Modular Driven Technologies MDT LSS-22 Chassis for Ruger 10/22 Review

Modular Driven Technologies MDT LSS-22 Chassis for Ruger 10/22 Review MDT (Modular Driven Technologies) is well known as a precision rifle chassis system manufacturer. After many request from US shooters, MDT developed […]

Modular Driven Technologies MDT LSS-22 Chassis for Ruger 10/22 Review

MDT (Modular Driven Technologies) is well known as a precision rifle chassis system manufacturer.
After many request from US shooters, MDT developed a new precision rifle chassis platform for one of the most customizable rifles in the market, the Ruger 10/22. If you are a fan of shooting 22lr, then I’m sure you are as excited as we are are to see how the MDT LSS-22 chassis for Ruger 10-22 rifles perform. MDT sent us two of the first LSS-22 chassis for the 10/22 to be seen “in the wild”.

*Editor’s note: As of early October 2017 MDT still has some LSS-22 for the 1022, but they are not listed on their website. If you want one you’ll need to call and order one by phone. They found the Ruger actions to be too dimensionally inconsistent, causing fitment issues. For now, they aren’t making any more of this stock. However, we are optimistic that they can restart production easily, if they so choose.

The barreled actions

With two MDT LSS-22 chassis to review I opted to mix things up a bit and mount a rather generic standard Ruger 10/22 barreled action in one. The other MDT LSS-22 received one of our favorites, the Clark Customs 1022 barreled action. As usual, testing was done according to our 22lr Project standard.

Will the MDT LSS-22 provide any accuracy gains? MDT LSS-22 1022 review

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LSS-22 10/22 Details from MDT

The MDT LSS-22 chassis system is currently manufactured for the following rifle platforms:

  • Ruger American
  • CZ 455
  • Browning T-Bolt
  • Savage Mark II and 93R17
  • Anschutz Match 54- compatible only with models 1710 and 1712
  • Anschutz Match 64- compatible only with models 1416 and 1417, and 1517
  • Ruger 10/22 (newest version and our test samples)

The LSS-22 now also fits .17 HMR or .22 WMR versions.
The LSS-22 will fit all factory heavy barrels.

Note that the version shown uses the Skeleton Carbine Buttstock. This stock depicts the bolt action rim-fire version, but the dimensions are relevant also for the 10/22 chassis.MDT LSS-22 1022 review dimensionsSpecs:

  • Up to 21% increase in accuracy
  • CNC Machined from 6061 aluminum
  • Cerakote Finish (in Black or Flat Dark Earth)
  • Hole spacing for Magpul L5 (11 slot) and L3 (7 slot) rails
  • Designed for collapsible AR-15 buttstocks
  • Accepts AR-15 pistol grips
  • Lightweight, free-floating modular forend
  • Accommodates barrels up to 1″ diameter.
  • Length of pull of 11.5”-14.75” (based off Hogue adjustable AR stock)
  • Compatible with OEM Magazines
  • Weight: 1.6lb – 1.8lb

Included with purchase

The LSS-22 Chassis System comes as a 1-piece chassis, with all required mounting hardware included. This includes new action and pistol grip screw.

Also needed

To install this chassis on your rifle, here are some additional items you will need to purchase:

  • Any AR-15 buttstock the appropriate buffer tube (mil-spec or commercial)
  • An AR-15 pistol grip, either without a beavertail, or with a soft, pliable beavertail

You can find MDT brand products at Brownells , via eBay or purchase from MDT.

 First impressions

Our two review LSS-22 1022 stocks arrived well protected in 4 separate boxes (two for the chassis, and two more for the skeletonized buttstocks to complete the chassis).  The chassis and skeletonized buttsocks were sent in the two color choices offered by MDT, black and FDE. There are no flaws or uneven coloring of the chassis or buttstocks, and the buttsocks match the chassis colors correctly. This is nice, as you would be surprised how many companies have color discrepancies among parts listed as the same color.

