Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 AR10 AR15 trigger review

Quick questions (and answers for the impatient): How does the Hiperfire 24 trigger compare to other AR triggers? (It is a nice trigger with a very different feel than any other […]

hiperfire hipertouch 24 ar-15 trigger installlQuick questions (and answers for the impatient):

  • How does the Hiperfire 24 trigger compare to other AR triggers? (It is a nice trigger with a very different feel than any other single stage trigger we tested. In fact, it feels more like a 2 stage trigger.)
  • Is the Hiperfire 24 replacement trigger a good value at an MSRP of $185? (Among the more refined AR trigger upgrade options, the 24 is one of the lowest cost options. If you like the feel the 24 is designed for, then it is a good value.)
  • Should I buy a Hiperfire 24 trigger? (Each of Hiperfire’s triggers is aimed at a certain set of trigger feel parameters. If you desire a light trigger that is smooth and has a deceptively long pull, followed by a surprise break (no hard wall), then the 24 might be for you.)
  • Is the Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger  good for hunting? (The long-ish trigger pull and almost 2-stage feel is well suited for hunting.)
  • Is the Hiperfire 24 trigger  a good upgrade for my duty rifle? (Yes, the Hiperfire 24 is a good upgrade option.)

Quotable: “Never hits a wall, but it’s so smooth I could get used to it.   Not my favorite but not too objectionable either.  If I was going to buy a Hiperfire, I’d definitely spend a few more bucks for one of the crisper ones.” – Bob

hiperfire AR15 AR10 trigger upgradeBench testing

1) Assembly

We received the Hiperfire 24 trigger to review from Hiperfire and installed it in an otherwise complete AR15 lower receiver provided by Anderson Manufacturing (Model AM-15).

Installation is not overly simple, but is not that hard either thanks to the incredibly well written instructions included in the package and the easy to follow installation videos online at the Hiperfire website. I have yet to find any other trigger with such clear illustrations and step by step instructions as are included with all of the Hiperfire triggers.

Click Here for my detailed video on installing the 24C, which is the same method as all Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 triggers.

Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 AR-15 AR-10 trigger upgrade preview review Overall, I found the 24 3G easier to install than a stock mil-spec type trigger, mainly because the 24 series triggers are easier to align within the mag well when inserting the trigger and hammer pins. The 24 3G has more parts. However, the parts are easier to install in the 24 series triggers and the safety selector can remain in place during installation (a big plus). Since I think installation of a mil-spec trigger is manageable for a detail oriented hobbyist, and the 24 series triggers are easier to install than a mil-spec trigger, any trigger from the Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 series is a great option for a DIY upgrade. Just take your time and be sure everything is assembled properly, the hammer spring is oriented the right direction, the shelf on the toggle pins faces outward, etc.

Chosen configuration: The Hiperfire 24 3G trigger comes with 3 toggle spring options. The toggle springs are an ingenious design that simultaneously alter trigger pull weight and hammer strike energy. Toggle spring option are:

  • Blue = medium trigger pull weight and low-end stock hammer energy
  • Yellow = medium-light trigger pull weight and low-end stock hammer energy
  • Grey/plain = light trigger pull weight and 35% higher hammer energy than stock

Because the Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger was being installed in a pistol lower, we wanted to go with the heaviest trigger pull option available. So, we chose the lightest toggle springs, the blue painted springs, which provides the heaviest trigger pull and… this part is a bit backwards from how most trigger groups work… the lightest hammer strike. While we do not have a reliable way to measure hammer energy, this claim by Hiperfire makes perfect sense, as the toggle springs are compressed as the trigger is pulled, countering some of the trigger pull spring energy for a lighter trigger pull. When the trigger breaks the toggle springs uncompress, working with the hammer spring to push the hammer forward. So, lighter toggle springs = heavier trigger pull and less hammer energy. Most people are after the opposite and would want to use the Yellow or Grey springs.

