The 22lr Project – 22 Caliber Firearms Compared, Reviewed

The 22lr Project – 22 Caliber Firearms Compared, Reviewed What rifle caliber is the most common in the USA and revered as the quintessential beginner or introductory cartridge? Of course, the […]

The 22lr Project – 22 Caliber Firearms Compared, Reviewed

JJ and Scott Volquartsen discuss the 22lr Project at Gear Report

JJ and Scott Volquartsen discuss the 22lr Project at Gear Report

What rifle caliber is the most common in the USA and revered as the quintessential beginner or introductory cartridge? Of course, the 22 long rifle… or .22lr. It boasts almost no recoil and is the cheapest to shoot, even during recent years of increased price and decreased availability. Other than air rifle or pellet guns, the .22lr has been the caliber to use for beginners.  22lr is still the choice for the Boy Scouts of America for their shooting education programs.

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JJ & 22Plinkster tell us about the 22lr Project in the following video:

This and several other reviews will be based on the .22lr cartridge and will feature examples from a variety of manufacturers.

The 22lr Project - 22 Caliber Firearms Compared and Reviewed - JJ shooting

JJ testing a Ruger 10/22 rifle

Why a series on the .22lr?

Throughout my life I have hunted small game by far more than any other game there is. I started before age 10 when I had a pellet air rifle that was customized to shoot at about 1400ft/sec. and I could shoot a 5 cent coin with iron sights at about 30 yards all day. That might not be impressive to the US audience, but at that time I did not reside in the United States. My origins, as everyone could guess, is in latin America. In my home country the coins are sized by value (except for the penny). So the 5 cent and 10 cent coins switch places in size. Now you get the picture. Shoot a dime at about 30 yards and hit it the majority of the times…

From that auspicious beginning I kept testing my shooting. I used to hunt for birds, crabs, small fish, and lizards any time I went to the lake or ocean with my family. That is, if I was not fishing with my dad. I learned from all those times the enjoyment of hunting, and the value of good performing equipment. Now that I am older I keep going back to my origins of using smaller calibers to shoot and pursue small game. I find it more rewarding and entertaining. Pursuing squirrels or rabbits as I walk in the woods or setting up in a ground blind waiting for the critters to come out has always been more action packed and exhilarating than waiting for deer (I have done plenty of deer hunting too).
The advancements in the rimfire category and new rifle designs have intrigued me and make me question the performance of the available rifles in the 22lr market. This is why I am embarking in this series of reviews.

22lr firearms to be reviewed:

Ruger 10/22 stuff at Amazon (link).

Tandemkross review sw22 upgrade Ruger 10/22 upgrade reviewPrior 22lr reviews on

What are our standards?

My basic test protocol for the series will be shooting the rifles with five (or more) brands of ammo at around 40 yards from our Hyskore Dual Damper shooting rest. Pistols may be shot from a Hyskore Parallax Pistol sighting rest. The ammo is separated into batches in order to stay within the same manufacturing batch (lot).
I also considered design intention and comparable features like weight, balance, length, and trigger pull weight to verify manufacturer’s claims through our usage.

How to have your .22lr firearm included in the tests?

If you are a manufacturer and are interested in participating in the series contact


Without the support of our ammo suppliers we would not be able to do nearly the amount of gun reviews that we do today.

We have received ammo from Lapua and SK for use in our ongoing 22lr Project reviews.


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