As an outdoor gear review site, we sometimes purchase gear to review, but most often products are sent by manufacturers or retailers specifically for review.
This page is our “Thank You!” to the brands that were confident enough in their products to subject them to the legendary, brutally honest Gear Report review process. Check out the reviews we produced for each brand and, if their products will meet your needs, go buy something from them. Please let them know that you saw them on Gear-Report.com and thank them for sending the products that make our reviews possible.
*To inquire about getting your products reviewed send a note to info@gear-report.com including a link to the products.

Diamond Sponsors:

Platinum sponsor brands have agreed to an ongoing relationship supplying Gear Support with products to review.

Quarter Horse Arms

Gear Report and Quarter Horse Arms (link), a local FFL, online gun & accessories dealer, SOT holder and firearms manufacturer, have entered into a strategic relationship to make it a LOT easier for the Gear Report team to get our hands on the products you most want to see reviewed. Jeff and JJ from Gear Report have joined Quarter Horse Arms as official firearms testers. Via some official ATF paperwork (+ fingerprints + pictures) we have access to any NFA/Class 3 items as soon as they are logged into the QHA books. So, expect to see a LOT more reviews of NFA items like machine guns, SBRs, silencers, etc. We may also let you know when Quarter Horse Arms has good deals on retail firearms, as a new batch of their high end ARs, or has some cool collectible guns in stock.

Defender Ammunition Company

Defender Ammunition Company





WMD Guns

WMD Guns





Product Sponsors:

Product sponsor brands have sent products for specific reviews:

SportEAR – Axil – ProSounds


Hiperfire performance AR trigger

Extended Gun – Skeletargets
ExtendedGun.com - skeletargets
Tactical Night Vision Company – TNVC



Bullpup Unlimited

10-BullpupUnlimited_Mossberg_500 (42)


SD Tactical Arms

SD Tactical Arms logo


Gibbz Arms

Gibbz Arms logo

Blue Ridge Firearms

Strike Industries

Strike Industries SI logo

SCCY Industries

SCCY Industries logo


Anderson Manufacturing

Anderson Manufacturing

JP Enterprises

JP Enterprises jprifles.com logo

AR500 Armor

AR500armor.com body armor

Sierra Bullets
Sierra Bullets review


Hyskore Shooting Accessories

Timney Triggers

Timney Triggers

Lawson Hammock

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Review logo

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters reviews

Lone Wolf Distributors

Lone Wolf Distributors custom Glock upgrade parts


Recover Tactical

Recover Tactical aftermarket 1911 grips aftermarket Beretta 92 grips

Fireclean gun oil
ThermaCELL heated insoles

Key-Bar.com KeyBar logo


Kynshot hydraulic recoil buffer for AR15 AR10


Lucid Optics

AGB Arms

AGB Arms - All Guns Blazin Arms

GunPro.us Delta 1 sight for Glock and 1911 GunPro.us Sure Fire magazine for 1911
Ammunition Supply Company

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