Lucid 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic with Dual Illuminated P7 Reticle Review

Lucid 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic with Dual Illuminated P7 Reticle Review Do you have to spend $1,000 + for a “combat optic”? There are a variety of ways to look […]

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Lucid 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic with Dual Illuminated P7 Reticle Review

Do you have to spend $1,000 + for a “combat optic”?

There are a variety of ways to look at offerings in the “Combat Optic” market that is dominated by options like the $1700+ Trijicon TA31RMR ACOG 4×32 Scope, Dual Illuminated Red Crosshair .223 Ballistic Reticle, 3.25 MOA RMR Sight. Truth be told, the Trijicon ACOG has a strong reputation as a nearly indestructible low magnification optic that “just works” when you need it the most. The problem is that not everyone can afford a $1200-1600 optic, nor does everyone “need” their optic to be quite that “bomb proof”. For many, the question becomes something like “How much do I have to spend to get a reasonably durable short to mid range optic that will hold zero and serve my needs… which are not likely to include multiple 6 month combat tours?”

Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic in deer stand

20′ up in a Deer stand with the Lucid P7 at sunrise

To answer this question we turned to a variety of manufacturers, including Lucid optics. We previously reviewed the LUCID M7 Microdot optic (click HERE for the review) and really liked it when used in situations that called for a red dot with no magnification. To extend to much greater distances while maintaining reasonable close-in manners we have given Lucid’s latest 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic, the P7 a work out in a variety of situations. At an MSRP of $439, and current street price (Sept, 2017) around $365, it is a similar form factor for 1/3 to 1/4 of the price vs the Trijicon ACOG.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

For a quick initial function check I mounted the Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic on one of our Gibbz Arms side charge upper builds (click HERE for review) and hit the range. Before shooting I looked up the P7 reticle on the Strelock ballistics app on my Android phone, and set up the calculations for the 70 grain Barnes TSX bullets I deer hunt with when using a .223 platform. The Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic was so easy to zero that I dropped back and verified hold-overs at a few extended distances. They matched the Strelok calculations well enough that I opted to take this rifle hunting later that day. Sadly, for me at least, no deer came within the limited ethical hunting range of the .223 round, so I was not able to test the Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic under the stress of hunting on that trip. I was, however, able to test the automatic brightness feature as the sun set, and was pleased with the brightness levels.

Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic right sideThere is no “I” in “TEAM”

To get another perspective I dropped off the Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic and the LUCID 4-16X 44mm Rifle Scope with our resident AR specialist, Jason, with a request to give them a thorough workout. Here is what Jason had to say:

“Let me preface the review with the admission that I’ve wanted to run the Lucid combat optics for a good while and just haven’t taken the time to do so. Mounting and zeroing this style of optic is a relatively mundane affair.  The sight’s base seemed to be well machined and locked onto the receiver’s Picatinny rail very well.  Once bore sighted and zeroed, it was time to play.

The sun had begun setting behind the tree line when I started grouping with this optic. So, it was a perfect time to test the manual reticle illumination settings.  The Lucid P7 offers a good range of illumination settings that would serve the typical Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic front right sideuser of this style optic well.  It is a well built, rugged, combat style optic with a great reticle system that is reminiscent of other combat optics of this genre.  The scope held it’s zero well over the 200 rounds sent down range during its test run. Not a huge amount from an AR, but enough.  The only concern I had while testing the Lucid P7 was a definite ghost ring around the perimeter of the scope tube. No matter how I adjusted forward, back, or contorted my head, I couldn’t get rid of it.  For the price point of this optic, even with the mild ghosting, you really can’t go wrong.  If you ever carried an issued optic of this style, you’ll be right at home with its form and function.”

Bright idea!

At this point I asked Jason about the auto brightness feature, which necessitated more testing, as Jason had only used manual adjustments the first time out. Here was my note “On the LUCID M7 Microdot I thought the automatic brightness adjustment mode worked well, but was slightly too dim in all settings. When I took the Lucid P7 hunting last week I thought the brightness level of the auto brightness looked about right.” Jason replied:

Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic rear left side“The Lucid 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic with Dual Illuminated P7 Reticle worked great on the auto adjust.  I mounted it to my 7″ upper and moved through the house (unloaded of course) going from brightly lit kitchen area through the living room and finally into a dark bedroom with the shades drawn.  It adjusted fairly smoothly and the brightness seemed to be on par with what I would want if I needed to clear the house without degrading my natural night vision.

