Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest – Review

Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest Review unboxing 2Quick Q&A for the impatient:

How does it compare to other shooting rests? Offers a more stable base with more recoil absorption and repeatability than most other rests. 
Is it a good value? We think the sturdiness and performance make it a very good value.
Should I buy the dual damper shooting rest? If you are looking for a recoil management system without utilizing extra ballast or separate weights to mitigate the energy, and/or a rest that will provide a higher level of shot repeatability, then this may be the choice for you.
19-IMG_20150308_112937Suitable for hunting? Not really, but it is ideal if you want to check the accuracy of ammunition on your hunting rifle and will help you sight in your scope with ease. Your shoulder will thank you for utilizing this platform instead of having a date with icy-hot and aspirin to sooth the bruises made by the recoil on your body.
What are the main purposes? Bench shooting, ammo and rifle matching, zeroing rifle scopes, mitigating recoil, making other shooters jealous.
Does it have accessories? Why yes, it has a hydraulic trigger release that clamps on the trigger guard and helps eliminate operator induced movements that affect accuracy.

Review by Josejuan

Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest Review hunting rifleAssembly
Most of the Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest comes assembled from the manufacturer, only extras and accessories like the v notch, foot leveling supports and straps needed to be installed. Also, if shooting off of a solid surface bench, like a cement shooting bench, then a wooden platform needs to be constructed to allow the Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest to be clamped solidly to the bench. Instructions are included. While a competent woodworker can easily make the base, it may be a bigger job than some shooters care to undertake.
The dual damper shooting rest has adequate instructions with pictures that make the assembly painless. The surfaces, finishes and fit of parts did not give us any problem or issues. We are very pleased to see that the paint and finishes were complete and even. Hyskore has payed attention to details at the same time as making a solid product.

Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest Review JJ shooting WMD Guns AR15Field testing
The Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest was taken to our test range where we took several hundred shots from it to targets at different distances. It was used to sight in several rifles during our Big AR Trigger Upgrade Test review. Shots were taken with shoulder support and with AR pistol lowers that lacked the ability to provide shoulder support.

The Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest has adjustments of windage and elevation that are accessible by both right and left handed shooters. The supplied straps will firmly hold rifles on for shooting. The recoil absorption is made possible by nitrogen filled dampers that moderate the movement of the top of the rest and resets it for the next shot. This shot repeatability is what makes it possible to distinguish which ammunition is best suited for your rifle.

Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest Review on tablePros

  • Accommodates left and right handed shooters.
  • Portable enough to take to a shooting club or field provided there is a sturdy table for support
  • Sturdy base and platform that contains adjustability to accommodate different rifle lengths and even accommodates the standard 30 round magazines used in AR style rifles
  • Mitigates recoil by means of nitrogen filled dampers
  • No extra weight or ballast needed
Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest Review bent bracket

Bending the support foot back into shape after it was damaged in shipping


  • If metal or concrete benches are used the rest needs a wood platform as initial base that needs to be constructed and attached before it is set and clamped in place for shooting. With the base attached it starts to get a bit unwieldy to transport.
  • Some of the sheet metals used could be thicker, this would make it heavier but our model had a flange bent during shipping. Not the manufacturers fault but if the metal was slightly thicker it would withstand UPS’s abuse

Does gear-report.com recomend the Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest?
The Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest is very useful and will provide solid support and stability with some adjustability that can make your bench shooting and zeroing session a success. So, in short, YES we recommend this product.


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