Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip AR15 AR10 Pistol Grip Review

Quick Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip questions (and answers) for the impatient : Does the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip fit any standard AR platform rifle? Yes, as far as […]

10-IMG_20150526_151157Quick Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip questions (and answers) for the impatient :

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Old A2 Ar15 pistol grip

Old A2 Ar15 pistol grip

Few things are more motivating than sheer annoyance. 
While building an AR-15 pistol in .300 AAC Blackout it became rapidly apparent that the minor annoyance of the front finger lump (I honestly don’t know what else to call it) on the standard A2 style AR15 pistol grip was significantly amplified by the ergonomics of the AR pistol. Simply put, it was really uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that I would get grumpy, sometimes even angry at the thought of spending extended time shooting the AR pistol all because the standard  pistol grip shape just doesn’t fit my hand well. At. All.

Strike Industries to the Rescue

When I reached out to Strike Industries I actually asked for the Patriot Tactical Enhanced Pro AR pistol grip (which has an American flag embossed into the texture of the

Strike Industries AR Enhanced Pistol Grip on AR pistol

Strike Industries AR Enhanced Pistol Grip on AR pistol

grip!) instead of the newer Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip. I had actually been looking for the newer Enhanced grip when I got distracted by the American Flag grip. I couldn’t tell from the pictures how the Enhanced Pistol Grip would fit my hand or how the texture of the grip would feel. However, Strike Industries was willing to send the Enhanced Pistol Grip to be reviewed, so I agreed to give it a shot. I am really glad I did.

You know what Big Hands means, right?

At 6’4″ and about 205Lb I am not huge, but I’m not a little guy either. I have fairly big hands that don’t fit well on many of the aftermarket grips on the market. I have found, for example, that while I LOVE the grip texture of the Hogue overmolded AR15 pistol grip, the lack of beaver tail puts my trigger finger about 1/4″ further forward than an AR grip that has a beaver tail. 1/4″ is quite a lot when talking about optimal trigger pull angles and where on the trigger finger the trigger should/shouldn’t touch. That the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip is equipped with a robust beaver tail really helps me naturally attain the proper finger position on the trigger. So, if you guessed that Big Hands means “needs a beaver tail AR grip”, then you are correct.

06-IMG_20150526_151106Get a grip, dude!

For all of the ergonomic thought that went into the straight line recoil system of the AR15, the standard A2 grip is beyond heinous, IMHO. It is too slick in some parts, too hard in others, and just plain shaped wrong. I quite literally hate it. The Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip fixes nearly all of the issues I have with most AR15 grips.

I like these things about the Enhanced Pistol Grip:

  • is equipped with modest palm swells , which I believe gives better control
  • has texture patterns that enhance grip, without diggin in and/or hurting my hand while shooting
  • has a nice forward pertrusion at the bottom of the grip to keep the operator’s hand from sliding off the bottom of the grip… sort of like the ring at the bottom of a baseball bat handle.
  • has the biggest internal storage compartment I can recall seeing on any AR grip
  • has a rather secure fitting rubber cap on the bottom of the grip to close the storage compartment
  • has fairly aggressive thumb cutouts on either side
  • is more vertical than most grips in the A2 style. A more vertical grip works better for an AR pistol or SBR.

Strike_Industries_Enhanced_Pistol_Grip – stock photo

I wish these things were different about the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip:

  • I would love to try this grip with a rubber overmolded finish
  • um… I can’t think of anything else


I didn’t know what to expect from the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised that I like this hard surfaced grip, since I have long loved rubber overmolded grips. The dimensions and grip texture of the Strike Industries Grip really seem to fit my hand well. Keep in mind that shooting an AR pistol is a lot more demanding on the pistol grip than most other shooting methods. If ever there was a test platform to torture and reveal the weaknesses in a grip, it has to be the AR pistol. So far, the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip has felt naturally good in my hand and performed very well. If I were ordering an AR15 pistol grip for a build today I would give strong consideration to the Strike Industries Grip, likely deciding which grip to buy based on the exact intended use of the rifle.
Gear Rating:

Gear Score
The most economical of my favorite AR15 grips. Great choice for an AR pistol

Jeff talking about the AR pistol with Strike Industries AR Enhanced Pistol Grip

Jeff talking about the AR pistol with Strike Industries AR Enhanced Pistol Grip

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