MantisX High-Tech Firearms Training System Review

MantisX High-Tech Firearms Training System review

The MantisX High-Tech Firearms Training System is a tool which senses movement of a firearm during the trigger release, and transmits this data to a smartphone or tablet.
MantisX provided the Gear-Report crew with their High-Tech Firearms training system for evaluation.

This review focuses on my results using the MantisX firearms training system personally, and as a firearms instructor. For a general overview and to see the MantisX system in action, check out out booth video from SHOT Show.


Teaching tool

As a shooting instructors, I was excited to learn how it works, because trigger control is the most important of the fundamentals of shooting, and is critical to effective and accurate shooting. The goal is to grip the firearm properly and hold it perfectly still on target, isolating the trigger finger. So, only the finger moves through the trigger squeeze, and then to hold the gun steady through discharge and follow-through. This is impossible to do perfectly, of course, so the least movement, the better. It’s a critical skill for beginners to learn and experienced shooters to maintain.
MantisX firearms trainer review - shot analysis screen

I found the MantisX High-Tech Firearms Training System to be a highly-effective tool for learning and perfecting this most important skill.

How does the Mantis-X work?

The MantisX High-Tech Firearms Training System features a small sensor module which attaches to the accessory rail on the firearm. MantisX makes magazine baseplate adapters which allow it to be used on firearms which lack accessory rails. The sensor module is charged through a Micro-USB connection. The Mantis-x software is downloaded to the user’s smartphone or tablet and is paired to the sensor via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0).
The sensor module detects movement.  During dry fire or live firing, it transmits information about the direction and amount of the gun’s movement, before and after the impulse of the discharge, to the connected device. The smartphone or tablet displays results, allowing the user to evaluate shooting performance, identify areas for improvement, and track  progress over time. The system diagnoses common errors and provides advice to correct them. It displays information for individual shots as well as trends for groups of shots.

MantisX firearms trainer review - sensorWhat’s in the box

The MantisX was cushioned in foam in a small pelican case, and included a charging cable. There were no written instructions, which put off this reviewer, an old guy who is used to having to read instructions for everything. In use this turned out not to be a problem, as the system is intuitive and easy to use. Likely younger users, more accustomed to doing everything on their smartphones, wouldn’t even notice.

No love for Windows

The software is not available for my Windows Phone. Fortunately I have an old Android Tablet and the system worked perfectly using that.

First experience

I attached the sensor device to a Springfield Arms XD-S .45 pistol, plugged in the charging cable, then downloaded the MantisX software to my Android tablet. Within minutes, I had started the software, paired the tablet with the sensor, configured it for the gun and for dry-firing, and was recording data while dry-firing. The device displayed useful data for each shot, and tracked trends. After only a few shots, I saw that some of myold habits were cropping up (pushing to the left, and dropping the barrel.)  The feedback made it very easy to concentrate on these issues and after just a few minutes I was minimizing them.

I am a long-time instructor and pistol shooter. So, the shooting errors revealed by the MantisX were not big.
I also tried the Mantis-X on some other test subjects (wife, a frequent shooter, and 16-year-old daughter, an infrequent shooter.)  Both saw evidence of common errors and found the feedback the MantisX provided helped them minimize them.  Both did much better after only a few minutes of training with the MantisX.

We were having so much fun dry-firing that it took us a while to get around to taking the MantisX to the shooting range.

Home, Home on the Range

During Live fire, we found the MantisX worked exactly the same as it did during dry fire, and the issues noted on the screen of the tablet matched the results we saw on our paper targets. It was easy to shoot a string, view the results on the tablet screen, note the errors it revealed, and concentrate on correcting them in the next string.


During several months of testing, MantisX released new versions of their software several times.  They seem to do so every few weeks. So, the product kept getting better and better, with no extra charges.

Other features of the system

The MantisX application has a useful screen showing movement of the barrel through each entire shot:

  • Before the shot
  • During hold and sighting (in Green)
  • During the trigger pull (yellow)
  • As the shot broke
  • Through follow-through (in red)
    MantisX firearms trainer review - barrel movement screen

The MantisX records and displays history over multiple training sessions, showing progress and results for several users.

MantisX firearms trainer history screenshot
The MantisX software has a Learning screen, especially useful for beginners, which shows common causes for shots off-target in any direction.

MantisX firearms trainer review - history screen

Software settings allow the MantisX to be configured for:

  • pistols or rifles
  • right-handed shooters or lefties
  • live fire or dry fire
  • air guns or firearms
  • nearly any mounting position (facing forward or backward, and mounted below, on top, or on the side of the gun)

I ding it only for not providing an app for my Windows Phone.

Gears rating

Gear Score
As a teacher, I like the way it shows the student exactly what happened in each shot. I was able to see it improve the student’s understanding. And by providing feedback, it made it easy for every user to improve. The MantisX High-Tech Firearms Training System is an excellent product, and at $150, a good value.

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