How to make a DIY camping hammock no sew underquilt from a poncho liner

How to make an easy DIY camping hammock underquilt from an army poncho liner. No sewing involved! MYOG

How to make a DIY camping hammock no sew underquilt from a poncho liner

Why you need a Hammock Underquilt

If you’ve ever slept in a camping hammock in temps below about 65 degrees, then you know that the underside of the hammock gets cold in a hurry with no additional insulation. Even with careful site selection and thoughtful deployment of a hammock tarp to block the wind, camping hammocks can get mighty cold at night.

*Updated March, 2017

How to stay warm in a hammock at night

However, there are a variety of solutions to this problem. An inexpensive and easy project to add insulation to the bottom of a camping hammock is a Poncho Liner Under Quilt (PLUQ). Below is a great illustration for use by DIY MYOG types, campers, hikers, backpackers, scouts, etc. Poncho Liners can be acquired on Amazon (link) or eBay (link). Or you might try a RBTR UnderQuilt kit.

What are Camping hammocks?!

If you missed it, in previous posts I gave an overview of camping hammocks (link) and a very high level look at making your own DIY hammock (link).

Why make an UnderQuilt?

Why go through all this trouble when I could just order one pre-made?

Lots of mainstream stores carry camping hammocks and all the gear to go with them. If a DIY hammock and gear isn’t your thing, then check out:

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Original DIY no sew poncho hammock underquilt MYOG

Original DIY no sew poncho hammock underquilt MYOG

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