SlideFire SSAR-22 Bump Fire Stock for Ruger 10/22 Kit Review

SlideFire SSAR-22 Bump Fire Stock for Ruger 10/22 Kit Review The first 10/22 accessory review So far in our 22 LR Project series we have looked at a variety of […]

SlideFire SSAR-22 Bump Fire Stock for Ruger 10/22 Kit Review

The first 10/22 accessory review

So far in our 22 LR Project series we have looked at a variety of 22 caliber firearms. This time we put an accessory through the wringer.

Oh the struggle to see the ammo burst through the rifle…
If you have ever wanted to shoot a Slide Fire equipped rifle, but been reluctant to blast through expensive center fire ammo, then maybe one of these Ruger 10/22 Slide Fire kits is for you.

Slide Fire SSAR-22

This is the Slide Fire SSAR-22 kit, the baby brother of the Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD (review link).

Video Review: Assembly & Shooting

SlideFire SSAR-22 Bump Fire Stock for Ruger 10/22 Kit Review - partsThe SSAR-22 kit is comprised of three parts.

  1. A replacement trigger. Not just any trigger. This is a Volquartsen replacement with a lower tension break point than the standard factory trigger.
  2. The Tactical-22 kit, which converts your  Ruger 10/22 rifle into a tactical style semi-auto rifle with a pistol grip, full picatinny rail, and adjustable stock.
  3. And the fun part… the Slide Fire SSAR-22 that replaces the pistol grip and adjustable stock with a one piece stock with grip that lets the action slide within the 3/4 inch channel and buffer tube where the kits join.


SlideFire SSAR-22 Bump Fire Stock for Ruger 10/22 Kit Review - instructionsThe kit is like a clam shell that encloses the barreled action attached to it with the original bolt from the stock and allen bolts provided by Slide Fire. The action was not difficult to insert in the new stock, but it does make good contact with all surfaces to make for a good fit. Remember to make sure the safety does not get in the way, by sliding it half way between the safe and fire position.  I would rate the conversion at a pretty easy 2/10.

Tools needed:

There is nothing intimidating in the installation.

Fit & finish

This kit is mainly comprised of polymer components. The color and texture is even and does not have the casting slag or extra slivers of material that are common with plastic parts. The fit is good overall, although there are some gaps that suspect could be made with tighter tolerances to close them up. I have to acknowledge that I am talking about 1/16″ or less gaps, very acceptable in my opinion.

SlideFire SSAR-22 Bump Fire Stock for Ruger 10/22 Kit Review - Volquartsen Custom triggerWhat about performance/accuracy?

Slide Fire has not made any claims about their kit being increasing the accuracy of the 10/22. We expect that when the Tactical-22 portion of the kit is installed, the rifle will maintain the overall original performance. So that is good, not loosing original performance while gaining better ergonomics and versatility. However, the great deal is that the Slide Fire kit has a trigger upgrade. This is Not just any trigger, but a Volquartsen Custom replacement trigger with a lower tension break point than the standard factory trigger. The new trigger provided is a great addition that improves the Ruger 10/22.

You are going to need more Ammo!

As you will find out when buying the kit and going through the full SSAR-22 kit conversion, this kit is about FUN. Sure, there is a modest loss in accuracy because of the induced movement of the action sliding on the rear stock. The full SSAR-22 review video shows the impact of bump fire on the 10/22 vs bump fire on an AR15. However, there is also considerable enjoyment in shooting a semi auto action in a matter that allows a faster rate of fire. It made me pause for a second when I did the first mag dump and realized I was grinning from ear to ear. Although it took me by surprised how quickly I needed to switch to a new magazine. Be advised that you will need a good amount of the 25 round magazines (if not higher capacity) and I would recommend an ample supply of bulk ammo that you aren’t too attached to… because it will not take long for it to be gone. And trust me. You won’t care.

SlideFire SSAR-22 Bump Fire Stock for Ruger 10/22 Kit Review - likeHow difficult is it to control?

22 long rifle is some of the lowest recoiling ammo commonly in use. Staying on target is generally easy, but the longer you keep the rapid fire burst going, the less accurate you are likely to be. I found that doing a two round release or double tap had the least impact on accuracy, but the most fun is when with one or to bursts you realize that a new loaded magazine is needed.
The ambidextrous disclosure… I shoot lefty and the 10/22 and the kit is a right handed product, but even using my left hand on the trigger I was able to function the Slide Fire SSAR-22 successfully.

The legal issue…

Many are concerned and have the legitimate question, “Are Slide Fire stocks legal?”. How can this be legal if the law states that no machine guns can be made for private ownership since 1986? Well, that is true. However this kit does not alter the trigger, action, firing pin, or any of the interior components of your rifle. Even with the kit your rifle is still a semi-automatic rifle. It will only fire in rapid manner if the operator pulls the trigger fast enough. This technique is what many call “bump fire”. Simply put, the operator bounces the trigger off of their finger using the recoil of each shot to reset the trigger after each shot and before the operator pushes the rifle forward and into the trigger again. This process continues until the ammo is exhausted or the operator stops pushing the rifle forward.

The concluding thoughts…

The Slide Fire SSAR-22 kit. We have reviewed many products from companies with claims of accuracy, reliability, durability, but Slide Fire is different. They claim that their products will bring you enjoyment and fun while shooting. The kit itself has good manufacturing finishes and I did not have issues assembling it. It is good quality and ingenious design. Slide Fire continues to improve their products with cosmetic and aesthetic changes, staying up to date with the market, while improving functionality. Some of the changes include newer ambidextrous options, so lefties get to have the same enjoyment. Slide Fire makes several stocks (link) that are compatible with other popular rifles that are worth checking out. This kit is based on the original design so it is not compatible with the new rear stocks, but we hope that soon the upgrades do include the ssar-22 kits. I absolutely recommend the ssar-22 kit.

Get your Ruger 10/22 at 1800GunsAndAmmo (link)Brownell’s (link) oCabela’s (link).
Get Slidefire products here (link).

You will need LOTS of 22lr ammo: 1800GunsAndAmmoBrownells

Gears Rating:

Gear Score
SlideFire SSAR-22 Bump Fire Stock for Ruger 10/22 Kit

Slide Fire truck!!

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