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Free Stuff if you Pay it Forward The Gear Report Nation has asked for a discussion forum for YEARS, and we finally did it! To celebrate, we are offering a […] Forums Pay-it-Forward give-awayFree Stuff if you Pay it Forward

The Gear Report Nation has asked for a discussion forum for YEARS, and we finally did it!
To celebrate, we are offering a different kind of give-away.
Trust me, it may sound odd, but only if you haven’t tried a PiF before.

What is a PiF?

PiF = Pay it Forward

If you are like most Gear Heads, you have a bunch of perfectly functional gear that you don’t use and is just taking up space. Why not give it away to someone that will appreciate it and can use it. In return, they will give something away. For example, I once claimed a Etowah alcohol backpacking stove and then gave away a Camping Hammock Peak Bag that I made (Click here for Peak Bag DIY directions)

Gear-Report_stickers_PiF_give-a-way ammo boxes 1

We use lots of stickers on ammo cans so we can tell one from the other

Getting something for free is easy. Just complete the PiF Challenge:

  1. Post a PiF: Go to the “Pay-it-forward” section in the Forums and offer something of value for free to the first person to reply “I’ll take it, please”. This works best if you post a picture of the item to be sure everyone knows what you are talking about. State in your PiF post whether you will pay shipping or the recipient will. The only conditions are that the recipient must a) post a PiF item of similar or higher value, and b) agree not to immediately sell the item for a huge profit. It is up to each seller to follow whatever laws apply to their sales transaction.
  2. Ship your PiF
  3. Confirmation of Receipt: When the recipient posts that they have received the item, or you (the sender) posts a tracking delivery confirmation, then you can send the URL of the discussion to with your US snail mail address to receive a firearms sticker or outdoor gear sticker from our box-o-goodies.  Once we have 30 mailing addresses I’ll print out address labels and get a free sticker in the mail to each person PiF’er.
Gear-Report_stickers_PiF_give-a-way ammo boxes 1

And another ammo can…

But wait, there’s more!

From the first 30 to complete the PiF Challenge I will select one to also receive a HexMag AR-15 magazine and Seal1 sample.

Say What?

I know, it is confusing. This is all you have to do: Post a PiF, ship the item, post proof that it was delivered, email me the link to your PiF thread in the Gear Report forums, wait for your freebie.

Having done a variety of PiFs before I can honestly tell you that I got into it to get free stuff, but what I remember most is making other people happy with the stuff I gave away. It really is rewarding to get rid of something you no longer use and know that someone else is thrilled to receive it.

I know that a sticker isn’t much of a prize. Just consider it a small incentive for doing something your will be glad you did anyway.


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