Kayak attack part 2

My better half has gently suggested that I don’t need to buy any more kayaks for a while.

Kayak attack part 2

In part 1 you learned about my new friend John and how he introduced us to kayaking.

Ocean Kayaks on Scion

3 Ocean Kayaks on one little Scion Xb

So, a week, and probably 6 long emails back and forth with John later, we had tracked down 3 Sit On Top kayaks that seemed to fit our needs (Ocean Kayak Yak Board, Big Yak, and Malibu 2) at a Virginia Canoe livery, and expanded our fleet.

And all was right with the world…

Until I got the bug to try a Sit In kayak. So I picked up a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 two weeks later. At 10 feet it is pretty small, and my 6’4″ body just fits.

WS Pamlico 100 at the Mack

Pamlico 100 at Lake Mackintosh

I took the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 to Lake Mackintosh two days after I got it and paddled for 4 hours.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed paddling. Although my surgically repaired shoulder clearly isn’t as strong as the other one, and is giving me some issues… I’m sure that will pass as it gets stronger.

My better half has gently suggested that I don’t need to buy any more kayaks for a while.

Two rounds of kayak buying in the past month seem like enough to her. Maybe she’s right… as long as no GREAT deals pop up on CraigsList. 🙂

Spoiler alert!

I was just getting started. Check out LOTS of kayak articles and reviews in our Kayak Category.

WS Pamlico 100 pre-trip

side of WS Pamlico 100 before the Mack trip



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