Hiperfire​ HIPERTOUCH EDT Enhanced Duty Trigger AR-15/AR-10 Trigger Upgrade Preview Review

Here is the 4th preview in our series of AR platform fire control group reviews, this time, for the Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger). This Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT trigger provided the inspiration […]

Here is the 4th preview in our series of AR platform fire control group reviews, this time, for the Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger).

hiperfire hipertouch EDT ar-15 trigger review

hiperfire hipertouch 24 EDT ar-15 trigger

This Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT trigger provided the inspiration for our 2015 AR trigger upgrade review series. In fact, if it weren’t for Hiperfire, this series would not have been conceived. I stumbled across some pre-release info on the Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT that promised a great combo of improved trigger feel, practical durability and very reasonable price. After SHOT Show 2015 I was on the verge of ordering one direct from Hiperfire. Yes, even though we get LOTS of gear sent to us to review, Gear Report, like most review sites, still spend more than you would expect buying gear to review.

Then it occurred to me that LOTS of folks are going through the same thing I am… they recently go their first AR, were distressed with the sub-par mil-spec trigger group, and their heads were spinning at the dizzying array of AR trigger upgrade options in the market. I had the idea to do an AR review series in order to find the best value in the AR trigger upgrade market. From what I had read, the Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT was looking like a very strong contender.
I sent Hiperfire an email asking if they cared to send the Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT for review and had a “call me” reply from the Hiperfire CEO in short order. While Hiperfire is proud of their Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT, they clearly wanted to showcase more than just their EDT (and now that I have all 5 Hipertouch triggers in my hands, I can see why). After Hiperfire committed to the trigger test, Timney, JP Enterprises, WMD Guns, Hyskore, Sierra, Ammunition Supply Company and Anderson all jumped on board, making for an incredibly intriguing, interesting, and varied range of triggers, and other gear for this test.
… but this is just the Preview Review… so here are the basic specs and some early thoughts from Jason. More soon. 🙂

This trigger upgrade should be perfect for the budget sensitive AR enthusiast that wants a smoother, more predictable, lighter trigger pull than a “mil-spec” trigger.

Review: Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT AR-15 Trigger UpgradeProduct



  • Designed for – rugged replacement trigger
  • Other uses? – tactical carbine/duty rifle

How acquired?

Manufacturer demo unit sent for review

Manufacturers key features

  • User adjustable pull weight from 4.5-5.5#
  • Uptimized sear=better trigger “feel”

Build quality

  • Completely made in the USA.
  • Two spring options allow the end user to adjust pull weights easily.
  • All parts are coated with no appearance of “light spots”

1st impressions 

  • EDT stands for Enhanced Duty Trigger.
  • This is the working mans trigger.
  • I would gladly give this one a home in my patrol carbine and never worry once about it functioning.  -Jason
  • It’s a daily user Beast!

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