The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Brakes, Axles, Crew Cab and M105 Trailer Bed Progress

The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Brakes, Axles, Crew Cab and M105 Trailer Bed Progress Maintenance The D.U.V. has undergone some much needed maintenance and upgrades. The latest […]

The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Brakes, Axles, Crew Cab and M105 Trailer Bed Progress


The D.U.V. has undergone some much needed maintenance and upgrades. The latest in the long list of TLC includes:

Crew Cab conversion

The next major work has been on the crew cab. Looking at other projects online we’ve tried to focus on correcting issues others brought up in their own builds. The main focus, being to include as much of the original rear cab floor bracing as possible.

We plug welded doubled-up 1″ square tubing to the stock under-floor bracing. The extra cab was then split on either side of the center braces to stretch it out to match the width of the rear of the original cab. It was then slid in place with 1″ going into the center floor supports in the extra cab and again plug welded.

The sides of the cab were then stretched to match widths and then squared up. We ran 2″ angle iron through the rockers on both cabs to support the sides. While they are only bolted in now, they will be plug welded as well. The next part is to finalize my choice on steel skin outside and then the inside. Then we will get the floor patched up and ready for bed placement.

M105A2 trailer bed

We have a M105A2 bed to be used for the deuce. Went ahead and set it in place so it can be used as a work platform for the roof construction. The roof will be steel with a few goodies added for performance. Incidentally, the bed will be raised up above the frame and the old wheel wells on the bed will be enclosed providing tool box storage.

More to come…

This should give you a good idea of where we are headed with the deuce. Currently we are in a push to get the base cab done and get the bed out of the garage because there is also another project to be picked up…as soon as the EUC clears.

Keep an eye out for more M35A2 Deuce upgrades and projects coming up soon!


Please leave a comment if you have suggestions on other M35A2 Deuce and a half or HMMWV upgrades that we should consider, or you have done upgrades that we can share on Gear Report.

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