Lucky Shot USA Review – Gifts Made From Once-Fired US Military Brass

Lucky Shot USA Review – Gifts Made From Once-Fired US Military Brass I admit it, this review came about because I am a US military veteran and shooting enthusiast… and […]

Lucky Shot USA Review - Gifts Made From Once-Fired US Military BrassLucky Shot USA Review – Gifts Made From Once-Fired US Military Brass

I admit it, this review came about because I am a US military veteran and shooting enthusiast… and a big kid who is easily distracted by shiny things. When I saw all of the cool products that Lucky Shot USA “… upcycle from repurposed ammo and artillery shells…” I found myself clicking through the site and repeating “cool”, “badass” and “holy crap!”.

It is well documented that yours truly is a sucker for military stuff, gun stuff, and anything with “” written on it. So, naturally, I reached out to Luck Shot USA for some samples to see if the products look as cool in person as they do on the website.

I know… this is a bit different from our typical outdoor gear reviews. Let me know if you find these recycled ammo items as intriguing as I do. These appear to be just the type of stuff that would interest our readers

What’s all the fuss about?

You know how it is with shopping for gifts online… often the pictures look great, but then the product that arrives only vaguely resembles what was advertised? Look what our friends at Lucky Shot USA sent us… Complete with custom “” engraving on most items (click the thumbnails for larger images):

LuckyShot (28)Here are links to each product, with a quick description:

Wait… these are made from REAL US Military brass?

According to my source at Lucky Shot USA, they buy the used brass ammo and artillery shell casings purchased in bulk from the US Government. I like that for the cool factor. I like it since I am generally a proponent of upcycling. And I love the creativity in a couple of the unique designs. I think that the engraved designs like the A10 and the Don’t Tread On Me snake help to transform some of the items from old brass into really neat gifts.

Who might like this stuff?

Based on the quality of the pieces that I was sent I’m thinking there are a lot of different situations where these upcycled ammo creations could be an appropriate gift:

  • Groomsmen gift – yeah, the Lucky Shot website suggested this. Not sure I would have thought of it since I have been married far too long to think about such things. I guess with the number of engraving options it allows for some really cool customization.
  • Fathers day gift – I think receiving a 50 cal bottle opener would be cool, but if the kids had it engraved with something special like their names or the year that would be even better.
  • Retirement gift – Again, the customizations really expand the options beyond “gun nuts”. It is obvious that these would be great for a military retirement gift, but could also be cool for a police retirement gift. I especially like the A10 30mm shot glass with 3 lines of text so you can list the retiree’s name, company and their time served… or something similar.
  • Veteran’s day gift – What veteran wouldn’t be thrilled to get something made from old military ammo?
  • Gift to mark a special date or event – like maybe a bullet engraved to commemorate someone passing the Concealed Carry exam, getting their first firearm, taking a deer, hog, etc. during hunting season.
  • Thank you gift – Could you imagine if someone gave you a bullet bottle opener or bullet pen to say thanks for teaching them how to shoot or helping them buy their first gun?
  • Corporate gift – Many of the Lucky Shot items could be engraved with the company web address or something else to say thanks to employees.

What other gift ideas can you think of?

LuckyShot (13)

I dropped the 20mm Vulcan bottle opener and thought it was funny how it landed with the point stuck in the ground like a lawn dart


Of the nine items sent for review I think I like the 20MM Vulcan Bullet Bottle Opener the most. The reason is simple… it is HUGE! I also like that the big case has lots of room for little dings, scrapes and scratches. Reminders that this shell casing was fired through the cannon of my all time favorite aircraft, the F16.  There is also lots of room for “GEAR-REPORT.COM” to be engraved in large letters. That makes me happy.

Although, if I’m being totally honest, the 30mm A-10 Shell Shot Glass is pretty cool. When I went to my very first US Air Force Tech School many moons ago the school had a couple of A10s for us to wrench on. It was Crew Chief school… aircraft mechanic school, if you like. I thought the A10s were fascinating. At 6’4″ it was a tight fit for me to sit in an A10. Add the seat kit and parachute and there is little chance I could actually fly one. I found that really depressing. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drive a flying automatic cannon? Anyhow, I really like the 3 lines of engraving that are available and think that makes this the most versatile of all of the products.
Mine says:


“Trusted Outdoor Gear”

“Reviews Since 2009”

 What about bullet jewelry?

Sorry. My lack of a vagina kicked in and I almost forgot to mention it… Lucky Shot USA has bullet jewelry as well.
Some of the other products that they didn’t send in the sample pack (You’ll have to check them out yourself):

  • bullet case tire valve caps for your car
  • bullet or shotgun shell light and fan chain pulls
  • a shotgun shell American flag (really quite bad ass)
  • a 120mm Abrams tank shell ash tray
  • ammo beer tap handles
  • and my personal favorite, the MK15 bomb bar table!

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