OnePiece Adult Onesie Unboxing

OnePiece Adult Onesie Unboxing – Review “What do you think?” It was a simple question. I honestly didn’t think it would take Mrs Gear Report that long to answer. Her […]

OnePiece Adult Onesie Unboxing – Review

“What do you think?”

It was a simple question. I honestly didn’t think it would take Mrs Gear Report that long to answer. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out a nice way to say that she was skeptical. Being a child of the South, her polite nature prevented her from openly dismissing the OnePiece jumpsuit in front of her. “Don’t worry” I said… “I won’t make you wear a diaper when you wear it” with a smile. As usual, she didn’t find my comment humorous. Simply put, she was having trouble wrapping her head around the concept of an Adult Onsie.

How about you?

Would you wear a one-piece sweatsuit, jumpsuit, jumper, onesie… or whatever you would call this sort of thing?

From Norway with love…

We received this jumper from to review. It arrived from Norway a bit quicker than expected. Transit time was similar to orders that are sent by ground from the West coast to the Gear Report headquarters on the East coast. Once you understand WHERE the idea of an Adult Onsie came from, it starts to make a bit more sense. Norway is known for their climate favoring snow and ice.

Olympic fanfare adult jumpsuit onesie unboxing

People scoured the internet to find where Erin Hamlin’s family got their OnePiece adult onesie/jumpers

The company behind this product is marketing rather aggressively, with a store set up in the Olympic Village in Sochi, and sending out adult onesies for reviews. Even the family of Erin Hamlin, US Olympic Luge competitor, wore American Flag jumpsuits to Erin’s races in Sochi. Although I’m not sure if they are OnePiece brand.

OnePiece adult casual wear onesie unboxing

the OnePiece adult jumpsuit in American Flag colors adult jumpsuit onesie unboxing

Simple design, uncluttered packaging



The packaging of this adult onsie is light, flexible and minimalistic, but has a rather high-end design aesthetic. It is like they are going for the Apple vibe with the semi-translucent-white package and simple logo.


The one-piece jumpsuit itself is made of a fairly heavy sweatshirt type material and has a rather heavy duty, full length front zipper. Note that we said FULL LENGTH… as in, it does not stop at the base of the neck/top of the chest like a jacket zipper. It literally extends all the way to the top of the hood, so you can zip the whole hood closed. Not sure why one would want to zip their hood closed, but in the onesie, they can.

Why a Gear Report review?

You may wonder why offered to send us a free jumpsuit to review. It appears that they are marketing this as a fashion and lifestyle product aimed at socially active and fashion conscious college-aged  shoppers. The site has various pictures of Hollywood types wearing onesies, which is nice if you are into that sort of thing… but we aren’t, so it doesn’t really fit with our outdoor and active stuff theme. However, who knows. There may be some demographic overlap in that target market and Gear Report readers. We have to admit that we were, and still are, a bit stumped at why they sent us one. Not to fear, you can always count on us to provide a thorough, unbiased review of any gear that manufacturers are kind enough to send to us.

In an effort to try to find a better fit with our readers, we attempted to order the Camo one piece jumper. Sadly, they were out of stock and expecting a delay in restocking of a couple of months. We also considered ordering one of the doggie onsies to review, but honestly weren’t sure if the Gear Report mascot, Buddha the Boxer, would wear it enough to justify a review. He tends to eat/shred stuff like this. We opted to order one of the adult jumpers for Mrs Gear Report to try.  After we took the unboxing pictures below, we handed over the jumpsuit to her so it can be put through its paces. adult jumpsuit onesie unboxing

This version has the LA logo


We had a bit of internal debate at Gear Report HQ as to what the final outcome of the review would be. Some expected a rather positive review of a new, trendy, and apparently well made item. I mean, seriously… Who doesn’t like Norway? Anything from the laid back folks across the pond has a certain mystique about it. While others anticipate that the challenges of unisex sizing will lead to fit issues, combined with the general idea that no one at Gear Report is really keen on being a fashion trend setter… making this limited prospect of use for this item.

Then again, it really does appear to be well made. Even if we aren’t fashionistas, we still always appreciate well made stuff that keeps you warm. Unfortunately, this product just didn’t “click” with our reviewer. She wore it a few times and reported that it fit fine, was warm and comfortable… but made her feel like a big toddler… which she didn’t like. With that the Adult Onsie was banished to a storage bin in the back of her closet.

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