Humvee – Denton Military Vehicle Show 2017 Pictures – Videos

Humvee – Denton Military Vehicle Show 2017 Pictures – Videos Each year there is a gathering of Military Vehicle enthusiast at the Denton Farmpark in Denton, NC. Scroll down for […]

Humvee – Denton Military Vehicle Show 2017 Pictures – Videos

Each year there is a gathering of Military Vehicle enthusiast at the Denton Farmpark in Denton, NC. Scroll down for pictures and videos from the event.

If your vehicle is in any of the pictures, then please leave a comment so we can note who’s cool rides these are.

Welcome to the party!

I took the Project Humvee Battlewagon for it’s first public appearance since the following upgrades (full reviews coming soon):

 Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see the upgrades. It was humbling to get such great feedback and exciting seeing all of the awesome vehicles on display.

HMMWV parts for sale

Here is a link to the list of parts we have left after selling a few at the show.

Videos from the Denton Military Vehicle Show

… check back as I am will edit and post videos over the next week or three. 🙂
Here is the first… a quick drive-thru tour:

Pictures from the Denton Military Vehicle Rally

 Click to enlarge…

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Upgrade products supplied by:

RAM Mounts

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Protect your masterpiece from heat and noise with LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation and Sound Control, two environmentally-friendly coatings that are applied rapidly, providing superior insulation and protection against vibration and noise.

Midland Radio

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Where to get Humvee parts:

  • Probably my “go to” for real military parts is HMMWV parts on ebay
  • You can get HMMWV books on Amazon
  • Actually, you can get a LOT of upgrade parts on Amazon. We have made it easy by adding a HMMWV section the Gear Report Amazon store and add parts to it as we find them.
  • Southern Metals Recycling… if you happen to be close to Wilmington, NC. They scrap HMMWVs for the government and can sell some parts.

HMMWV stuff

More HMMWV articles can be found under the Humvee category menu above or by clicking HERE. You might also like the HMMWV section of our Amazon store where we have listed lots of replacement and upgrade parts for Humvees. We have also found a lot of HMMWV parts on eBay (link).


Please leave a comment if you have suggestions on other HMMWV upgrades should consider, or you have done upgrades that we can share on Gear Report.

The Project Humvee Battlewagon

Gear Report acquired a real HMMWV (High Mobility Multi Wheeled Vehicle) from the US Army for use as our official field and shooting range vehicle. We have already posted about some of our upgrade projects (Project Humvee Battlewagon article links) and have a lot of really cool projects on the way. Consider subscribing so you don’t miss any of the cool reviews as we post them.
Here is our Project Intro (link) and our list of HMMWV upgrade projects.

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