Humvee Upgrade: How to Install HMMWV Airlift Bumper

Humvee Upgrade: How to Install HMMWV Airlift Bumper HMMWV Airlift Bumper Parts You can find the airlift bumper parts diagrams and lists of all parts in the Army Technical Manual NO. […]

Humvee Upgrade: How to Install HMMWV Airlift Bumper

HMMWV Airlift Bumper Parts

You can find the airlift bumper parts diagrams and lists of all parts in the Army Technical Manual NO. 9-2320-280-24P-1, which can be found on our HMMWV Manuals page. Here are screen shots of the relevant pages.

Timothy at also put together a nice summary of parts that can be found here.

HMMWV Airlift Bumper Parts needed for A1 A2

Hardware needed to install HMMWV airlift bumper

Daniel U shared this list that he found online. Some folks report success giving this list to Fastenal. I’ve included links to all of the hardware on Amazon for your convenience. Check the quantities before you place any orders.

—all 1/2″-13 thread sizes grade 8
———– 8x. 4.5″ total
————2x. 4″ total
————4x. 3.75″ total
————8x. 3.5″ total
————8x. 3.25″ total
————8x. 1.5″ total
————60x washers total
(Can substitute 16x 7/16 washers on mud flaps)-they fit nice.
————38x lock nuts total
—-.25″ thread sizes-electrical plug
————6x 1.25″(.25″ thread)
————12x .25″ washers
——-y—–6x .25″ lock washers

 How to Install HMMWV airlift bumper, by Ruben at Damage Control Customs

HMMWV Airlift bumper installation tips

I haven’t installed the Airlift Bumper I got from Ruben at Damage Control Customs yet on the Project HMMWV Battlewagon. I will add my thoughts when I do. Here are some comments shared by other HMMWV owners who have installed Airlift Bumpers.

  • Ben C: “Leave everything loose until it’s all connected.”
  • Kenneth M: “Old mini bumper comes off”

  • Timothy M: “The body mounts come off and are replaced with the larger square supports.”
    1. Don’t tighten anything up too much.
    2. Install all 4 square brackets first (with spacers) – you will need to remove the existing braces that the bed mounts into. (do not twist the rubber pieces you will need to reuse them, slowly work them out with your hands or soft tools)
    3. Mount the bumper (again don’t tighten the bolts too hard)
    4. Put the 4 braces in
    5. Begin tightening stuff up working from the middle outwards.
  • Vincent T: “Start early and bring a lot of patients….. ooo and impact tools, air or electric. Those rusted bolts are a bitch to get off. The square looking brackets, if you notice, there’s and oval hole and a round hole on either end. Oval hole goes up. That’s the hole the rubber bushing that sits between the bed of the truck and bracket sit. Leave everything loose and once everything is mounted bolt it down tight.”
  • Andy D: Reuse the pintle spacer (HMMWV M998 Pintle Towing Mounting Bracket 7355392 NSN 5340-00-408-2432) from the backside of the original HMMWV rear bumper. Here’s a pic showing the spacer on the back of the Pintle hitch.

  • Nick O: “Is the inner brace assembly the same on the regular bumper as the airlift? Or do I need to order a different pair? Part #3 on diagram”
    Ruben M: “There is but hard to find. Unless ur going to be airlifting the thing. If you want to match, then yes. If you just need the thing to work, then your fine without #3”
  • Clarke F: “You shouldn’t have to cut or drill anything. You should be adding the new mounts and bolt things back to original holes.”
    For A0 and A1 bumpers the existing D-rings come off the end of the frame rails. The pintle and related brackets come off. The bumper butts up against the end of the rails, the support brackets mount up to the sides of the rails and support the bumper.”

  • Steven K: “An A2 uses drip loop shackles that goes through the bumper…mount differently then the A0/A1 bumper. The newer type U-shackles are thicker then the early versions. The A2 bumper has sleeve welded in for the new shackles and if you dont drill a 2in hole in the outer frame bracket, you have to grind it down so the bumper sits flush, you also need to make sure you use the 4 frame spacers between the frame and inner and outer bumper bracket…it can all be seen in the -24p TM.”
  • Bob N: I did it with no instructions and I’m mechanically challenged! Don’t stress. I recall there’s only one pair of bolts that can’t be too long or they won’t fit, see photo, as a too-long bolt will strike the inner brace inside the bracket in the photo.
    One tip: don’t tighten down any of the bolts until you have all the bolts through the bumper. Getting that last bolt in may require some jiggling of the bumper and if you have all the other bolts tightened down, you may have to loosen them all to get the final bolts in. Ask me how I know!
    I also found using two pair of stacked milk crates got the bumper at nearly the perfect height for the install

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