The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Shifter Boot Replacement – Sound Quality Upgrades: Part 1

The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Shifter Boot Replacement – Sound Quality Upgrades: Part 1 All Military vehicles seem to have one thing in common, sound. The D.U.V. […]

The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Shifter Boot Replacement – Sound Quality Upgrades: Part 1

All Military vehicles seem to have one thing in common, sound. The D.U.V. Is definitely no exception to this. One large part of the D.U.V. project is to improve creature comforts, especially through sound deadening.

Man with a plan

There are several parts to the plan to reduce the noise in the Deuce. The first is one that can be undertaken quickly and easily with few tools and a generally low cost. This part covers shifter boots for the transmission and transfer case. The transmission has a minuscule boot to help seal out dirt and water but the gaping void between it and the floor of the cab leaves much to be desired in terms of sound and dirt contamination of the cab.

After looking at various boot options I chose a Spectre performance boot (part number #6284) for the transmission shifter.

What is in the kit?

I ordered the Spectre performance boot through Amazon and received it very quickly. The kit included the boot itself, a chrome plated trim piece to attach to the floor and attachment screws.

Baseline data

It helps to have a decibel measurement both before and after an upgrade like this. I took a preliminary measurement of decibels at idle for reference.

Make it happen, Cap’n!

Transmission boot installation

I began by marking the location for the pilot holes for the trim piece screws. After declaring success in the initial placement, pilot holes were drilled. The shifter knob was removed, the boot slipped over the cane, then put down into place. Also note that you need to retain the old boot or fabricate a new small boot to seal the actual shifter to the transmission. The original boot only sealed the transmission, not the cab.

With proper sized pilot holes the screws secure the trim and boot to the floor rather easily. You won’t find a lot  of chrome in most military vehicles. Not to worry, it’ll be painted later when the Deuce Utility Vehicle has a major cab stretching project.

Transfer case boot installation

Next up was the transfer case boot placement. This boot is Jegs part number 62380, also ordered through Amazon. This a smaller boot is to help cover the smaller section of opening in the floor. With the transfer case shifter not being used as often as the transmission, a smaller size makes sense.

D.U.V. (Deuce utility vehicle) M35A2 Shifter Boot Replacement - Sound Quality Upgrades: Part 1 - before

After the same procedure of locating the trim plate and marking drill points it was quickly attached. This boot has less flexibility than the transmission shifter boot, but the t-case shifter sees much less action. So, longevity should be good.


Overall fit and function are good. The decrease in dust getting in the cab while driving is very noticeable. The decibel decrease was good for around 3 db.

That may not seem like much, but with this project every few db will help.

This is a simple, but very effective way to move towards a more user-friendly truck.

Keep an eye out for more M35A2 Deuce upgrades and projects coming up soon!

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