If there is a down side to the Hiperfire 24 series design, it is that there are more moving parts within the Hiperfire trigger. However, I can’t see how any parts, aside from possibly the springs, would be likely to wear out or fail under even the heaviest use. While installing the toggle springs takes a steady hand, all of the Gear Report staff that tried it found it easy to master quickly, making in the field trigger spring changes relatively simple and quick.

AR10 AR15 trigger upgrade test hammer drop block

Josejuan testing a trigger with the haner test block while Bob installs a trigger in a pistol lower

2) Hammer drop block

Before joining the #OccupyTheRange movement, we put the hammer drop block in the Anderson Manufacturing lower receiver to test the Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger for proper operation and assess the trigger’s feel. This allowed each tester to rapidly switch the hammer drop block to different lowers and test the trigger feel for accurate comparison. I expected the Hiperfire 24 trigger to feel quite a bit like a mil-spec trigger, but a bit lighter. Why did I expect this? Because the Hiperfire site clearly says that the 24 has the same creep as a mil-spec, stock trigger. However, I found the Hipertouch 24 trigger trigger to be noticeably different than a stock mil-spec trigger in trigger pull weight, perceived length of trigger pull and smoothness.

WMDguns.com NiB-X trigger on G.P.S. Trigger pull Scale
3) Trigger pull scale

Measuring trigger pull weight is pretty simple:

  1. clamp the magazine well block in the vise,
  2. slide the upper onto the magazine well block. So, the upper is completely stable and not subject to movement during trigger testing,
  3. cock the hammer by hand,
  4. reset the peak weight ring on the trigger pull scale,
  5. place the trigger pull scale test arm on the trigger in the location that you will place your finger when shooting,
  6. pull gently aft on the trigger pull scale until the trigger releases,
  7. record the peak weight from the trigger pull scale
  8. lather, rinse, repeat 2 more times
  9. average the 3 pull weights

The Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger delivered trigger pulls of 2.75 Lb, 3.0 Lb, and 3.0 Lb for an average of 2.92 Lb.

Whao! That is a BIG difference in pull weight vs the mil-spec trigger that I was expecting the Hiperfire 24 to feel like. Mil-spec triggers average trigger pull weights are usually closer to the 7 Lb range. This Hipertouch 24 trigger is actually one of the lightest triggers in our Bit AR Trigger Upgrade Test. Each AR trigger upgrade that we test is designed with a specific purpose. The Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger is designed as a high performance service rifle upgrade. Normally I don’t like this light of a trigger for a service rifle, but given the long (feeling) pre-travel, it actually works for me.

4) Creep & Overtravel

We measured total travel the tip of the trigger at nearly 3/16 of an inch. That is split nearly 1/8″ of creep and 1/16″ of overtravel. Yes, that is a lot of pre-travel/creep, at least compared to most of the 8 other triggers in the Big AR Trigger Upgrade test. There is more to trigger feel than distance of pull, and the distance measurements certainly don’t tell the whole story of the Hipertouch 24 trigger. Terry Bender, the Hiperfire CEO described the 24 as follows via email when I inquired about the drastically different feel of the 24 vs the rest of the Hiperfire triggers: “The 24’s creep is same as MIL-spec. Because it’s light and smooth, you can feel it creep “forever.” There is no wall; the pull is flat. It was designed that way for those who want it. I run it on my varmint gun. I’m surprised every time it breaks. It’s very accurate for the patient shooter. One reviewer actually runs the 24 like a 2-stage, or it’s like a 2-stage w/ no 2nd stage. In any case, it will run as fast or as slow as your finger. In other words, it’s controllable, you know where you’re at.” That sounded reasonable to me, but I passed it on to the rest of the Gear Report team for feedback and Bob said “I get what he’s saying, and it matches my experience with it. Never hits a wall, but it’s so smooth I could get used to it….”

 The Results

We tested 9 different AR fire control groups in our Big AR Trigger Upgrade Test. I wanted everyone to be as objective as possible during the range test. So, I suggested that the team NOT do a lot of research on each trigger prior to the test. This backfired a bit for the Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger, as it is designed to have such a different feel than anything else in our test pool, but we weren’t expecting it to feel THAT much different. While we all agreed that it “didn’t feel right”. Post range day research revealed that the Hiperfire 24 trigger upgrade actually felt exactly like it was designed to feel… it just wasn’t what we were expecting.