To me, I would want it adjust slightly lighter due to the fact that it should be mounted to a precision instrument doing longer range work where a bright reticle could be a hindrance.  But like I stated, I haven’t tried it for that either.”

 Specs from Lucid 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic with Dual Illuminated P7 Reticle:

Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic hunting standing

Construction Magnification
Objective Lens
Ocular Lens Diameter
Rubber Armor
Construction Material
Power Source
Color & Finish
Picatinny Rail w/ Reversible Pins
One Piece Aluminum (6063)
AA Battery (not included)

Lens Coating
Light Transmission
Ocular Focus
Eye Relief
Exit Pupil
Field of View
Diopter Compensation
Modes of Operation

YES (submersible)
YES (Nitrogen Purged)
YES (.458 SOCOM)
FBMC Multi Coated
10 Brightness Levels
100yd fixed
25ft @ 100yds
(-2 to +1.5)
Manual & Auto
Function Reticle Type
Turret Click Value
Windage Adj, Range
Elevation Adj. Range
Auto Shut-Off
Re-Zeroable Turrets
P7 Etched Glass
2 Hour
Available Kill Flash Filter
Limited Lifetime
Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic hunting double stand

My mini-Gear Head with the Lucid P7 on the left waiting on deer. Me on the right with an AR pistol in .300 BLK

Things we like about the Lucid 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic 

  • Easy to mount with built in QD base
  • Easy to zero with 1/2 MOA turret clicks
  • Uses a common AA battery (!!)
  • Auto brightness adjustment AND manual brightness controls… best of both worlds!
  • 4x magnification makes it more versatile than a 1x reflex sight
  • 3.25″ eye relief allows for easy use without having to cram your face up behind the optic
Things we do NOT like about the Lucid P7 
The Lucid 4x P7 optic‘s P7 reticle’s MOA measuring tape took some getting used to. Since this is fixed 4x magnification scope intended for a wide range of applications the hold overs for different calibers can be hard to discern without the Lucid 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic P7 reticleuse of a ballistic calculator like the Strelok ballistic calculator app. However, for most people this shouldn’t be an issue since they will mount the scope, zero with the ammo they intend to use, look up the ballistics tables, verify at the range and be done with it. Given that we routinely swap optics onto various different weapons for testing with various different loads, we spend a good bit of time running new ballistics profiles. In fairness, this isn’t really a negative, since the full data and a visual representation of the P7 reticle is easily available in Strelok.
I guess if I had to find something to complain about, it might be that the Lucid 4x P7 optic’s illumination is dependent on a battery. Sure, the reticle is there there all the time and only aided in low light by illumination, but it would be nice if there were some sort of ambient light gathering like on the Trijicon ACOG… which cost 3-4 times as much.


Since the testing sessions noted above the Lucid 4x P7 optic has been used on several of the AR-15s in our long term test pool shooting .223 Remington and .300 Blackout, and on the WMD-10 AR10 in .308 Winchester. It continues to hold zero well and has functioned flawlessly.
Lucid P7 4x Prismatic Weapons Optic hunting walking inIf it tells you anything about how fond I am of the Lucid 4x P7 optic, this was one of the optics I offered for the AR-15 that my 10 and 13 year olds used on their very first deer hunts this year. They both tried a few different scopes and  found the fixed 4x magnification a nice compromise between field of view, simplicity and optical magnification. At the distances they were likely to engage deer, the Lucid 4x P7 optic just “felt right” to them.
We will continue to shoot the Lucid 4x P7 optic on a variety of rifle platforms, with our Mosin Modernization Project  – Modern Mosin Bullpup next in line. The Bullpup’s Mosin Nagant M44 internals, with a relatively short barrel and no muzzle brake to tame the stout 7.62x54R round will provide the most challenging recoil scenario yet for the Lucid P7 optic.


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    Gallery of Lucid P7 red dot pictures

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