Humvee Upgrade – DIY LizardSkin Sound and Heat Coatings – Long Term Update

Humvee Upgrade – DIY LizardSkin Sound and Heat Coatings – Long Term Update Ryan asked: “How’s the LizardSkin holding up? Honestly, yours looks awesome, the only thing that’s prevented me […]

Humvee Upgrade – DIY LizardSkin Sound and Heat Coatings – Long Term Update

Ryan asked: “How’s the LizardSkin holding up? Honestly, yours looks awesome, the only thing that’s prevented me from doing a similar spray on installation is I’ve been waiting to see how yours holds up. I previously had Rhino lining in a truck, looked good for 3-4 years but turned to crap quickly after that.”
Scroll down for periodic updates on how the LizardSkin coatings are surviving in the Battlewagon.

What is LizardSkin?

Start with our article LizardSkin Sound Control and Ceramic Insulation for the Project Humvee Battlewagon for what it is, how it is applied, and all of the supplies needed for this project. LizardSkin is most commonly used in classic car resto-mods, in Jeeps, Land Rovers, etc. LizardSkin would be a great option in other noisey military surplus vehicles like M35A2 Deuce-and-a-half, 5 ton trucks, CUCVs, etc.

What we applied to the Battlewagon

LizardSkin​ sent the following for the Project Humvee Battlewagon (with Amazon links):

How are the LizardSkin coatings holding up?

6 months after application

I like it. More than I thought I would, actually. The LizardSkin coatings did a lot to dampen the rattly vibrations and harmonic resonance throughout the Battlewagon. It was particularly helpful in cutting down both heat and noise from the doghouse.

A small knick in the edge of the tailgate where the thin LizardSkin chipped off. Total width about 1/8″

I’m finding the LizardSkin a bit pliable. For example, in the back where my toolbox sits, the LizardSkin under the toolbox has flattened out a bit.
I mostly use the Battlewagon for hauling guns to the range, hauling kids to Scouts and swim practice, running errands around town.
I am careful how I put things in the vehicle.
Even then, the LizardSkin is not incredibly hard to deform. Because it remains a bit pliable, it hasn’t torn or had any big holes poked in it. Just in case, I’ll make a tunnel cover and floor mats from a horse stall mat (article link) in both the front and back soon. 

I knew going into this that LizardSkin isn’t supposed to be the top coat. It is supposed to have something over it to protect it. I sprayed a few coats of paint over it, but that was it. I won’t put bedliner in the interior… I’ve lost too many brain cells already. I will likely spray bedliner to protect the bed.

So, if I could do it again, I would. Just understand how LizardSkin is designed to be used and use it appropriately… with something over it to protect it… carpet, rubber mat, plywood… something.

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Quarter Horse Arms - machine gun from HMMWV

Jeff shooting the Quarter Horse Arms AR15 Full Auto from the Project Humvee Battlewagon

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The Project Humvee Battlewagon

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