Springfield Field Grade M1 Garand from CMP with odd sticker on stock

 Well, THAT is odd! Or maybe it wasn’t. I am a CMP rookie. However, in the time I’ve spent looking at pictures of Garands online I’ve never seen one that […]

 Springfield M1 Garand from CMP 1366122 (22)_1200x742Well, THAT is odd!

Or maybe it wasn’t. I am a CMP rookie. However, in the time I’ve spent looking at pictures of Garands online I’ve never seen one that was attributed to being shipped from the CMP, but had a big honking STICKER on the stock. In this case it is a rather fancy looking VFW emblem.

Is this unusual, or am I just enough of a rookie that I just haven’t stumbled on one before?

How this M1 Garand found it’s way to me?

This was my very first purchase from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) - Google Chrome 5232016 20226 PMI mailed an order for two M1 Carbines on February 1, 2016. About an hour after I put the envelope in the mailman’s hand I saw a post on Facebook from the official CMP account that all of the carbines were sold out… already. So, I went back to my notary and filled out a new form, this time for one field grade and one service grade M1 Garand. The Garand form was mailed February 4th. I would hear nothing more until March 29th when my order was entered in the system with a received date of February 8th. The account listed a credit card pre-authorization number, which gave me hope that it would be processed quickly. That was not to be. The week before the NRA Show (NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Louisville, Kentucky) I got a call from the CMP. My credit card company had issued a new card with a new expiration date since the paper form was sent in. I provided the new expiration date and was told that both the Field and Service Grade rifles would be processed. Sure enough, the Field Grade was ready to ship soon with FedEx scheduled to deliver it a few hours after I was to leave to cover the NRA Show. I set up a vacation hold for my FedEx account and left for the show. The Garand was delivered early today.

What about the rest of the rifle?

Here are pictures of the rest of the rifle. I’m sure that others are far more knowledgeable than me and will be able to decipher exactly what I have.

Leave a comment if you can shed any light on this interesting example of a Field Grade CMP Garand.


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