Kayak attack part 1

Pretty awesome to think that as heartless as folks seem at rush hour, there are still nice, trusting people that are eager to share their passion with others. And John’s passion is kayaking.  :)

Kayak attack part 1

Maybe I went overboard on this kayak thing… not sure yet.

Mother ship at SML

Mother ship at SML

We were on the hook on the mother ship in a cove at Smith Mountain Lake when a guy paddled up and asked to borrow a PFD (life jacket). Said he left his dock for a quick paddle around the back of his cove, but got a call on his radio (he held up a waterproof FRS radio) that he needed to go help his son get back his sail boat in from the main lake. In his haste he forgot his PFD (life jacket). No worries. We tossed him a PFD and went back to watching the kids bounce on the floating trampoline.

When the guy returned the PFD he introduced himself as John and offered to let my better half and I try his kayak. It was nice of John to let us try something new, but he started something that I didn’t expect.

And so it began…

WS Tarpon 160

Demo of the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160

He got my email address before paddling home and said he’d send some kayak info., in case it interested us.

Sure enough, around 2 hours later an email showed up with a LONG message about kayaks, various designs, paddles, safety gear, even plans to make a cart to pull one on so you don’t have to carry it. Awesome!
He also mentioned that if we wanted to try some more, to head down to his dock the next morning.

Wow! Uh, yeah! Of course we’ll try them.

So, the next morning we got up, fed the kids and piled them in the dinghy to motor down to John’s dock a 1/4 mile or so down the cove from where we had anchored overnight. But before we got there, we saw John heading towards us in his dinghy… pulling two kayaks.

Kids about to get on kayaks

Kids about to abandon the trampoline for the kayaks

This guy that we had just met the night before and didn’t know me from Adam, pulled over two thousand dollars worth of kayaks and paddles and dropped them with us to play with… then motored off to help his son get the sailboat out to the main lake. He came back a few hours later and picked them up.

Faith restored

Pretty awesome to think that as heartless as folks seem at rush hour, there are still nice, trusting people that are eager to share their passion with others… and John’s passion is kayaking.  🙂

What happened next… check out the next post (link).


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