The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Alternator Upgrade

The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Alternator Upgrade A Shocking development One of the first issues noted on the DUV project was the lack of charging from the […]

The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project – M35A2 Alternator Upgrade

A Shocking development

One of the first issues noted on the DUV project was the lack of charging from the crusty old alternator. While we are planning 12v accessories in the future, the main point of this upgrade is to get reliable charging of our batteries in the original 24V military configuration.

If you’re looking to upgrade your old deuce alternator this would be a great, low cost DIY project coming in a bit under $150, while using an easy to find, off the shelf 24V alternator.

Deuce parts, on a budget

We chose the following parts for this DIY Deuce upgrade project:

The alternator and pulley cost $133 shipped. The 1/8″ flat bar was $4.99, the 5″ bolt was around $2 and the section of iron pipe would only cost $1.15 for the section used.

How to install M35A2 aftermarket alternator

  1. Bolt the lower hole on the alternator mounts right up to the stock mount.
  2. The top adjuster arm mounts to the top mount. With the lower bolt in place rotate the alternator into it’s final position.
  3. Measure the distance from the lower mount bolt to the alternator’s upper mounting hole.
  4. Make a the alternator upper mounting bracket from the steel bar.
    1. Cut the flat bar an inch or two longer than the distance needed (from step 3). You just need to make sure that the distance from the bottom hole on the bar is sufficient to drill a hole at the top end to bolt on the upper alternator mount.
    2. Mark and drill the hole in the steel bar for the upper alternator mount bolt
  5. Attach the flat bar mount bracket to the lower stock mount on the engine using the stock hardware
  6. Make and install the spacer for the upper alternator mount.
    1. Cut a 2.5″ length of steel pipe and clean up/debur the cuts
    2. Insert a 5-1/2″ bolt and washer through the upper hole on the flat bar mount bracket, through the spacer pipe, through the upper alternator mount
    3. Add 1/2″ washer, then 1/2″-13 nut – FINGER TIGHT ONLY
  7. Install the alternator belts
  8. Adjust belt tension, then tighten the upper alternator mount nut.

Wiring the M35 aftermarket alternator

The wiring is pretty straight forward.

  • The ground wire from the frame goes to the GRD bolt on the alternator’s upper post.
  • The hot line goes from the starter post to the red + on the lower post of the alternator.

Give’er some juice!

The final step is to reconnect the batteries.

Our aftermarket M35 alternator install results

The new alternator produces a solid 27.5 volts, right in the middle of the green section of the voltmeter.

That’s a first for this truck! For now, the benefit of a good charging system is a great morale boost for the DUV project. The toughest part is removing the old 60# alternator.

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