Tegra Arms AR15 Lower Receiver Review – “Conventional” Lightweight AR15

Tegra Arms AR15 Lower Receiver Review – “Conventional” Lightweight AR15 Lightweight AR15 Review Project With so many brands introducing light weight parts and rifles, we put together two AR15s that […]

Tegra Arms AR15 Lower Receiver Review – “Conventional” Lightweight AR15

Lightweight AR15 Review Project

With so many brands introducing light weight parts and rifles, we put together two AR15s that barely tip the scales. We call this series of reviews… the Lightweight AR Review Project.

The two rifles are:

  • “Conventional” Lightweight AR15 – mostly aluminum that has been aggressively lightened.
  • “Carbon fiber” Lightweight AR15 – combo of lightened aluminum and carbon fiber

This is our “Conventional” Lightweight Build

Each brand that sent parts for this build is featured in a separate article. This one is for Tegra Arms.

Tegra Arms

Tegra Arms manufactures carbon fiber reinforced composite AR lower receivers. Their process uses a proprietary mixture of plastics and fibers that creates what Tegra calls the “World’s Strongest Carbon Fiber Reinforced AR-15 Lower”. The Tegra AR15 lower receiver weighs in at a svelte 3.6oz, about half the weight of a standard aluminum AR-15 lower receiver. Tegra Arms provided this lower for review.

How Tegra describes their polymer AR-15 lower receiver

  • “Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer construction.
  • Accepts all MIL SPEC and standard AR-15 parts and upper receivers
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty on all lowers, no questions asked
  • Weighs only 3.65 ounces”
  • MSRP at the time of this review is $39.99

Tegra Arms AR-15 carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer lower review

I picked up the stripped Tegra AR15 lower receiver from the FFL, who processed the transfer. They didn’t have any lower parts kits in stock. So I then took it to AP Arms, Inc in the Greensboro, NC,  where I purchased a YHM partial AR15 lower parts kit and had it installed.

Fit and finish

The smooth texture of the finish shows no signs of uneven casting or a lack of good definition of the features that conform a lower receiver. The engravings for the brand, safety selector, caliber info are very clean and clear. Considering that the emblems are not milled but molded into the lower receiver, it is nice to see such clear details. As with all polymers it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure nothing is broken during installation. The main thing to watch when completing the Tegra polymer lower is the 38 inch lbs. of torque specified for the buffer tube. I would set the difficulty level of assembling the lowers at a 3 mainly for the smaller pins and springs that can get lost easily.  Our scale  measured 105.5 grams, which is 3.72 ounces.

How did the Tegra Arms polymer lower hold up?

We have put several hundred rounds through this rifle with no issues what so ever.

Tegra has you covered

Unfortunately sometimes even with care, pieces might break. Tegra will replace under warranty a defective or broken lower. Fill out and print the warranty form on Tegra’s website, then mail the broken part and form to Tegra.

How to buy

*This item will need to be shipped to your local FFL for the required 4473 transfer process. So, have your FFL’s information handy before ordering.*

Gears rating

Gear Score
Fit and finish of the Tegra Arms AR15 lower receiver are good and it has performed flawlessly in the rifle. I like this lower and recommend it.

Ammo for testing provided by

Without the support of our ammo suppliers we would not be able to do nearly the amount of gun reviews that we do today.

Defender Ammunition CompanyDefender Ammunition Company

Big thanks go to our primary Ammo Sponsor Defender Ammunition Company for supplying ammo for our tests and reviews on an ongoing basis. Defender provided a variety of calibers and types of ammo for this test. Gear-Report.com is a proud member of Team Defender

Sig Sauer

SIG provided .223 ammo for this test.

Gorilla Ammunition

Gorilla Ammo provided reman and factory .223 rifle rounds for this test.

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