SYMA X5C Quadcopter Drone Review

SYMA X5C Quadcopter Drone Review This is the first review from Randall, one of our aspiring young gear-heads. Please leave an encouraging comment so he will do more reviews in […]
SYMA x5C quadcopter drone in hand

SYMA x5C quadcopter drone in hand

SYMA X5C Quadcopter Drone Review

This is the first review from Randall, one of our aspiring young gear-heads.
Please leave an encouraging comment so he will do more reviews in the future.
*Updated January, 2018

This review is on the Syma X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera remote controlled quadcopter drone which has a 720p video camera and works on a remote control 2.4Ghz frequency.

High performance on a budget
First off let’s get price out of the way. As of this writing, you can buy the Syma x5c drone via for about $22.00 at the cheapest with a camera and without a remote on google shops. I myself recommend getting it off Amazon via Amazon Prime though, as Amazon has good prices, free 2 day shipping and easy returns.

R-man flying the SYMA x5C quadcopter drone

R-man flying the SYMA x5C quadcopter drone


I really like that the SYMA X5C-1 has fast and slow settings (High and Low). Low is great for learning how to fly the quadcopter, while High gives you more power for faster flight, sharper turns and better control in slightly higher winds. Keep in mind that the SYMA X5C is a “toy” quadcopter drone. Even though a flyer experienced with high-end quadcopter drones may not be overly impressed with the SYMA X5C quadcopter drone, I do strongly recommend it for beginners who are trying to learn how to fly drones.  The controls are crisp and consistent. The X5C performs far better than expected, given that it was less than $45 shipped.


Being made of light plastic it is not the most durable remote control quadcopter drone. However, it has proven to be far more durable than I expected, surviving a variety of impacts with grassy ground, pavement, brick walls, trees, a basketball goal and garage door, and one rather unhappy dude (sorry Dad!). I do not suggest flying it near trees or any other obstacles if you are inexperienced at flying remote control quadcopter drones. This drone suffered a burnt out motor after a particularly nasty collision with a tree branch where one motor continued to turn slightly against the resistance of a branch. A set of 4 replacement motors was ordered from Amazon for less than $7 and arrived 2 days later. Replacement was a bit tedious, with 27 tiny screws that had to be removed, but it was fairly easy to get the burnt motor out and install the new motor. While some suggest soldering in the wires for the new motor. We chose to simply twist splice the new motor wires to the old motor wires.

SYMA x5C quadcopter drone

inspecting the roof with the SYMA x5C quadcopter drone


I like that the SYMA X5C remote lets you choose between taking a picture or taking video. The camera is powered by the quadcopter’s battery, so leaving the video camera on all the time will reduce your flight time. Pushing up on the camera control button on the remote control allows you to take a snapshot each time you push the button. You can also start and stop video recording via pushing down on the same button. Pictures and video are stored on the micro SD card which is accessible at the back of the camera. Picture and video quality is surprisingly good for such an inexpensive camera when used in full light. With poor lighting image quality decreases quickly. The camera is listed as coming with a 2 GB micro SD card, but ours arrived with a 4GB micro SD card.

*Editor’s note: Since this review was written  Drone HD FPV cameras, transmitters and receivers have become very light and inexpensive. We are thinking about replacing the onboard camera with a FPV camera and transmitter.

Flight Time

With the camera turned off I average about 8 minutes of flight time per charge. With the camera turned on an capturing video for most of the flight I tend to lose about one minute and get about 7 minutes of flight time per charge. The batter takes a bit over an hour to fully charge via the included USB charging cable.

SYMA x5C quadcopter drone in low light and really high up

SYMA x5C quadcopter drone in low light and really high up


This drone can go a good distance without getting out of range but I suggest not letting it get over 89 meters. The range for the SYMA X5C is supposed to be 50 meters but I was able to get it to what I would guess was about 90 meters away when it started to get out of range. When the SYMA X5C goes out of range it will slowly lower itself to the ground.

The Remote Control

I also like the layout of the remote. The SYMA X5C can turn left or right, go up and down and even go sideways. There is also a button to make it do a flip. The flip, or “eversion” button is at the top right of the remote and works in conjunction with the right lever. It also has buttons used to change the trim for all 3 axes of control. One of my favorite parts of the remote is the LCD screen which shows if the drone is on fast (H) or slow (L), how hard you’re pushing on a lever to make the drone go a certain way, and where each control axis trim is set.


syma x5C remote control

Night Flying

Now to how the drone works at night. The SYMA X5C has red and green lights that you can see at night making night flying very doable. Red is the front and green is the back of the quadcopter drone.

What is in the box

The drone comes with everything needed for flying and comes with a battery and charger for the drone and before you fly it don’t forget to put 4 AA batteries in the remote. I recommend the SYMA X5C to anyone who is just learning how to fly drones, and till next time this is the drone reporter signing off.

syma x5c quadcopter drone bottom

syma x5c quadcopter drone bottom

Gear Score
The X5C quadcopter drone from SYMA is a great option for kids or adults learning to fly a small drone on a budget

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