Unique-ARs AR15 AR10 Handguard Review

Mixed First Impressions I am not typically one to embrace gun parts that appear to be made for aesthetics over function. When I opened the box from Unique-ARs.com containing the […]

Unique-ARs.com Jax 2015 handguard ar15 ar10 - dry fitMixed First Impressions
I am not typically one to embrace gun parts that appear to be made for aesthetics over function. When I opened the box from Unique-ARs.com containing the Jax 2015 patterned 15″ AR15 handguard I was immediately impressed with the level of fit and finish… but I also had a bit of trouble envisioning actually using this artsy looking handguard on a day-to-day use AR.

Little did I know this would quickly become one of my favorite handguards ever, and not for it’s looks… although I like it.

Unique-ARs.com Jax 2015 specs:

“This free float forend is available in 7″, 9″, 12″, and 15″.

-constructed of 6061 t6 aluminum
38-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (34)-coated with CeraKote
-includes proprietary mounting system
-fits any mil-spec 556 upper receiver or (dpms style) 308 upper
-pre-drilled and tapped full length for tac rail on top and bottom
-pre-drilled and tapped for tac rail on sides if design allows”

Although the handguard we were provided for this build is anodised instead of CeraKoted.

As noted, the Unique-ARs handguard can be ordered with the appropriate barrel nut for a 5.56 or .308 build. Ours is a 5.56 AR15.

How we tested

The entire Gear Report team have shot the Gibbz Arms G4 Side Charging upper build using the Unique ARs Jax 2015 handguard, most in a broad range of scenarios using various optics, ammunition types and other accessories. We shot it standing, sitting and prone, still and moving, with magnified and unmagnified optics, with heavy and light projectiles, in warm and cool weather, rain and shine, rapid and slow – controlled fire, and with numerous types of magazines. Our goal was to put this upper through the wringer so we could evaluate each part in the build and the completed build as whole.

Newtown Firearms NF-15 Elite BCG review - DLC buildBuild details:

*Video* Here is a quick look at both of our Gibbz G4 based builds and some dusk shooting we did shortly after completing the builds. Gotta love the fireballs shooting out of the R&JFirearms muzzle brakes!

What we like

01-UniqueARs (2)A few things really set the Unique ARs handguard apart from most others we have used:

  • Grip: While I knew the Jax pattern looked sort of cool, I expected it to feel awful in my hand. Boy was I wrong! Where I expected to feel uncomfortably sharp and oddly placed edges instead I felt just the right amount of “grip”. The Jax pattern is actually rather comfortable in the bare hand.
  • Weight: All the material removed from the Jax 2015 handguard reduced the weight appreciably. Paired with a stainless Bear Creek Arsenal 16″ M4 cut barrel makes for a rather well balanced and agile AR15.
  • Aesthetics: I initially planned to use the Stainless Steel barrel with our left handed Gibbz Arms G4 based build and use the black, diamond fluted heavy barrel on this build. However, after dry fitting the SS barrel over the Unique ARs Jax 2015 handguard it was clear that they were made for each other. Judge for yourself, but I think the combination of the BCA SS barrel showing through the perfectly formed Jax pattern cut-outs on the Unique ARs handguard are stunning.
  • Unique-ARs.com Jax 2015 handguard ar15 ar10 - installFlexibility: with ample drilled and tapped holes strategically spread over the Unique ARs Jax 2015 handguard it will be easy to attach any number of accessories or rail sections.
  • Installation: This is the first handguard I have installed and I was nervous… for no reason. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow, using only a punch (to align for the gas tube), blue LocTite, an adjustable wrench and an allen wrench. However, keep in mind that the LocTite needs to set for 24 hours before shooting and if you have an upper receiver with non-milspec features, you may have compatibility issues.

Anything we don’t like?

Yeah! The original AR15 handguards or handguards with quad rails. I can’t stand how either feel in my hand. Fortunately, the Unique ARs Jax 2015 handguard has a completely different feel.

Unique-ARs.com Jax 2015 handguard ar15 ar10 - insideAesthetics

I generally associate fancy looking ARs with a mentality that prioritizes looks over function. I am pleased to report that in this case the same milled pattern that gives the great looks to the Jax handguard also provides a fantastic grip surface while also making the handguard lighter. I am thinking of sending it off to a CeraKote artist to see what they might do to make the most of the Jax pattern… but may not, as I think it looks great as-is.


The Unique ARs Jax 2015 handguard turned out to be a functional performance upgrade when I expected it to be just a “pretty” handguard. The workmanship is great and they have lots of other obscenely cool handguard patterns. Every one of the Gear Report testers agreed that the Unique ARs Jax 2015 was a very nice positive surprise on this build. I have also heard from a few different manufacturers that have experience with Unique ARs that they have never gotten anything less than outstanding products from Unique-ARs.com.

Gear Score
The Unique ARs Jax 2015 handguard enhances grip while making the AR lighter and improving looks. This is an easy part to recommend.

Gallery of Unique ARs Jax 2015 handguard images:

53-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (49) 52-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (48) 50-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (46) 41-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (37) 39-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (35) 38-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (34) 35-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (31) 32-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (28) 30-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (26) 26-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (22) 25-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (21) 23-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (19) Newtown Firearms NF-15 Elite BCG review - DLC BCG 21-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (17) 20-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (16) 16-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (12) 15-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (11) 14-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (10) 11-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (7) 10-UniqueARs (1) 08-UniqueARs (9) 07-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (3) 06-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (2) 05-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (1) Unique-ARs.com Jax 2015 handguard ar15 ar10 - inside 03-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (54) 03-UniqueARs (4) 02-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (53) 01-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (52) 01-UniqueARs (2) 55-UniqueARs_GibbsArms_Lucid_Optics_Newtown_Firearms (51)

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