Mission First Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock  Review – “Conventional” Lightweight AR15 Build

Mission First  Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock  Review – “Conventional” Lightweight AR15 Build Lightweight AR15 Review Project With so many brands introducing light weight parts and rifles, we put together […]

Mission First  Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock  Review – “Conventional” Lightweight AR15 Build

Lightweight AR15 Review Project

With so many brands introducing light weight parts and rifles, we put together two AR15s that barely tip the scales. We call this series of reviews… the Lightweight AR Review Project.

The two rifles are:

  • “Conventional” Lightweight AR15 – mostly aluminum that has been aggressively lightened.
  • “Carbon fiber” Lightweight AR15 – combo of lightened aluminum and carbon fiber

This is our “Conventional” Lightweight Build

Each brand that sent parts for this build is featured in a separate article. This one is for Mission First  Tactical Battlelink stock.

Mission First Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock  ReviewMission First  Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock

We were introduced to Mission First  Tactical’s line of AR15 components and accessories at SHOT Show 2017. What caught my attention was a clever banner that said 30 rounds capacity is THE standard for  AR15 magazines. I could not agree more. Mission First  Tactical uses Polyamide materials to manufacture state of the art products to enhance the functionality and provide a weight reduction to the rifle. Their Battlelink Minimalist stock is one the lightest adjustable length replacement stocks in the industry that uses the standard buffer tube. After contacting them during SHOT, they gladly answered our invitation to participate.

Mission First  Tactical AR15 products in this build:

  • Mission First  Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock  – 169.9 gr / 6 oz – $59.99 MSRP
  • Mission First  Tactical Polymer Flip Up Rear Sight and Polymer Flip up Front Sights – 39.0 gr / 1.4 oz – $39.99 Front / $44.99 Rear
  • Mission First  Tactical SCPM556 – Standard Capacity Polymer Magazines – 112.0 gr / 4 oz –  $14.99

BattleLink stock field test results


This is a Lightweight AR15 build. So, let’s start with the weight.  The Mission First  Tactical BATTLELINK stock weighed in at a svelt 169.9 grams… half-a-hair under 6 ounces. That is pretty light.

For reference, here are a few other AR15 stocks that we weighed:

  • VLTOR IMOD Improved MODular stock 9.6 oz
  • Exos Defense Ti7 buttstock 12.5 oz
  • S&W basic buttstock from M&P 15-22 7.1 oz
  • Generic, basic AR15 buttstock 6.3 oz
  • Blackhawk basic AR15 stock 6.3 0z

Mission First Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock  ReviewFit & Finish

The fit and finish of the products are clean and even. One of the things that come to mind where one would find more issues or flaws is where different materials join, such as the rubber recoil pad and the polymer stock. Looking in detail at this area and the veins, ridges, and surface of the stock there really is a lack of defects or casting discrepancies. If I was to have anything to complain about the MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock is an incredibly small “weld” line that runs at the middle of the length of the stock where the two halves of the mold come together. But that line is so minimal that I do not have a tangible way of measuring it.


The stock is operated like the majority of AR15 stocks in the market. There is a length of pull adjustment with 6 settings from short to long. The lever for the adjustment is designed with the same streamlined minimal design. It does not protrude from the bottom edge of the stock under-frame. That thoughtful design will help ensure that the lever will not create a snag possibility. The stock is also a great host for para-chord accents which give an extra layer of personal touch without jeopardizing weight.


The smooth and even texture does not roughen up the cheek when shooting the rifle. The rubber butt pad keeps a good nonslip contact with the shoulder.

Final thoughts…

With the use of this Battlelink stock, we have not gained too much weight and it has helped balance of the rifle. The craftsmanship and manufacturing quality made installation and use use of the Battlelink stock a simple affair. I would add to my findings that a simple search for pictures in Google about lightweight AR rifles will provide hundreds of examples of manufacturers and people that use the MFT Battlelink stock.

Where to buy Mission First  Tactical products


–>Mission First  Tactical at Brownells<–

Gears rating

Gear Score
The Mission First Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock is one of the best choices for a lightweight build. Highly recommended!

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