Preview Review: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB Concealment Holster

Alien Gear Holsters was kind enough to send over the Cloak Tuck 2.0 Inside the Waist Band (IWB) hybrid holster for the legendary, unbiased Gear Report review treatment. The Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster is […]
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 - package

The Cloak Tuck 2.0 arrived via First Class mail

Alien Gear Holsters was kind enough to send over the Cloak Tuck 2.0 Inside the Waist Band (IWB) hybrid holster for the legendary, unbiased Gear Report review treatment. The Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster is equipped with a kydex Boltaron shell for a standard, full-sized 1911 pistol, and a variety of belt clips. They also included a spare Kydex  Boltaron holster shell for a full-size 1911 with a rail under the barrel, to use with the Recover Tactical RE-CC3-DS Recover Grip & Rail System for 1911 pistols (sadly, it did not fit the CC3’s rail).

UPDATE: Alien Gear has evolved their holster line and now offers the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB (review link) and Alien Gear Cloak MOD OWB holster (review link).

*Editor’s note: This review originally stated incorrectly that the Alien Gear hybrid holsters used Kydex shells. Alien Gear has notified me that while they have used Kydex on some past models, they have always used Boltaron, which they feel is superior to Kydex, in the Cloak Tuck 2.0 holsters.

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Goals of this review:

  1. How does the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 compare to the original Alien Gear holster (looks like they have rebranded the original as the “Cloak Tuck”)? We will also do a side by side, comparison review.
  2. How does the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 compare against other IWB holster options?
  3. Do we like the changes that were made as the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IBW holster evolved to the Cloak Tuck 2.0?
  4. How do the various belt clip options work with the new Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB holster?


One of the most used holsters in the Gear Report inventory is an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB hybrid Kydex + leather holster (or is it a Boltaron + leather hybrid?). It is used the most because a) it is very comfortable and secure, b) it holds our beloved Gen 4 Glock 17. Honestly, it is the best value I have found in the IWB holster market and has served very well. However, there are couple of little things that I don’t love:

  • The heavy leather backing gets a bit slick and sticky when worn against bear skin in a warm environment.
  • The rearmost stock metal belt clip often comes loose from the belt when drawing the gun from the holster. The front one holds strong, but not always the back one.

Not a big list of gripes. Overall, we think the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck hybrid IWB holster is pretty darn good, and quite possibly the best value in the IWB holster market. That is not the kind of statement that I make lightly.
In this context, the Cloak Tuck 2.0 has some rather big shoes to fill, as the “new and improved” version of the Alien Gear Holsters flagship Cloak Tuck product.

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 - spare parts

Almost feels like I could make a new holster out of the spare parts

Initial impressions:

Having bought a variety of holsters over the years we have not yet found another manufacture that sends this many spare parts with a holster. Alien Gear’s IWB holsters are adjustable for cant (angle of gun relative to waistline), height (how far above/below the waistline), and retention (how tight the holster grips the gun). Each holster includes various sizes of screws and bushings to facilitate a broad range of adjustments. I really like the flexibility this provides me to dial in exactly how my holster fits. This is true of the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck holster and the new Cloak Tuck 2.0. The only down side is that, if you are a gear head like me, you might be tempted to try all possible setup variations… which takes considerable time when there are so many options. 🙂

Lets talk about the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck holster’s leather backing vs the new Cloak Tuck 2.0’s neoprene backing.

The leather portion that is against the skin is treated so it doesn’t soak up water. The treatment keeps the leather from developing a foul odor, but also makes moisture collect on the surface, which can feel sticky. I was most excited to hear that the Cloak Tuck 2.0 would have a soft neoprene side against my skin, which should feel less sticky and less slick. So far, with limited testing (more on that later) the Cloak Tuck 2.o has proven to be a bit more comfortable in this regard. Alien gear notes that the neoprene has an ABS polymer core to provide support. I might like to see a slightly thicker core that provides a bit more support, but won’t complain about the level of support “out of the box”.

Speaking of “out of the box”. In the holster industry there is an accepted concept that one must wear a holster for some time to “break it in”. It would be unreasonable to expect to take a brand new holster out of the box and wear it immediately and have it be comfortable and perform well. I really only cared about the neoprene lining of the Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster in terms of comfort against my skin. I had not considered that the flexible neoprene would require absolutely no break-in period to feel comfortable. With the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck holster I thought it was relatively comfortable right out of the box, but Alien Gear definitely raised the bar in terms of initial comfort with the Cloak Tuck 2.0. IWB holster. I have worn the Cloak Tuck 2.0 about 15 times and can honestly say that the Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster conformed to my body the first time I wore it. While the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck hybrid IWB holster was fairly comfortable the first time I wore it, that holster got more comfortable after it was “broken in”… which was a gradual process taking 15-20 different times wearing it. The Cloak Tuck 2.0 had no such break in period.

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 - edge

The only part of the holster that doesn’t look “premium” to me is the visible edge where visible white fibers are visible

I have talked about the neoprene that is against the skin and the ABS core. That leaves the outer layer of the IWB holster backing. The side that faces away from the body of the wearer. I have to admit that I think the thin pleather  (plastic, made to look like leather) looks like leather on the face, but is kind of cheesy looking around the cut edges where the cloth reinforcing fibers inside are visible. As a concealed carry holster it should pretty much always be CONCEALED and not visible to anyone. So, I think this is a very minor and totally aesthetic detail.

How about some more functional details?

The edges of the plastic shells are ground smooth and rounded off. This is nice as there are not sharp edges to stag things, cut the operator or wear holes in clothing. I have seen plastic/kydex holsters from other manufacturers that did not have this level of attention to detail.

The spacers for adjusting the level of gun retention provided by the holster appear to be little slices of black rubber hose. they are stiff enough to hold their shape, but squishy enough to compress a little and allow some fine tuning of retention.

The T nuts that secure the shell to the holster’s backing are well seated and appear to be holding well. I had no issues lining up the holes in the plastic shell or securing the shell via the included screws, spacers and t nuts.

Is the Cloak Tuck 2.0 the most comfortable holster on this planet, or any other planet?

That is one BOLD (though somewhat tongue-in-cheek) claim by Alien Gear Holsters. So far, it is proving to be the most comfortable IWB holster I have used, with the runner up being the original Alien Gear holster. I am awaiting a holster to from a small firm on one of the moons of Jupiter that claim to have the most comfortable holster in the solar system.

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 - retention

Adjusting retention on the Cloak Tuck 2.0

Why just a Preview Reveiw and not a FULL review?
I am distressed to report that the only 1911 in the Gear Report inventory at the moment is a Ruger SR1911 that is currently out of service. The SR1911 has been sent back to the Prescott Ruger factory because of an issue with surface rust on the stainless steel frame and slide after only about 1 month of use and being carried only 15 times. It is quite distressing, as the gun has never been used in a wet or corrosive environment, like in salty air at the beach, and is stored in a climate controlled safe. Hopefully Ruger will sort out the issue quickly and have a 1911 back in the Gear Report safe soon. Once the 1911 is back, I will resume testing of the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB hybrid holster and complete both a Full Review and a Comparison between the original Cloak Tuck and the new Cloak Tuck 2.o.

Can Gear Report recommend the Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster?

Even though the full review isn’t done, it is clear that both models of Alien Gear IWB holsters offer an exceptional value. I have seen nothing in the initial use of the Cloak Tuck 2.0 to make me hesitant. In fact, I am comfortable recommending Alien Gear holsters to anyone that needs a well made IWB holster, regardless of the price.

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