HMMWV Upgrade: Aftermarket Seats for Humvee

HMMWV Upgrade: Aftermarket Seats for Humvee HMMWV seats – I have tried 3 options, so far, and heard great reports on others that I’ll list below: Stock military seats… which SUCK! […]

HMMWV Upgrade: Aftermarket Seats for Humvee

HMMWV seats – I have tried 3 options, so far, and heard great reports on others that I’ll list below:

  1. Stock military seats… which SUCK! How anyone justified installing these terrible seats in the HMMWV is beyond me.
  2. Currently installed: OregonAero custom HMMWV front seats (Review link), How to install video (link). These are made from a high-tech combo of memory foams and are light years better than the stock military HMMWV seats.

    Oregon Aero HMMWV passenger seat installed in HMMWV

  3. Military “high back” HMMWV seats. We tried one of these in the front passenger seat before the Oregon Aero seats arrived and it was a big improvement over the stock military HMMWV seat. However, installation on the driver’s side is requires an EXPENSIVE and hard to find and install base, or some creative cutting and welding to the stock seat base. Haven’t haven’t been motivated to tackle this, as the Oregon Aero seat cushions are really comfortable. Project HMMWV Battlewagon - military high back HMMWV seats
  4. I’ve heard persistent good reports from people who installed Smittybilt Jeep seats (Amazon – best deal). This pic is a seat Johnny T installed in his HMMWV. He says “They feel great”
    Cheap HMMWV seat upgrade Smitty Bilt Jeep seat
    And here is how Keith W mounted his Smittybilt Jeep seat  to the frame of the original HMMWV driver seat base
    HMMWV seats - Smittybilt Jeep Seats in Humvee
  5. Also read about HMMWV owners happy with these Black Mountain Jeep seats.
    HMMWV seats - Black Mountain Jeep Seats in Humvee
  6. Mastercraft is known to make good seats and the Mastercraft Nomad seats. Daniel M. shoe-horned them into his HMMWV.
    HMMWV seats - Mastercraft Nomad seats in HumveeHMMWV seats - Mastercraft Nomad seats in Humvee - base
  7. And 2nd row minivan seats like those from the Chrysler Pacifica or Town & Country
    HMMWV seats - chrysler pacifica minivan seats in humvee
  8. These have been used with success Bestop TrailMax II Jeep Seat 
    HMMWV seats - bestop Jeep Seats in Humvee
  9. Joe suggested these Summit Racing seats that he had in a Jeep CJ. He hasn’t tried them in the HMMWV yet, but plans to soon.
    HMMWV seats - Summit Racing Jeep Seats in Humvee

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