How to make your holster more comfortable – Holster Partners Body Shield Left Handed IWB Holster Upgrade Review

In this review we talk about how to use the Holster Partners LLC Packin’ Partner as designed, as well as a different way that Josejuan uses the Holster Partners Packin’ Partner to […]

Holster Partners Packin Partner IWB hoster upgradeIn this review we talk about how to use the Holster Partners LLC Packin’ Partner as designed, as well as a different way that Josejuan uses the Holster Partners Packin’ Partner to convert an right handed OWB holster into an left handed IWB holster.

Update: April 2016 We just heard from Holster Partners that they have changed the name of this product to “Body Shield”. Personally, I like the name much better. It is more descriptive of what the product does.

Scroll down for video of how to use the Body Shield in a standard IWB concealed carry setup.

Here is how Josejuan uses the Holster Partners Body Shield:
A product I currently use is a backer for any IWB holsters on the market.
As a left handed shooter I have spent ample time looking at the available holsters through the aisles of the sporting good store and online,  wondering if any of the few left handed IWB holsters that are available will ultimately fit. Holster Partners LLC was kind enough to custom cut a couple of their IWB holster backers so I could evaluate them.
Holster Partners Packin Partner IWB hoster upgrade - no packin partner

Without the Packin’ Partner

What is the Body Shield?

Have you ever tried using an Inside the WaistBand holsters to carry a pistol, only to find that parts of the gun poked or rubbed you the wrong way? The Body Shield provides a removable barrier between the holstered pistol and you, so that there is no direct contact between you and the pistol. The Body Shield is a heavy duty tanned leather sheet that is cut to the dimensions of my IWB holsters and pistol.  It is attached to the holster via industrial strength velcro with a specially developed 3M adhesive that sticks to cloth, neoprene, leather, plastic, pleather, etc. and comes with two extra velcro pieces.
That aint RIGHT!
Thinking outside of the box, I used the Holster Partners Body Shield to convert a right handed outside the waistband (OWB) holster to an IWB left handed version. Why?
While I am thrilled for all the right handed shooters of the world that find perfectly usable right handed holsters included with many handguns on the market today, us lefties end up paying for right handed holsters that we can’t use, like this one that came with my Springfield XD-M 40. It is rather frustrating to need a left handed holster, but own a right handed holster that came with the pistol.
I know that the Body Shield wasn’t designed as a means of converting a right handed OWB holster for use as a left handed IWB holster but it works so good that I had to share for all of my left handed brothers and sisters.
*Click here for left handed IWB holsters available from Amazon.
Holster Partners Packin Partner IWB hoster upgrade - convert right hand OWB holster to left hand IWB holster

JJ’s Right Hand OWB holster converted to Left Hand IWB holster with Packin Partner

Frustration over… 🙂 

I have two versions of the Body Shield and both are working great. I have the mini version used for a Ruger SR9C and the compact which I use with a full size Springfield XD-M 40.  I modified the Springfield paddle holster by trimming extra material off the paddle, creating a 3/4″ straight tab that has the belt retention barb. Since it was designed as an OWB holster it has decent retention already. Wearing it IWB with a good belt provides additional retention pressure, making for a rather secure IWB concealed carry setup.
For the Springfield XD-M holster it was as simple as cutting off the wings of the plastic paddle to transform it from a paddle to a belt clip. Modifying a right handed holster for use as an left handed IWB holster may or may not be needed, depending on the holster’s design.
You’ve lost that sticky feeling…
Wearing a IWB holster positions the holster and handgun tight against your body, resulting in a sticky, sweaty feeling between the holster and your body. It helps to wear fabric in between the holster and your skin, but fabric often is not enough to neutralize the stickiness. The side of the Body Shield that is against your skin is prepared in a way that minimized the sticky feeling, improving the the comfort of wearing an IWB holster considerably.
Holster Partners Packin Partner IWB hoster upgrade - sizesSize matters
Holster Partners offers several sizes so accommodating your specific handgun holster needs is an easy process. This Body Shield is also perfect to rejuvenate an old holster with new leather. Use your old plastic components and give it new life with a new leather back.
Holster partners is working on a couple other versions, but so far with the 5 choices available you can easily fit to your need.
I do recommend the Body Shield.
See the Body Shield in action…
See how Jeff uses the Body Shield with an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

Holster Partners Packin Partner IWB hoster upgrade - installed


A running joke among handgun owners is that we typically buy a drawer full of holsters for each handgun that we own, trying one after another in order to find one that meets our needs, fits well, is comfortable, has appropriate retention, etc. Many IWB holsters are OK, at best, in stock form, leaving exposed parts of the handgun to rub, pinch and poke the wearer. For less than the cost of an average budget holster, the Holster Partners Body Shield may well save some of the less than comfortable holsters from banishment to “the drawer of shame”. Since it comes with multiple velcro backers, you can use one Body Shield on multiple holsters (one at a time, of course). I admit that I had fairly low expectations for the Body Shield, as it really just looks like a piece of leather. However, as noted in the video above, it allowed me to fine tune my EDC IWB carry setup to be more comfortable and effective.

Gear Score
The Holster Partners Body Shield is one of those *why didn't I think of that* products that can transform and salvage uncomfortable IWB holsters... or even convert an OWB holster to an IWB holster


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