How to make a DIY portable Hammock stand

How to make a DIY portable Hammock stand

How to make a DIY portable Hammock stand

No Camporee Glee for ME

*Updated September, 2017* A rather frustrating issue I faced every Fall was that my son’s Cub Scout Pack got stuck in a Cub-o-ree camp site with no trees suitable for hanging a hammock. None. Zilch! I was forced to “go to ground”… in a tent (gasp!), which meant lots of tossing, turning, and backaches for a few days.
I had seen various “portable” hammock stands around the internet, but many were too bulky (I need a light, portable solution).

Make your own trees

These DIY portable hammock stands just might be the the solution I’ve been looking for.

Rather buy your hammock gear than make it?

Hammock projects you might like:

1) DIY Portable Hammock Stand made of Pipe

You can imagine how pleased I was when I found the illustration below at

It is no secret that I am a big fan of author and illustrator Derek Hansen. He did a great job of simplifying this project in the illustration below. I’ll have to gather the materials and make one soon. 🙂

How to make a portable Hammock stand

How to make a portable Hammock stand

2) Conduit DIY Portable Hammock Stand

From Carl S, who posted this in a FB group: “I made tripods of 1/2” EMT conduit. Two legs of each tripod are 5′ long, while the third leg is about 7′ long, so that it sticks up an extra 2′ to hold my tarp. The crossbar to keep the tripods apart is a section of chain link fence top rail, that I cut in half so the male and female ends mate together. The crossbar, each tripod, and the hammock suspension all meet together, and are joined by machine screws.

DIY Hammock Stand - Conduit Hammock Stand DIY Hammock Stand - Conduit Hammock Stand detail


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