Recover Tactical Review- Recover 1911 Grip & Rail System

Recover Tactical Review- Recover 1911 Grip & Rail System  Updated April 2016 Recover Tactical sent us their RE-CC3-DS Recover Tactical Grip & Rail System for 1911 pistols (Amazon link) for testing and […]


Recover Tactical Review- Recover 1911 Grip & Rail System 

Updated April 2016

Recover Tactical sent us their RE-CC3-DS Recover Tactical Grip & Rail System for 1911 pistols (Amazon link) for testing and review.  The Recover Tactical CC3 DIY install aftermarket 1911 grip is advertised as follows:

  • “The easiest way to add a grip and rail to your 1911 pistol
  • Easy 3 minute installation.
  • No gunsmith or permanent modifications required.
  • High Quality Polymer will not break or damage your gun
  • Universal Fit for all 1911 model pistols
  • Total Weight 65 grams”

The timing was great, as we installed the Hogue Monogrip model 45000 rubber grip for the 1911 “Colt Government Commander, Gold Cup & Duplicate Frames” on or testbed Ruger SR-1911 just before the Recover Tactical 1911 grip arrived.
Find the Hogue 1911 grip review HERE

Do you like the Recover Tactical 1911 grip?

Recover Tactical 1911 grip reviewMostly YES, with one big NO that has been addressed, but not for us. In short, I love the idea of adding a rail to the 1911 via a simple, easy DIY installation of an aftermarket grip. The grip itself is hard plastic, which I didn’t expect to like, given my infatuation with Hogue rubber grips. However, the shape, texture and even the depth of the mag release cut-outs fit my hands well and work for me. The problem is simple… I don’t have a holster that will accommodate the rail on the Recover Tactical 1911 grip. When the Recover Tactical 1911 grip was delivered they had not yet released a Recover Tactical 1911 holster. Alien Gear Holsters sent their holster shell for a railed, full-sized 1911 model pistol, but the dimensions were different and it simply didn’t work for the Recover Tactical 1911 grip.

With no holster that would fit the Ruger SR1911 with the Recover Tactical 1911 grip installed, the Hogue 1911 grip was quickly reinstalled and has lived on the Ruger SR1911 nearly full time since.

recover tactical 1911 grip review - ATN shot trak hd x Testing the 1911 rail

While we don’t have a Recover Tactical 1911 holster, we have still installed the Recover Tactical 1911 grip for a few range trips to give it a workout and get a feel for it. When ATN sent their Shot Trak-X HD (Amazon link) 1080p Camera and laser combo I quickly swapped out the Hogue grip for the Recover Tactical 1911 grip and did some shooting with the new camera installed. During filming I felt that the rail on the Recover Tactical 1911 grip was sturdy, but not something I would trust as much as a rail machined into the frame.

You can see it all in action here:


For what it is… an inexpensive, plastic 1911 grip that allows an accessory rail to be easily added to any 1911… the Recover Tactical 1911 grip hits the mark.
I have trouble recommending it to anyone that carries their 1911 unless they plan on using the Recover Tactical 1911 holster. However, if you need a rail on your bed side gun to mount a laser or flashlight, then the Recover Tactical 1911 grip might be for you. Also, if you have a classic 1911 in your collection that you would like to add a rail to, but don’t want to permanently modify the pistol and Recover Tactical 1911 grip gives you a temporary solution.

Gear Score
The Recover Tactical 1911 grip is a great option to add an accessory rail to a 1911, but does limits your holster options dramatically.

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