Sig Sauer MPX SBR With AAC Ti-Rant Silencer – Range Test

*Don’t miss the video below!* On my very first trip as an official “member” of a new shooting range I shared a pistol/rifle pit with another member with his new Sig […]

*Don’t miss the video below!*

On my very first trip as an official “member” of a new shooting range I shared a pistol/rifle pit with another member with his new Sig Sauer MPX SBR. He was at the range to test his 2 month old Sig MPX with the Advanced Armament Corp Ti-Rant S 9mm silencer. His Silencerco Octane (I think) can caused more back pressure and gas venting from the receiver than he liked, hence the AAC can.

First Impressions

Sig Sauer MPX SBR aac ti-rant silencerI don’t see this exact configuration on the Sig Sauer website, but the closest appears to be listed as about 6.5 Lb. I didn’t have a scale at the range, but that seems about right. This example has some extras installed that increase the weight (optic, mount, MBUS, vertical forward hand grip, collapsible  stock, full magazine). As a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) with a maximum 8 inch barrel length, weight is only part of the story. Even with the sub-9 oz AAC Ti-Rant S 9mm suppressor installed, the weight was rather well balanced. Put even a light-weight can on a standard AR-15 with a 16 inch barrel and the increased leverage of the silencer out further from the receiver makes it feel heavier.
A handy, compact little SBR, it is clear that Sig Sauer designed the MPX with close quarters maneuverability and use with a silencer in mind.

9mm huh?

Yeah. I know. Not everyone is convinced that 9mm is the best pistol round (although FBI data suggest it is an excellent choice for most defensive pistol roles). Firing 9mm from a bit longer barrel barrel should provide a bit of a performance boost, but we are still dealing with a pistol caliber round. It should go without saying that the Sig MPX is not meant to replace a rifle for long range engagements. Used appropriately, 9mm is a fine choice. Additionally, 9mm carbines are being added to a number of 2 Gun, 3 Gun, and similar shooting competitions this year.

How does it shoot?

I shot around 20 rounds in this brief intro to the Sig MPX, but it was enough to tell a few things:

  • This is a smooth shooting platform. Even shooting big 147 grain 9mm bullets, the recoil was rather light.
  • The Sig MPX is well balanced
  • Manual of arms feels pretty familiar for someone trained on the M-16 or AR-15 platform
  • The monolithic forend has plenty of room for a silencer. I would be very interested to see how an AMTAC Suppressors over-the-barrel can fits and functions on the Sig MPX.

Lets see it in action!

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