I am really impressed with how smooth the machined surfaces are. There was only a small location on both stocks where the CNCs cutter did not travel smoothly through its pass and left a minimal ripple effect. I appreciate the little details of the LSS-22 10-22 chassis, like how the edges where the angles would have resulted in a sharp edge, were finished with a cutting pass that shaved the sharpness off. The result of the finished edge is a dull surface edge that will not cut you if you rub against it while installing the barreled action.I like that MDT supplies the buttstocks with a rubber recoil pad instead of just a smooth plastic or metal plate present at the back of many Ruger 10/22 models. One of our two test MDT butstocks is equipped with raised cheek piece. The other uses the black foam sleeve as the cheek rest.MDT LSS-22 1022 review - buttstockMDT LSS-22 1022 review - buttstock foam cheek rest

What sets the MDT 10/22 chassis apart…

There are not many companies that make a precision rifle chassis for Ruger 10/22 rifles. Of the other options, some of them look incomplete. The incompleteness I refer to is that several of these other chassis are comprised of bolted or screwed on parts to complete the attachment points for grips handguards or stocks, creating several gaps where the harmonics for the chassis with hurt the accuracy. Even though the 22lr round does not punish you with recoil, the vibration can impact those joints and may adversely affect harmonics and the accuracy expected from a chassis system. One should expect no such issues from the MDT LSS-22 1022 chassis since the whole chassis body is milled out of one solid piece of aluminum. The threaded port for the stock and the connection for the pistol grip are integral to the receiver. The forearm of the chassis comes with a bipod/sling post and extra points to attach other accessories for a rifle. With adequate torqueing of the buttstock tightening ring, the LSS-22 is a rather solid platform.


The LSS-22 1022 chassis is just the foundation upon which to build the rifle to your preferences. Because it is modular (go figure… Modular Driven Technologies made a modular chassis) you can add your personal choice of accessories and easily change them out if you find that your needs or taste have changed.

MDT LSS-22 1022 review - smoke composites carbon fiber stock venom defense carbon fiber pistol grip

Want a lighter build – Smoke Composites carbon fiber minimalist buttstock and Venom Defense and Design carbon fiber skeletonized grip

Assembly and Installation…

The MDT site contains links to tutorial videos that will help you on the proper installation of the chassis. Although, in the case of the 10-22 the process is quite simple, with only one screw to change. As usual, just be certain to have the safety button on the “half way” position, and slide the barreled action at an angle (starting with the back of the receiver) into the chassis.

I would call the installation of the MDT LSS-22 a 2 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.

Things to watch for during installation:

Our standard Ruger 10/22 is somewhat old and the receiver itself had defects that had to be filed off to smooth out the mating surfaces of the receiver and the chassis.

The raised circles next to the takedown bolt hole were uneven and had to be filed down a bit.

If you look carefully, you can see the circle marks left on the inlet of the chassis.

Now the receiver sits flush and tight against the chassis as it is supposed to be.

This is the bottom of the Clark 10/22 which does not have any extra material and did not require any filing to fit the MDT LSS-22 stock.

The Buttstock stops here

MDT supplied the buttstock components for us to complete the chassis and show off their premium buttstock options. Installation is pretty simple. Just as one would attach the buttstock to an AR, the skeleton buttstocks provided by MDT screws onto the LSS-22 chassis without a problem. Tightening and securing them with the anti walk Allen bolt under the stock makes for one solid platform. I modified the cheek piece of buttstock by switching it to the right side, making the chassis better for a left handed shooter. This was an easy process since the skeletonized buttstocks are attached by means of a couple of Allen bolts also and once loosened the pieces slide of the buffer tube without struggle.

Accuracy: Group size comparison

Group size increase (bad) or decrease (good) is calculated as follows: ((MTD chassis group – Original stock group)/Original stock group) x 100%

  • A negative result of -30.4% means the group size with the MDT chassis shrank by 30.4%, which is quite an improvement.
  • A positive result indicates the MDT chassis’ group was larger than the group shot with the original stock, which is not an improvement.

*All measurements in square inches. See targets below for measured groups. A few fliers were not included in the data.

Note the 4 ammo types that are the same is the basis for comparison. The other ammo types group sizes are included as interesting data points only.

