Get the HMMWV transported on a trailer to a shop where they can check it out BEFORE you drive it on the road. And, many of the private sellers that “flip” HMMWVs probably haven’t done a thorough inspection either. So, I would even recommend trailering one of those home, unless you have proof that the vehicle is safe.

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Where to buy Silencers?

HMMWVs go great with suppressed rifles and pistols! You can legally purchase silencers online and have them shipped to your local SOT FFL, who will help you with the ATF Form 4 transfer process. Here are some links to trusted retailers who sell suppressors.

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