Sightmark Rifle Boresight Review

Sightmark Rifle Boresight Review What is a Boresight? A way to align your sight with the likely point of impact of the bullet prior without actually shooting it. In theory, […]

Sightmark_boresight (1)Sightmark Rifle Boresight Review

What is a Boresight?

A way to align your sight with the likely point of impact of the bullet prior without actually shooting it. In theory, if you boresight your rifle, then you should be “on paper” when you start shooting, needing only a shot or two to refine your sight adjustments.

“Boresight” used to be a verb… an action that one could take. It still is, actually. One can remove the bolt in a typical bolt action rifle and look down the bore of the barrel to aim it at the target… then adjust the windage and elevation on the optical sight to center the crosshairs over the same point that is in the center when looking down the bore. Or even more old school, to adjust the iron sights. This has to be done with the firearm immobilized, preferably in a vice or strapped into a sturdy shooting rest. Boresighting is not intended to be the final adjustment, just a good starting adjustment to help get the optic aligned with the bore of the barrel.

Today, we also use “Boresight“, the noun,  to refer to a device which is inserted in the chamber or muzzle of a firearm and shoots laser beam. Instead of looking from the breech through the actual bore of the rifle barrel, which is not possible on semi-automatic firearms, you simply use the point where the laser hits the target as an estimate of where the extended centerline of the bore would intersect the target… a visual representation of the point you would see if you looked down the bore from the breech end of the firearm.

Sightmark Rifle Boresight ReviewSightmark Rifle Boresights

Sightmark was kind enough to send us several of their laser boresights for use with rifles in our review queue. This made me VERY happy since we change optics on our test rifles a LOT. Ammo is our biggest budget item here at, so any device that can cut down on the amount of ammo we have to use is worth it’s weight in gold. So far, the 3 rifles in our Mosin Modernization Project have gotten a lot of action with a variety of scopes. Because of the parade of scopes we have used the 7.62x54R Sightmark boresight extensively and found it to be an invaluable tool for setting up our optics properly before leaving the test lab and heading to the range. We have had similar success with the .223/5.56 Sightmark boresight and the .308 Sightmark boresight.

Product Description and Specs

Here is how Sightmark describes the model SM39005 boresight (a representative example of the boresights sent for review):

“Chamber the Sightmark® Laser Boresight in your .243, .308 or 7.62×54 rifle like a regular cartridge, and a red laser dot shows exactly where you’re aiming. Ideal for hunters, competitive shooters and law enforcement, this device significantly reduces wasted cartridges and shells. Simply adjust your sights or scope, and save your extra ammo for the hunt. This device is tested and recommended by the National Tactical officers Association. Includes a carrying case, three (3) AG3 batteries, and instructions.”

Laser Wavelength 632 – 650 nm
LED Type Visible red laser
Output Power <5 mW
Battery Type AG5 2
Battery Type AG3 3
Battery Life 1 hour
Range for Sighting 15 – 100 yds
Dot Size 2 in @100yd
Operation on/off end cap
Material Brass
Operating Temp,°F/°C 14 to 122 / -10 to 50 F/C
Sightmark Rifle Boresight Review

I used the 7.62x54r Sightmark Boresight to get the Modern Mosin Project Sniper Rifle on paper at the range

How does the Sightmark Boresight work?

In short, very well.

I found all of the Sightmark boresights rather easy to use, with simple, clear instructions.

It takes all of about 2 minutes to:

  1. Put the batteries in the Sightmark boresight
  2. Insert the boresight in the chamber of the firearm
  3. Point the firearm at a target 10-20 yards away
  4. Adjust the scope elevation and windage to put the crosshairs over the same point that the laser hits the target
  5. Remove the boresight and take out the batteries


It is hard to beat the convenience of a laser boresight to ensure that you will at least by “on paper” when you get to the range. If you are like me and move your scopes from rifle to rifle, then a boresight is a must have item.

Gear Score
Inexpensive and effective, the Sightmark Boresight is a no brainer.

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