Hammock Camping Basics illustration

Illustration showing how to set up a camping hammock, tarp, and bug net

This is an awesome illustration for the entire range of hammock campers: experienced hammock campers, scouts, hammock camping newbies, backpackers, hikers, etc. I wish I had this information before hanging my first DIY/MYOG hammock. I hung that hammock WAY too tight (insufficient sag) and the hammock ripped when I got in it. Not a good feeling when you hear your a tearing sound and quickly realize you are falling towards the hard ground. :(


hammock camping basics hammock camping basics

Illustration by Derek Hanson at http://TheUltimateHang.com

Derek has updated the above illustration. While I recommend that you check out Derek’s site, as it has a lot to offer, here is the new Hammock Camping Basics illustration.

Hammock camping basics 2012 updated

Hammock camping basics 2012 updated