Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review

Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review Finally! An affordable, true left handed semi-auto shotgun. Manufactured in Turkey by Hatsan Arms company and imported by Legacy Sports International, who loaned us […]

Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - on truckEscort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review

Finally! An affordable, true left handed semi-auto shotgun.

Manufactured in Turkey by Hatsan Arms company and imported by Legacy Sports International, who loaned us the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun for this review. The Escort Supreme Magnum is a shotgun southpaws can really stand on the good side of,  I mean the right side. As a lefty, I have been looking for an affordable left handed shotgun for years. Could this be the answer to my prayers?

Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - treeHow Escort describes their Left Handed models:

“These are TRUE left-handed shotguns, not just left-handed stocks that leave ejected rounds flying past your face. These shotguns are made with left-handed receivers and come in a variety of our Escort semi-auto models featuring wood, synthetic and camo finishes. Always in supply and you never have to pay more for a left-handed Escort!”

Escort is really speaking my language!

What is the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun

The Escort Supreme Magnum Shotgun is billed as a high performance semi-automatic shotgun with a number of key features normally found only on shotguns costing significantly more. With the ability to fire 2 3/4″ and 3″ magnum 12 ga shotgun shells, and supplied with 4 chokes + a straight wall tube, this is a very versatile shotgun that can fill many roles from bird hunting, to hunting larger game and even home defense. My task is to give the Escort shotgun a workout and report on how it performs. But first, some more details.

Specs (with comments)

Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - glossy wood grain

Hi gloss finish over deep wood grain

  • Hard wood Turkish walnut with gloss finish and robust checkering at the stock grip and forearm. The walnet shows great grain and the impeccable finish gives a look of a higher end model.
  • The magazine holds 4 and add 1 for the chamber. The 4+1 can be increased with an optional tube magazine extension to make it a 7+1. Might this shotgun have a future in 3 Gun competitions?
  • The Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun also comes with a mag reducer to be compliant in silly states where 2+1 is the max allowed.
  • Hatsan’s “FAST™ loading system” cycles the action at a “sub second” pace.
  • The front sight is a green small fiber optic dot that is very easy to acquire as one sets up to shoot.
  • The lift lever is split where the bolt release also unlocks the shell lifter to expose the tubular magazine.
  • There is a magazine cutoff button that allows to empty the chamber without loading another shell. It also performs as a bolt release. If the bolt is locked open and the cutoff is disengaged, it will automatically load a shell in the chamber.
  • The Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun comes with 4 chokes to reduce the pattern as wanted and a straight non tapered installed from the factory with a tool for removal.
  • There are three 1/4″ spacers to adjust the length of pull as desired.
  • Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - chokes and spacers

    chokes and spacers

    There are two comb adjusting shims that help you modify the drop and angle of the stock vs the action and barrel.  An extra shell follower is also included in the package. All of these for nothing more in price, many manufacturers have all the extras as options to purchase.

  • Msrp $623.00, market price around $550.
  • Chambered in 2 3/4” & 3” magnum
  • Chrome-moly lined barrel, proofed for steel shot
  • Raised, ventilated rib
  • 3/8” dovetail accessory rail on top of receiver
  • SMART™ valve self-regulating gas piston
  • Sling swivel studs

Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - left handed receiverTrue left handed shotgun features

  • The safety is true left handed, set at the trigger guard and is deactivated by the index finger when pushed to the right.
  • The bolt release is found under the action, where the magazine is loaded.
  • The left handed shotgun receiver ejects spent shells to the left… away from the left handed shooter’s face.
  • The stock is cut for a left handed shooter.

The accessories included provide the necessary options to get semi-custom fit to the user. In my case (left handed) lowering and canting the stock to the left helped to more naturally align my left eye to the rib above the barrel and acquire the fiber optic front post. This makes for a very natural point and shoot motion.

