Hyskore Track and Elevate Shooting Rest – Review

Hyskore Ten Ring Portable Shooting Bench field shooting 4Quick Q&A for the impatient:

How does it compare to other shooting rests? Rather unique. The T&E rest allows for lateral and vertical elevation tracking with the rifle steadied in the rest.
Is it a good value? For a smaller package setup with manually adjusted tracking and elevation, YES.
Should I buy the Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting restIf hunting a long field with varmints and you need an on the fly windage and elevation tracking ability (like if the game is moving), this IS one of the only shooting rests available that will accommodate this.
Suitable for hunting?
Yes, just like the ten ring field bench, if you plan on a sniper approach on rabbits, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, or even coyotes, this helpful for bagging hides, or eradicating varmints.
19-IMG_20150308_112937Can the track and elevate rest be upgraded?
If you want it, you shall get it…mate it to the hyskore Ten Ring bench… And voila, just like magic you have a fully integrated bench and adjustable rest out in the field where there was nothing but dirt to stand on.
The Hyskore Ten Ring Shooting Bench and Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest are meant to be together. The clever design allows fastening with a bolt to give you the ultimate field rest that is under 30 lbs. Not a bad load if you have a mild trek to the area where you will hunt.
Review by Josejuan

Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest unboxingHyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest parts Assembly
The portable shooting rest has adequate instructions with pictures that make the assembly painless. There isn’t much to do here, just screw in the feet bolts and the elevation lever. The surfaces, finishes and fit of parts are a good quality. However on this one we did encounter a misalignment of one of the threaded sleeves for the the front left foot. The foot bold would only thread in about a half of a turn before binding. For a non-mechanically inclined person this could have been a deal breaker. However, I was able to flip the rest upside down and screw the foot/bolt in the opposite direction far enough use the foot/bolt as a pry bar to muscle the threaded sleeve into proper alignment.

Hyskore Ten Ring Portable Shooting Bench field shooting 3Field testing
The Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest was taken to our testing ground where we took several hundred shots on targets at different distances. It was kind of neat when we switched from the 40 yard sighting targets to the 100 yard targets that were about 20 degrees to the left. The rest of the team were shooting off of benches with stationary bags or shooting rests. They had to pick up their bench and turn it to face the 100 yard targets. With the combined Hyskore Ten Ring Shooting Bench and Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest  all I had to do was pivot the shooting rest on the table without having to reposition the shooting bench.

The Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest has an arm with a narrow-ish V-notch support, allowing for elevation adjustments. The back of the of the rest has wheels that let the entire shooting rest pivot about the center front foot/pin so you can track prey side to side. Click here to see this clearly in the Preview Review video on our YouTube channel.


  • Portable enough to take to the field. Aprox. 8lbs alone and less than 30 with the Ten Ring bench
  • Sturdy rectangular base with triangulation of axis and wheels for tracking.
  • Lever for elevation adjustment
  • Ability to lock both vertical and lateral tracking, if desired
  • All feet are adjustable to level the rest

Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest with WMD Guns Beast AR15Cons

  • A table is needed for better performance
  • For right handed only. Hyskore has other rests that provide ambidextrous adjustability, but not this one. We think it could be done
  • When the Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest is attached to the c the tracking wheels at the rear of the rest do not have a smooth surface to glide on. The expanded steel top of the bench makes lateral tracking bumpy. This can be made better by using a wider metal flange on the bench top where the wheels on the rest are meant to roll.
  • The V-notch rifle support is a bit narrow and could be a bit wider to accommodate a wider range of rifles. Not a big deal as they V can be widened by hand

Hyskore Shooting AccessoriesDoes gear-report.com recomend the Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest?
The Hyskore Track and Elevate shooting rest is a fairly unique product that is best suited for a specific subset of shooters that would like a highly adjustable shooting rest to provide stability for hunting mobile game. By itself we think the T&E Shooting rest is a good product for right handed shooters that will shoot from a smooth tabletop that will allow the lateral pivoting on the two little wheels at the rear of the rest. For this specific user, we might rate this around 4.0 gears.

For the shooter that just wants a rest for sighting rifles, this is not a great fit and we might rate it closer to 2.5 gears. It just wasn’t designed for this.

However, where this little gem really shines is when mated with the Hyskore Ten Ring Shooting Bench.

Gear Score
We highly recommend this combination and rate it a solid 4.5 gears for right handed shooters, and 3.5 gears for left handed shooters.

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