Make a Legal Form 1 Silencer – Review

Make a Legal Form 1 Silencer – Review Overview of the parts we used to make a legal silencer via the BATFE’s Form 1 process. There are a few ways a […]

Make a Legal Form 1 Silencer – Review

Overview of the parts we used to make a legal silencer via the BATFE’s Form 1 process.

There are a few ways a civilian in the US can legally obtain a silencer:

  • Purchase a manufactured silencer via the Form 4 transfer process (click here to buy from SilencerCo)
  • Manufacture a silencer via the ATF Form 1 process
  • Obtain a Federal Firearms License and the appropriate Special Occupation Tax (SOT) to sell silencers

In this post I’ll show the parts that we acquired to manufacture a silencer via the AFT Form 1 process.

You mean a “solvent trap”, right?

Other companies sometimes call this type of collection of parts a “solvent trap kit (Amazon link)“. Heck, even a few product descriptions on the site that supplied the parts say “solvent trap”. The overt suggestion is the parts will be used to make a container to catch cleaning solvent when cleaning the barrel from the breech. The concept of a “solvent trap” is totally valid and I’m told that this company’s parts can be used to make a rather effective solvent trap.

However, most people I have talked to find the solvent trap idea silly. Some brands that sell parts are rather open in stating that they are selling parts that can be used to make a silencer and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they follow all BATFE, NFA and other applicable laws. We used the AFT Form 1 process to legally convert the parts into a legal homemade silencer.

Parts we used:

SD Tactical Arms Silencer Parts (4)
Centering Tools Centering Tools
Centering tools: Two sided D-cell Centering tool
SD Tactical Arms Silencer Parts - end cap End Cap End Cap
End caps: OP A D-cell Titanium – $26.00
SD Tactical Arms Silencer Parts - spacer tube Spacer Pipe Spacer Pipe -stainless D, titanium D and aluminum C
Pipe Material: D-cell Titanium 4 inch spacer
SD Tactical Arms Silencer Parts - C tube and B tube Solvent Trap Tubes C and D Solvent Trap Tubes C and D
Tube size: D size Titanium 7.6
SD Tactical Arms Silencer Parts - muzzle brake and thread protector Muzzle Break SDTA Muzzle Break
Thread Size: 1/2 x 28 Titanium
SD Tactical Arms Silencer Parts - muzzle brake and thread protector Muzzle Break SDTA Muzzle Break
Include Rear Thread Protector for SDTA muzzle breaks : Include Titanium rear thread protector D-cell
Thread Size: 5/8 x 24 Titanium
SD Tactical Arms Silencer Parts - freeze plugs Freeze Plugs Freeze Plugs

NiB-X coating the parts

All of the parts provided by the brand were sent to WMD Guns for NiB-X coating. This was not a required step. However, our friends at WMD Guns were interested in having their NiB-X coating evaluated for application to silencer parts. The expectation is that NiB-X coating will:

  • help dissipate heat
  • make it easier to clean
  • make it more durable

*Editor’s note: I’ve been using this can for more than a year and find that the NiB-X coating is a huge benefit in cleaning and surface durability. It also knocks the shine off of the Titanium parts, which is great when trying to be a bit more stealthy… like when deer hunting.

sd tactical arms silencer parts - pre NiB-X

Pre NiB-X: Shiny Titanium

sd tactical arms silencer parts - After NiB-X

After NiB-X – A nice matte grey finish

sd tactical arms silencer parts - Muzzle BrakeHow the parts are described by the manufacturers:

SDTA Muzzle Break

  • I chose a titanium muzzle brake from SD Tactical Arms with external acme threads that can fit an suppressor that uses the same ACME threads.
  • Overall length is 2.375″.
sd tactical arms silencer parts - D Tube

D Tube

C and D Tubes

  • The grade 3AI-2.5V Titanium tubes come in 5.6″, 7.6″ and 9.6″.
  • Titanium tubes are 60% lighter than carbon steel
  • Internally threaded tube in C-cell is 5.6 or 7.6″ long and made of 6061 T6 Aircraft grade anodized Aluminum.
  • These are great for 22LR.
  • You will need a rear thread protector in your tap size for your barrel and a center marked end cap  for the front.
  • This tube complete is under 12oz with 10 freeze plugs and aluminum spacer that we sell.

**Follow all NFA rules.

sd tactical arms silencer parts - Centering Tool

Centering tool

I used a two sided centering tool to easily place the first hole in each freeze plug. This particular tool has a straight walled tool on one side and a tapered tool on the other side that will expand the plug slightly for a tighter tube fit. The tapered end fits stainless steel freeze plugs.

  • To get the plug to the correct diameter place it on the centering tool and pound it until it bottoms out on the centering tool, then drill with a sharp 1/8 drill bit.

Freeze Plugs

sd tactical arms silencer parts - freeze plugsI found stainless steel freeze plugs that fit perfectly in the D-cell sized tubes.

End cap

I chose a titanium end cap with internal threading to fit the SD Tactical Arms muzzle brake.



I can’t say enough about the fit and finish on the SD Tactical Arms muzzle brake. We see LOTS of guns and parts over the course of reviewing gear, attending range demos, visiting manufacturing facilities, etc. The muzzle brake from SD Tactical arms has some of the tightest, cleanest machining I have seen In fact, it is hard to find ANY machining marks on the exterior parts surfaces. SD Tactical Arms parts to make a silencer - finishedWhile this article is just about the parts that we used to build a Form 1 silencer, I’ll give a bit of a hint… we have completed this silencer build and shot it on a dozen or more rifles from .22lr to .30-06 Springfield and it has performed well beyond our expectations. We have even shot it quite a bit with a .300 Blackout AR15 wearing a Slide Fire stock for an approximation of shooting full auto and have seen no degradation of any of the parts. We test a lot of items, then sell them as we move on to the next batch of gear to review. The Form 1 silencer parts have performed so well that the completed Form 1 silencer is in our range bag on nearly ever trip to the range and will not be sold any time soon.

Gear rating

Gear Score
SD Tactical Arms is the obvious choice for an externally threaded muzzle brake.

Defender Ammunition CompanyThanks

Without the support of our ammo suppliers we would not be able to do nearly the amount of gun reviews that we today.

Big thanks go to our Ammo Sponsor Defender Ammunition Company for supplying ammo for our tests and reviews on an ongoing basis. For this review we shot more than a few magazines of Defender’s 55 gr. .223 Remington, .300 Blackout rounds in 150gr supersonic FMJ & HPBT and 220gr SMK subsonic HPBT.

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