Finnish Tikka M39 Mosin and Sako M39 Mosin

With the Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant craze sweeping many new collectors and reinvigorated with established collectors in the US, I jumped on the bandwagon and added these two M39s to the […]

With the Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant craze sweeping many new collectors and reinvigorated with established collectors in the US, I jumped on the bandwagon and added these two M39s to the M39 Wing of the Mosin Nagant Annex at the Gear Report secure gun storage facility. All of my photos are at the bottom of this page below the descriptions for your comments. PLEASE leave a comment if I got anything wrong in the descriptions or missed anything.

1942 Tikka AZF marked M39 with Sako stock and fresh rearsenal:

Tikka 42

Tikka 42

This 42 Tikka M39 appears to be fresh and unfired since refurb. The hex receiver has what appears to be the faint remnant of an imperial crest and two AZF “Artillerie Zeugs Fabrik” Austrian arsenal marks of slightly different size. Does this imply that this receiver may have cycled through Austrian ownership more than once?
I am unable to make out the markings on the bottom of the tang to ID the maker. Looks like a number 9… or maybe a 6, not sure what else, maybe a “1” or an arrow? Please comment if you can help ID the tang stamps. The blueing is very strong and looks new throughout the rifle. In the barrel the rifling is bright and crisp with no wear evident. Since I received this rifle direct from the importer and it still had the remnants of the arsenal hang tag on it, I think it is relatively safe to assume this rifle had not been fired since being refurbished with the new Tikka barrel. The non-counterbored Tikka barrel is Finn matched to the bolt handle and stamped on the left side with “7.62x53R”, “3600” and “SA”. According to, the 1940’s Tikka barreled M39s are an 8 of 10 on the rarity scale, so not your everyday Sako or VKT. 🙂 I found the following at, which describes the Tikka flavored M39s :

Finnish 1942 Tikka M39 Mosin Nagant - arsenal stamp and AZF mark

Arsenal stamp and 1 of 2 AZF marks

“Total production of the m/39 rifle during the wartime period of 1940-1945 was a total of 96,800 rifles. Total production total of the m/39 including post war modifications is approximately 102,000.

A relatively new barrel marking for the m/39 rifle was recently introduced with the last import of these rifles. It consists of barrels made by Tikkakoski. These barrels carry the standard Tikkakoski marking of a “T” inside an inverted triangle enclosed in a circle. These barrels are originally m/91 barrels that have been modified to m/39 specifications. The barrels are shortened and recrowned and were used to replace badly worn or damaged barrels of m/39’s when they were re-inspected or passing through a depot level repair/refurbishment cycle. It is not known what depot performed the repairs but the total number of barrels used for this procedure is known-5,000. This makes the Tikka barreled m/39 quite a rare find. Those known and observed have all been in extraordinary shape indicating little use after the refurbishment. Many still exhibit the arsenal tag affixed to the barrel band.”

Of note, the arsenal tag itself was missing, but the wire hanger and brass grommet with a small bit of the tag paper was still attached to the front barrel band side sling attachment point. I have shaken the box no less than 5 separate times hoping that somehow, magically, the arsenal tag will fall out, having just come loose in the shipping box.
The main bolt serial number has been scrubbed. The magazine floor plate and butt plate have different serial numbers. The toe spliced Sako wartime stock has been sanded so the Sako cartouche is a bit faint, with the stock maker’s cartouche just barely too light to definitively tell what who the stock maker was. The end of the stock and handguard have been trimmed back from the barrel so they don’t touch the barrel

Finnish 1942 Tikka M39 Mosin Nagant - receiver bedding

1942 Tikka M39 Mosin Nagant – Apparent bedding in the receiver well

(barrel is free floated). The recoil lug bottom shim and tang shim are in place. Also interesting is the perfectly flat section between the mag well cut-out and the receiver recoil lug cut-out, which appears to have been bedded, although I am not sure what it would have been bedded with. Of the 3 x M39 Mosins I have this is the only one that is bedded. If you have any info on this, please leave a comment below. You can see in the picture to the right that the stamps on the bottom of the receiver left impressions in the bedding compound.

The cleaning rod has crosshatch knurling. The rear sight spring is plum colored. The front sight appears to be marked 7.6. The barrel is not counterbored. This M39 did not come with a sling or any other accessories. Although I have a leather M39 sling for this rifle already.

Being new to collecting and to Mosin Nagants I am quite pleased with this purchase. However, I am torn on 2 things. Feel free to leave your comments one both.

  1. I have already have a variety of offers to buy it. I like it, and was planning to hold on to it for a while with no plan to sell any time soon. However, I keep an eye on the market and will sell when I get the right offer.
  2. I REALLY want to shoot it and see how well the new Tikka barrel and bedded stock perform. So far, I’m thinking that it an unfired (since leaving the factory) Tikka M39 is rare enough that I should not fire it.

1943 Sako M39 with scrubbed receiver and Sako stock:

Finnish_M39_Mosin_Nagant (93)The 43 Sako M39 from Empire Arms appears to have NOT been refurbished with very little bluing on any exposed metal, and strong blueing on unexposed metal. The hex receiver has a scrubbed emblem and no other visible historical markings, although there is a faint dot matrix serial number on top which matches the number on the Sako barrel. The tang stamp indicates Tula 1898 manufacture. The barrel has the Sako cartouche as well as the “36 Sako 00” proof and SA on the left side and two two similar stamps that I have not yet identified near the rear sight base, and one more below the wood line on the right side. The front sight is marked “69”, and the top of the barrel just aft of the front sight has “72” struck through and “69” beside it. The Sako mark is struck on the lower left front sight base wing. The barrel is not

Finnish 1943 Sako M39 Mosin Nagant - arsenal stamp

Finnish 1943 Sako M39 Mosin Nagant – arsenal stamp

counterbored and has a nice bowl shaped crown. The cleaning rod is spiral knurled. The wartime Sako stock has some sort of clear finish on it and a plethora of handling marks in addition to the Sako cartouche and S stockmaker’s mark. There are no tang or recoil lug shims, but there is a shim between the magwell cut-out and the recoil lug cut-out… an interesting contrast from the other M39 above. There are no markings or numbers on or under the steel butt plate. The base of the pistol grip appears to have been broken off and reattached via two small dowels. Otherwise, the stock appears solid with no cracks. The bolt has a variety of stamps that I am not familiar with, including one that looks like a capital E with an arrow going through it. Almost like a cross between a Westinghouse and Izhevsk mark (leave a comment if you know what it is). A very faint “CAI Georgia VT” import mark is on the right side of the barrel just aft of the front sight. The early Izhevsk magazine assembly is nearly completely “in the white” for exposed parts, and nearly perfect, dark blueing for the non-exposed parts. The sides of the magazine door appear to have been crosshatched by hand. This M39 did not come with a sling or any other accessories. Although I also have a leather M39 sling for this rifle already. I am pretty happy with this purchase also, and Dennis at can be commended on his packing job. While I like the freshly blued and “new” look of the 42 Tikka, I have a soft spot for rifles with the bluing worn off.

Here is how Empire Arms described this 1943 Sako M39. Looks like an accurate description to me:

FINN Model 39 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 230649 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Sako in 1943.  Good or better condition with very little bluing remaining and a somewhat bright bore (NOT counterbored at muzzle). Bolt-knob not matching (9397), force-matched magazine floorplate (0649), includes cleaning-rod. Stock has visible SAKO wheel cartouche with considerable handling-marks but no cracks in the wood.”

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