How we tested the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun

At the static range:

We have tested semi-auto shotguns that have made big claims about functioning well on a variety of types of 12 ga shotgun shells… but failed. The Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun is touted as having the “SMART™ valve self-regulating gas piston”. We first wanted to make sure this was not just marketing speak, but that it actually worked. We tried the following 5 different brands and loads ranging in speeds, target, and/or game options that all fed, fired and ejected flawlessly.

  • Remington 3″ turkey shot
  • Winchester 2-3/4″
  • Estate 2-3/4″
  • Revolution 2-3/4″
  • Federal 2-3/4″

For the static portion of the test we set up on of our favorites, the XSteel Targets EZ Target System portable AR500 silhouette at about 15 yards.

To validate the sub-second cycling we blew through plenty ammo. The Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun kept up with the pace of the trigger. It was great!!!

The dynamic range:

A little about the range… we brought the shotguns that are in the review queue (including the UTAS UTS-15 bullpup, Mossberg 500 Magpul Edition, Bullpup Unlimited Mossberg 500 bullpup shotgun) to Beaver Pond Sporting Clays Club in Snow Camp, North Carolina. This is a robust and diverse sporting venue where pheasant hunting with dogs and clay shooting is done, among other things. The club has a covered area with 5 stations at which remote controlled multi-throwers will challenge your abilities. Beaver Pond also has a course set up (golf coarse style) where each shooting location has two or four throwing machines that will deliver the clays over a field, through trees, toward and away from you, making the experience challenging, enjoyable, and a lot of fun.

How did the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun perform at the dynamic range?

For this review we stayed at the Beaver Pond Sporting Clays Club’s 5 stand venue. The Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun functioned perfectly through two rounds of their 5 stand course of fire, and in the hands of three shooters. The Escort shotgun has a good balance and is easily moved to acquire the targets. The new gas system in the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun cycles quickly making the shotgun ready for follow-up, when needed.

As part of verifying the reliability of the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun, I kept switching between brands and load types during the clay shooting and did not get a hung shell or a failure to feed.

Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - choke tubes

choke tubes

Choke tubes

It is great having the 4 extra types of choke tubes and tool to switch them included in the package. The Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun comes with the non-reduced choke installed and depending on the shooting planned, you will be able to switch to your desired choice in a matter of minutes. The process is as simple as loosening the choke with the tool, unscrewing and removing the choke to exchange it for another (Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey). On the choke choice be advised by the warnings on them if you can shoot slugs or not.

Maintenance of the Escort Supreme Magnum left handed shotgun

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning disassembly and reassembly. I have shot over 200 Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - woodpilerounds through our test sample and have not seen major fouling. This is a gas operated semi-automatic shotgun so the frequency of cleaning will vary depending on its use and personal preference. When testing I tend to not be very particular or picky about cleaning in order to get a more “real word” assessment of how the gun will perform. I tried to see if the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun would perform dirty, and the carbon fouling did not hinder the shotgun’s performance.

Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - boxFinal Thoughts…

The Escort Supreme Magnum left handed shotgun shoots great. The claims of sub-second cycling are validated and the new gas system worked no matter what we ran through it. The Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun never failed to fire or cycle. The Turkish walnut stock is well crafted and the metal and wood finishes are very good. I am a little disappointed on some of the use of polymer components, but considering the price point for the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun, the Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun presents a good value. Add that a SouthPaw like me can get a true left handed shotgun for the same price as the wrong-handed model, and we have a winner.

Escort Supreme Magnum Left Handed Shotgun Review - in boxYes, there are other brands that are more established in the US market, but you will not find many semiautomatic shotguns able to compete at MSRP price. Addition of the extra components and accessories included helps to set the Escort Supreme Magnum left handed shotgun apart from even some of the high not many high end brands offer them. You will notice that we tested the left handed version.  With the performance of the true left handed version I am confident that the right handed Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun will not disappoint.

The Escort Supreme Magnum shotgun and other Hatsan shotguns are available from Legacy Sports International.

Gears rating

Gear Score
I definitely recommend the Escort Supreme Magnum shotguns. If you are a lefty, this is a great, no compromise choice.

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