AR trigger upgrade WMD Guns NiB-X trigger 100 yards

100 yards

All 5 shooters expelled five rounds of American Eagle 55 grain .223 Remington at small, numbered paper targets from benches with shooting rests or sandbags at 100 yards to get a feel for how the Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger performed under slow, controlled fire. The 24 reminded me of a 2 stage trigger with the very light pre-travel that felt long, followed by a surprise break. My range day notes referred to it as a “mushy wall”, but Terry describes it as having no wall. I can see what he means. I think this sort of single stage trigger posing as a 2 stage trigger works well for some people for longer range shooting.

 Short range tactical carbine

Chris from Three Pillars Shooting, LLC and Bob, our other NRA instructor collaborated to run the team through basic 3-10 yard quick target acquisition, rapid shot strings and short mag shoot-reload-shoot drills. The longer creep of the Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger inspired confidence in the close quarters of the “tactical carbine class” style side-by-side firing lineup. The trigger pull weight is on the light side of what we would normally prefer for this type of usage, but coupled with the longer pre-travel it worked well for us. However, some of the competition triggers felt a bit light and touchy in this shooting scenario.

 40 yard plate rack

Enough of the solo shooting at paper, for this part of the test we pitted 2 shooters against each other in a duel to see who could hit the most of the 6 plates of 8 inch diameter in a horizontal row at 40 yards.  The Hipertouch 24 trigger did well, offering no perceived issues to degrade the accuracy or rate of fire. However, it certainly suffered a bit of the same issue that slowed the 24E a bit… to really shoot them fast the shooter needs to get a “feel” for the “sweet spot”, the point in post-shot trigger travel where it is reset and ready to fire again. Knowing where the sweet spot is means that a skilled shooter can limit the forward movement of their finger on follow-up shots and avoid the pre-travel nearly completely. I think that the 24 can be a faster trigger with a bit of practice.

 40 yard steel silhouettes

This was less formal with 2 shooters competing to see who could put a string of shots on their assigned steel silhouettes most rapidly. We found that the competition triggers excelled with their ultralight trigger pulls and ultra-short resets. As with the 40 yard plate rack duels, the Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 trigger performed well, but felt like it was not able to run at it’s full potential because of the limited time we had to learn it’s sweet spot.


Gear Score
A rather versatile trigger that took some time to grow on me.

hiperfire AR15 AR10 trigger upgrade full lineHiperfire

As noted in our AR Trigger Test Preview, Terry Bender, the Hiperfire CEO wasn’t just willing to pit his triggers against the competition, he was EAGER While every other manufacturer in our big AR Trigger test sent one model of trigger for evaluation, Hiperfire sent all 5 current production triggers. Terry, a graduate degreed mechanical engineer by training, created a very innovative design for the 24 series triggers, adjusting the geometry and mechanisms within the AR trigger group in a quest to get better performance out of the AR fire control group.

GearReport logo Round AR15The Big AR Trigger Upgrade Test

We tested 9 AR platform trigger upgrades from 5 different manufacturers to identify:

  • Which AR trigger upgrade is the best value?
  • Which AR-15 and AR-10 triggers are best suited for hunting, competitive shooting, personal defense, duty rifle?
  • Which AR trigger do we like best?

Starting with a just barely broken-in “mil-spec” trigger group as our “control”, our team of 5 testers assembled and dry fired each AR FCG on the hammer drop block to get a feel for each trigger, measured trigger pull weight with a trigger pull gauge, then shot each trigger in long range, tactical carbine, and competitive shooting situations to assess each fire control group in a real-world setting. We shot nearly 2,000 rounds down a combined 6 AR uppers so we could provide the most comprehensive trigger upgrade review possible.

Huge thanks to Ammunition Supply Company, who kicked in 2,000 rounds of bulk 55 grain ammo for this test.

You can read more about the hiperfire AR15 AR10 trigger upgrade and the other triggers in the test in our full AR trigger upgrade review.


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