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But they are just targets… You might be forgiven for not realizing that you have options beyond the standard white target with black circles on it. EZ2C Targets sent us […]
EZ2C shooting targets review - rifle targets on sign

200 yard rifle targets style 13

But they are just targets…

You might be forgiven for not realizing that you have options beyond the standard white target with black circles on it. EZ2C Targets sent us a variety of targets printed with their day glow orange and they quickly became our “go to” targets at the range.

What makes EZ2C Targets easy to see?
It is more than just a name. The bright, day glow orange print contrasts well against the bright white background to show up well in daylight, but really pops in lower light situations where traditional black and white targets are useless. The larger-than-average size helps as well. EZ2C Targets are printed on 11″ x 17″ paper.

EZ2C shooting targets coupon

EZ2C shooting targets review - comparison

EZ2C shooting targets compared to other targets

Made in the USA

… by a family owned small business. To me, this is important.

Variety is the spice of life

As of this update there are 24 styles of  targets available via the EZ2C Targets website and Amazon. They can print custom targets in any design you wish. We do a lot of sighting of rifle scopes for reviews, so we use a LOT of the style 13 or style 14 EZ2C Targets. The 1″ grid on the targets is readily visible at any distance that we can discern bullet holes and make precise scope zero adjustments easy.

EZ2C shooting targets review - rifle targets style 14

Rifle target style 14

When evaluating pistols or rifles with iron sights we tend to use EZ2C Targets style 3, with the large center circle and 4 smaller circles.

EZ2C shooting targets review - dart board target style 3
And it is always entertaining to put the Pistol Training Target (style 11) in front of pistol shooters to see if/why they are missing the bullseye.

EZ2C shooting targets review - pistol target style 11

EZ2C pistol target style 11

For fun we will sometimes pull out the Battleship (style 22) or Dart board (style 15) EZ2C Targets, as they provide an entertaining challenge.

EZ2C shooting targets review - dart board target style 15

EZ2C shooting targets review – dart board target style 15

EZ2C shooting targets review - circle targetRed vs Orange?

The EZ2C Targets website says: “All targets are Printed on 11″x17″ High-Quality Bright White Paper. Targets are Printed with High-Visibility Fluorescent EZ2C Red and Deep Black Inks”.
I must have slept through the “colors” portion of elementary school, as they look like orange to me… not that it really matters.

Sounds expensive!

Not really. At $10 per pad (25 or 40 targets per pad), they come out to $0.32 and $0.25 respectively. Compared to other similarly sized paper shooting targets, EZ2C Targets are less expensive than similar Bright Lightning – Paper Gun Range Shooting Targets 15×19 Inch, which are over $1/target before shipping.

You can also buy EZ2C Targets in combo packs like this 8 style pack.

EZ2C shooting targets review - 8 styles of targets


Having used EZ2C Targets almost exclusively over the past 6 months I can honestly say a few things:

  • I didn’t “get” how much easier it is to see the bright orange/red targets until I switched back to some standard targets as a contrast. These targets really are easier to see.
  • EZ2C Targets are bound along the top edge. When you need a new one you tear it off. Otherwise they are held together, so no issues with loose targets making a mess or blowing away.
  • The cost is really competitive. In my research, EZ2C Targets are less expensive than other similar options
  • Having a variety of targets to choose from is really nice, as our goals vary depending on what we are shooting and why
Gear Score
EZ2C Targets really are easier to see, especially in low light or at longer distances. We recommend EZ2C Targets since they are a great value.

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