Hyskore Dual Damper Precision Shooting Rest – Preview Review

In early 2014 Gear Report writer Josejuan was scouring the internet for information on shooting rests. He had no trouble finding standard rests, but was really looking for something a […]

Hyskore Dual Damper Shooting & Sighting Rest in boxIn early 2014 Gear Report writer Josejuan was scouring the internet for information on shooting rests. He had no trouble finding standard rests, but was really looking for something a bit more deluxe. A rest that would not only absorb some of the recoil from the shooter, but one that would also hold the popular AR-15 and AR-10 patterned rifles with the tall, standard capacity magazines. Josejuan got a bit excited when he found the Hyskore website and quickly sent a note to Gear Report Editor, Jeff, suggesting that Hyskore be contacted about their Black Gun rest.
Fast forward to early 2015 and Jeff finally got around to sending a note to Hyskore, somewhat to get Josejuan to stop asking about it every week or so. In short, Jeff (who enjoys writing in the 3rd person more than he should) had not really grasped the differences in the Hyskore brand’s offerings vs the other rests on the market.

Ok, enough of the 3rd person stuff…

Hyskore Dual Damper Shooting & Sighting Rest displayIt wasn’t until a conversation with the Hyskore President that I wrapped my head around a few unique features. The Dual Damper Machine rest, for example (that is the other name that some retailers use for the Dual Damper Shooting and Sighting rest) has twin nitrogen filled dampers that absorb much of the recoil created when a round is fired from a rifle. I think it was the “mechanical” concept that had eluded me… the rest is basically made up of 2 interconnected sections: a) a base that is fixed to the shooting platform (bench, table, etc.) and the cradle that holds the rifle. The sections are connected in a way that allows the cradle to move aft when a shot is fired while the base stays stationary. Combine these moving parts with a hydraulic remote trigger actuator and you remove the element of human interference from the targeting equation. With no person to move the gun while pulling the trigger (as in, you can fire the rifle remotely with no human touch on the rifle or shooting rest), one should be able to really see how accurate the GUN  and ammo are, and discern differences in ammunition accuracy.

So, while I was slow to warm to the concept that got Josejuan SOOOOOO excited last year, after studying the Hyskore Dual Damper Shooting and Sighting rest, test fitting various rifles in it, cycling the moving parts on the rest, testing the hydraulic trigger assembly, and seeing the massive wooden mounting base that Josejuan made for it, I have to admit… I am genuinely excited to get this rest clamped to the bench and put some rounds down range.



  •      Hyskore Dual Damper Shooting & Sighting rest
  •      MSRP – $250
  •      Street price – $200-$220


  •   Designed for – Precision shooting & sighting
  •   Other uses? – recreational shooting

How acquired?

  • Manufacturer demo unit sent for review

Manufacturers key features


  • Repeatability
  • Dampens recoil – 2 nitrogen compression dampers

Hydraulic remote trigger actuator!!


  • Ambidextrous elevation and windage adjustments
  • Remote hydraulic trigger release
  • Compatible with standard capacity magazines

Build quality –


  • Good, but not over-built.
  • Nice paint finish
  • Flat pieces on base could be heavier steel to resist bending


1st impressions –


  • Well designed
  • LOVE that is works with AR-15 standard capacity magazines
  • Included magnetic level is a nice touch
  • Needs custom fabricated wood base for use on concrete bench (we will show you this in the full review)
  • 4 rubber feet are included to allow use on a hard surface.



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