Decibullz custom moldable earplugs Review

Decibullz custom moldable earplugs Review I am sure that if you are a shooting enthusiast, you do not neglect your hearing. If you are interested in having a better performing […]

Decibullz custom moldable earplugs Review

I am sure that if you are a shooting enthusiast, you do not neglect your hearing. If you are interested in having a better performing and personalized fit from your hearing protection, keep on reading. You might be as surprised as we were with our experience with this set of earplugs.

Well… these look different

The Decibullz – Custom Molded Percussive Filters were designed and created by an extreme athlete in pursuit of better fitting headphones that would stay in place and were comfortable to wear regardless of the activity. When shooting, we always use either earmuffs or ear plugs to keep the harsh noise from damaging our ear drums.

What is the difference with this earplugs?

The majority of earplugs are made of a compressible foam material which is pinched and rolled to be partially inserted in the ear canal. Once in the ear the foam expands and physically blocks much of the sound from reaching the inner ear.  The big difference between Decibullz and regular ear plugs is that Decibullz are a combination of custom heat moldable composite with a duct that holds a percussive filter.

Percussive filter?

A percussive filter is a passive device that allows lower pressure sounds, like conversational speech, to pass, but then blocks significant amounts of higher pressure sounds like gunshots.

Whats in the box?

The Decibullz box was full of goodies, including (spoon and glass bowl not included) :

  • 2 Decibullz Thermo-fit Earpieces
  • 2 Percussive Filters
  • Premium Hard Carrying Case,
  • S, M, L Max Isolation Foam Tips
  • S, M, L, Triple Flange Silicone Tips
  • Instructions


How to custom mold Decibullz earpieces?

In order to use the Decibullz percussive filters the user will have to mold the thermo-plastic component to fit their ear. If you have ever played any contact sports where there is a requirement to use a mouth guard, this follows the same heat molding process. The explanation is pretty simple:

  • heat the water and remove from heat source
  • put each Decibullz ear piece in the hot water for a set time (the heat softens the material, allowing it to be shaped with light pressure into the outside portion of the ear canal opening)
  • for each ear piece:
    • remove from hot water
    • let cool for 30 seconds, or until it is cool enough to put in your outer ear
    • insert the percussive filter in the ear piece
    • put the ear piece in your outer ear and press gently  around the outer edges so that it takes the shape of your outer ear. Do NOT try to cram the ear piece into your ear canal.
    • remove the ear piece and let it fully cool. Once cool they are ready to use.

How do they fit?

Once molded properly the Concha (outer ear) will be completely sealed by the Decibullz while the ear canal will have the added plug inserted. Although I am not used to both portions of my ear being covered tightly, this custom personalized fit is great. With personalized fit, the noise has little to no chance of leaking in, unless it passes through the noise filter, where harmful levels of sounds are blocked.

What about the sound suppression?

The Decibullz have an insert that utilizes different media membranes that are affected by percussion (sound pressure) waves to seal when the sound levels are too loud. The benefit of the Decibullz is that these membranes are not affected by lower volume sounds, allowing those sounds (like speech) to pass through.

Final thoughts

I have used the Decibullz several times and have found that conversations or Range instructions are heard fairly clearly. The only thing is that if both shooting and conversation are going on the sound is cancelled for both. Effectively, this is similar to how electronic hearing protection works. The slogan of this Decibullz Percussion Earplugs is “Sound when you want it. Protection when you need it” and I have found it to be true. I can carry a conversation without having to remove the earplugs, and if I want to continue shooting the percussion filters will protect my hearing. The great thing of the passive noise cancelling provided by the Decibullz ear plugs is that there is no need to buy batteries!

What I wan’t thrilled about

  1. Once the ear plugs had been custom thermo-formed to the shape of my ear and cooled, the thermoplastic material is rigid enough that it made my ears a bit uncomfortable over time. To be fair, I usually wear over-the-ear hearing protection because I don’t like the feel of earplugs in my ears. Although the discomfort might also be due to the amount of time that I wear the Decibullz when I go shooting or I might have placed them back in my ear with a minimal rotated offset.
  2. Because of how hot temperature can affect the Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Filters , I have had to make sure I don’t leave them in the car on hot days. Several times I have kept my shooting gear in the car and have had to remember to take the Decibullz out. Unfortunately one of those times I left them in the car, only to find out at the range that I had done so… and they had lost the shape of my ears. I would have to remold them when I got home. Luckily I did have other means of hearing protection.

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Gears Rating:

Gear Score
with the active sound suppression that allows for conversations, and one that does not require batteries, I rate it.


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