HMMWV Upgrades: How to make a DIY HMMWV Grounding Harness

HMMWV Upgrades: How to make a DIY HMMWV Grounding Harness Do you need a Humvee grounding harness? Good question. In theory, the body wiring harness of the HMMWV should provide […]

HMMWV Upgrades: How to make a DIY HMMWV Grounding Harness

Do you need a Humvee grounding harness?

Good question. In theory, the body wiring harness of the HMMWV should provide sufficient electrical grounding. However, in practice, many experienced HMMWV enthusiasts swear by the benefits of adding an additional grounding harness. Over the years many HMMWVs were abused and the body harness may have become damaged or corroded. The supplemental grounding harness fixes this issue and can prevent damage to poorly grounded components.

Common issues that can be caused by poor grounding:

  • Blinking “wait” light
  • Failure of start control box (S3 Box, EESS) – more on starting issues related to the wait light or start control box can be found here.
  • Gauges that work intermittently, show erroneous or variable readings
  • Other unexplained “gremlins”

Anecdotal account posted by Steve on a Humvee site:

“I have had trucks that would do all of the issues you guys post about  and were fixed with just this harness. I have eaten my fair share of expensive control boxes as well. Bad boxes will eat glow plugs.”

What does a HMMWV grounding harness do?

AM General used an aluminum body on the HMMWV to save weight. However, aluminum doesn’t provide a good electrical ground. So, AM General build a grounding harness into the factory wiring harness. This was adequate when new, but most Humvees that find their way into civilian hands are at least a decade or two old. Over time corrosion, physical abuse, ham fisted mechanics and electrolysis can cause failures or degradation in the factory grounding wires. Poor electrical ground is really tough on electrical components, especially the expensive start control boxes, as well as parts of the charging system. This easy DIY HMMWV grounding harness provides a strong ground to all of the critical components on the Humvee.

How to make a Humvee grounding harness

Supply list with Amazon links:

Use a large gauge flexible wire for this harness. I have read that 8 gauge wire from a car stereo shop is good because is made of very fine stranded wire that holds up well where flexing is necessary. You might also consider replacing the original firewall grounding point with a 1″ stainless threaded rod , as the original firewall grounding point had a tendency to corrode easily. Attach the wires using star washers to guarantee good contact.

Start by cleaning off every ground connection on the truck:

  • dash
  • generator
  • all the lights
  • starter
  • engine
  • all the gauges
  • etc.
HMMWV engine grounding harness connection point

HMMWV engine grounding harness connection point – click to enlarge

Locate the engine ground

Remove the dog house cover from between the front seats, exposing the rear of the engine. The factory engine ground termination point is on the aft vertical face of the left side of the engine. This, or the empty bolt hole above it, are where each of your wires will terminate.

Make as you go

I recommend that you start with your wire on the spool and pull each section of wire from the item to be grounded to the engine grounding point, then cut the wire. That way your wires are the exact correct length. It is also easier to fish the wires through the various zip ties, clamps and conduits along the way without the connectors crimped to the ends.

Here are the points to be grounded:

  1. Generator ground
  2. Start control box – One of the bolts that mounts the start control box (PCB, EESS, S3)
  3. Dash ground – Stud on the firewall that feeds all the instrument gauges. You have to take the instrument cluster out to get to it. The stud passes through to the engine area near the fuel filter, one of the body harness grounds terminates there.
  4. Starter ground

Or make in advance

However, I’ve seen various folks list the following measurements for the grounding harness wire lengths. If you prefer to assemble them all ahead of time, then be my guest.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Kascar. You can buy a pre-made harness from them.

It is a 5 point harness:

  • point 1- left rear cylinder head ground terminal
  • point 2 label A – 25″ TO DASH/FIREWALL
  • point 3 label B – 33″ TO GENERATOR GROUND
  • Point 4 label C – 35″ TO CONTROL BOX MOUNTING BOLT
  • Point 5 label D – 73″ TO STARTER GROUND

Where to get Humvee parts:

  • Probably my “go to” for real military parts is HMMWV parts on ebay
  • You can get HMMWV books on Amazon
  • Actually, you can get a LOT of upgrade parts on Amazon. We have made it easy by adding a HMMWV section the Gear Report Amazon store and add parts to it as we find them.
  • Southern Metals Recycling… if you happen to be close to Wilmington, NC. They scrap HMMWVs for the government and can sell some parts.

HMMWV stuff

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Please leave a comment if you have suggestions on other HMMWV upgrades should consider, or you have done upgrades that we can share on Gear Report.

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