VFW Springfield CMP Field Grade M1 Garand Unboxing

VFW Springfield CMP Field Grade M1 Garand Unboxing Whenever anyone gets a new CMP M1 Garand the common refrain from other collectors is “Let’s see it!” Looking for M1 Garand parts? Brownell’s […]

VFW Springfield CMP Field Grade M1 Garand Unboxing

Whenever anyone gets a new CMP M1 Garand the common refrain from other collectors is “Let’s see it!”

Looking for M1 Garand parts? Brownell’s has them.

So, here you go.

I though you ordered an M1 Carbine

This was my first order from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Via various forums and social media I had seen notice that the CMP would release a “small batch” of M1 Carbine rifles for sale via the standard order process. They had been selling the occasional M1 Carbine via the CMP auction site, but the prices typically go a good bit higher than the standard pricing on the rifle sale page. So, I scrambled and dug around the internet to figure out their order process, filled out the CMP order form, found a Notary to make the paperwork official, attached my C&R FFL paperwork and put an order for one Field grade M1 Carbine and one Service grade M1 Carbine in the mail in time for the postman to pick it up the morning of February 1, 2016.
About an hour and a half later I saw a post on the CMP facebook page that the mail was delivered and they had WAY more envelopes with orders than they had M1 Carbines.
My dreams of snagging an M1 Carbine in that batch were shattered and my order had likely not even made it from the postman’s Jeep to the local Post Office. Oh well. Live and learn right?

How long did it take to get the M1 Garand from CMP?

Since the CMP order process was fresh in my mind I immediately printed a new order form, this time for CMP M1 Garands, one in Field grade, the other in Service grade. It took a day or two to coordinate schedules with the Notary, but the M1 Garand orders went out in the mail on February 4, 2016.

And then nothing.

Nearly two months later, on March 29, 2016 I got the “DBU email” (Don’t Bother Us) that indicates the order has been logged into the system, noting a receipt date of February 8th. I got excited since the Field grade M1 Garand already had a credit card pre-authorization noted. That must mean it is nearly ready to ship, right?

Nope. I wouldn’t hear a peep from CMP until around the 16th or 17th of April when a nice lady from the CMP called to verify my credit card info. The order had sat long enough that my credit card company had sent a new card with a new expiration date. Two days later the Field grade M1 Garand shipped via FedEx. Woo Hoo!

Except FedEx said it would be delivered around 10:30am on Thursday, and I would be in the luxury battle wagon with JJ and Chris on the way to Louisville, Ky to cover the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits (really just the exhibits). So, I set up a vacation hold on my FedEx account and headed to the NRA Show. When I returned, the CMP Field Grade M1 Garand was delivered in the morning on Monday, May 23, 2016. Let’s call it the 19th, though, as it was available to deliver it that day.
From the postman picking up the order Feb 4th to the delivery date of May 19th is 105 days.

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