By the numbers

Ruger 10/22 Carbine
Original stock Group Sq In MDT chassis Group Sq In Group size change
Winchester Super X 2.8 Winchester Super X 2.0 -30.4%
Remington Thunderbolt 1.3 Remington Thunderbolt 1.0 -22.0%
Federal Automatch 0.9 Federal Automatch 1.0 13.6%
American Eagle plated HP 1.1 American Eagle plated HP 0.9 -16.8%
CCI Velocitor 0.5
Eley high Velocity HP 0.6
SK Rifle Match 0.4
Average -13.9%
Clark 1022        
Original stock Group Sq In MDT chassis Group Sq In Group size change
Remington Thunderbolt 0.6 Remington Thunderbolt 0.5 -17.5%
Federal Automatch 0.4 Federal Automatch 0.1 -68.2%
Winchester Super X 1.3 Winchester Super X 0.9 -34.3%
CCI Subsonic 0.3 CCI Subsonic 0.5 88.0%
CCI Velocitor 0.6
SK Rifle Match 0.3
Eley high Velocity HP 0.3
Average -8.0%

Looking for 22lr Ammo? Try Brownells.

What do the targets reveal?

Well, the whole point of installing the MDT LSS-22 chassis was to improve accuracy. If we ignore the obvious fliers where I screwed up, the group measurements give us a really good picture of the consistency of both rifle’s accuracy before and after the MDT LSS-22 upgrades.

In 3 out of 4 ammo types compared from each rifle the LSS-22 chassis stock has provided an increase in accuracy. In 2 cases we saw a decrease in accuracy:

  • standard Ruger 10/22 shooting Federal Automatch
  • Clark 10/22 shooting CCI Subsonic

This is somewhat discouraging, but the standard Ruger 10-22 went from a 7/8″ to a 1-1/8 square inch group, which is still acceptable for hunting at 50 yards. The change for the Clark with the CCI subs is more drastic, but starting with a group that is 1/4 square inch and ending with one at less than 1/2 square inch, no one would have a problem bagging a squirrel out to 80 yards, even with such a small increase in group size. Including all 4 ammo types, the average accuracy improvement for the Ruger 10/22 was 13.9% and for the Clark 10/22 was 8%.

You can find MDT brand products at Brownells , via eBay or purchase from MDT.

Who is MDT?

MDT has been manufacturing since 2009 when a metal machine CNC operator named Laszlo Klementis created the company in the pursuit of a more tactical stock for his rifles with the capability of using components like the pistol grip and buttstock of the AR-15. The TAC21 Chassis was his first creation, which was made after consulting and collecting the opinions and suggestions from several competitors and his own experience and choice as a shooter. His interest was for a sturdier platform and in the case of the TAC21 the claim is that this chassis would increase the accuracy of the rifle chosen up to 28% as the company immersed into the rim-fire calibers their stance is that with their chassis there can be up to a 21% increase in accuracy.

MDT is a Canadian company, but it does have an operations center in Washington, USA. Since the creation of the company more models were added to the product line, as well as other components to further aid the performance of the chassis.

Final thoughts

After upgrading our rifles to the new MDT LSS-22 10/22 chassis, I continue to be surprised and impressed by the results. If you test various brands and types to find the most accurate ammunition for your rifle, as most target shooters and ethical hunters do, then I expect you would see similar great results.  I have to remind myself that even though I use our Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest(review), I still make sure the rifles are on target after every shot and pull the trigger every time, which could always inadvertently influence the accuracy. With the MDT LSS-22 chassis, the rifles are better both aesthetically and in shooting accuracy.

The color choices at the moment are the usual black and FDE (tan). However, with a wide variety of firearms coatings like CeraKote, Guncotee, or even Hydrodipping it is easy to change to a different color. The stability of the rifles are now closer to the magazine, but this will vary depending on how heavy of a buttstock you select. The rifles feel stronger and are impervious to weather. I like the facts that it does not matter what barrel configuration you have, the barrel will fit in the chassis and will be free floated.

The only characteristic that I do have to address is the with of the receiver inletting is a bit wider than the standard 10/22 receiver, in which you might need to add material to make sure there isn’t any play in between the two items when the rifle is assembled. If you have an aftermarket receiver, those might be slightly bigger in width that you will have less of a gap.

Gears Rating:

Gear Score
Finally a solid chassis option to improve accuracy for the 10/22 MDT has developed what many have requested.

Addition LSS-22 10/22 images

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