Hyskore Track & Elevate Shooting Rest: Preview Review

There are a few things that we REALLY like about the Track and Elevate rest, namely the ingenious way that the entire rest can pivot around the center of the front […]

There are a few things that we REALLY like about the Track and Elevate rest, namely the ingenious way that the entire rest can pivot around the center of the front cross member, allowing smooth lateral tacking, and the easy, locking elevation adjustment. OH, and one more thing…


  •          Hyskore Track & Elevate shooting rest
  •          MSRP – $129.99
  •          Street price – $99.99


  • Designed for – Prairie dog, coyote & varmint hunting
  • Other uses? – recreational shooting

How acquired?

Manufacturer demo unit sent for review

Hyskore Track and Elevate rest

Manufacturers key features

  •  Great for sighting-in or varmint hunting
  • Ability to pivot on moving targets
  • Rapid elevation adjustment
  • Locks it at desired elevation or lateral position
  • Compatible with high-capacity magazines

Build quality 

  •  Good welds, although only the sides of the joints are welded, not the top and bottom. Honestly, it is probably fine with only the sides welded… it just caught our attention so we are mentioning it.
  • Nice paint finish
  • One of the threaded inserts for the feet was off center and had to be aligned by hand. This took about 1 minute to fix, and 45 seconds of that was spent trying to figure out why the corner bolt was binding. Once we realized the threaded insert was slightly canted to one side, it was a 15-20 second operation to screw the bolt in from the bottom of the threaded insert and wiggle the insert into proper alignment.
  • Also of note, the “V” notch that the front of the rifle sits in on the rest appears a bit narrow. We need to revisit the instructions to verify whether that V is intended to hold just the barrel, or also hold the forward section of the stock or handguard.

1st impressions 

  •  Really clever design. An adjustable pivot post in the front center of the rest and wheels on the left and right at the rear of the rest for a triangle. The pivot post holds the front in place while the rear wheels allow lateral movement so that the whole rest pivots around the front post in an arc.
  • It was a very nice surprise to see that the Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest mounts to the Ten Ring Portable Shooting Bench as an integrated, portable shooting system!!   Yeah, you read that correctly… 2 exclamation points. This really is a big deal, a notable differentiator for this rest against the bulk of the shooting rests that are on the market.
  • Included magnetic level is a nice touch. We haven’t set up the Track and Elevate rest on the Ten Ring shooting bench in the field to shoot yet. However, we wonder if we might have a bit of trouble getting the whole bench level on uneven ground. Josejuan suggested that having one adjustable leg might solve this. Honesty, we don’t yet know if this is a solution looking for a problem, or if it might turn out to be a legitimate issue.
  • 4 rubber feet are included to allow use on a hard surface.
  • Really like that the Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest can be set up in the track and elevate configuration, OR the legs can be screwed down to prevent tracking, and/or the elevation adjustment can be locked down for shooting at targets that aren’t moving.



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