Custom Gun Coating by S&T One Stop Gun Shop – KG Gun Coat Tiger Stripe – Ruger SR1911

Custom Gun Coating by S&T One Stop Gun Shop – KG Gun Cote Tiger Stripe – Ruger SR1911 We have had a few of our project guns coated recently. Based […]

Custom Gun Coating by S&T One Stop Gun Shop - KG Gun Coat Tiger Stripe - Ruger SR1911 on stumpCustom Gun Coating by S&T One Stop Gun Shop – KG Gun Cote Tiger Stripe – Ruger SR1911

We have had a few of our project guns coated recently. Based on personal recommendations, the following artists were sent a firearm and asked to “make it look cool” and “it can’t look like it belongs on the toy isle”

Why have a firearm coated?

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I have a typical stainless steel, full sized Ruger SR1911 , but this particular pistol has recurring problems with surface rust forming under the Hogue wrap around grip. I sent it back to Ruger in 2014. Ruger bead blasted it to remove the rust, then sent it back to me. I was concerned that simply bead blasting would not solve the issue. Ruger instructed me to make sure a thin coating of oil was applied before the grips were installed. So, I applied some CLP, installed the grips, and carried the Ruger SR1911 in my Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster a few times. Two weeks later I removed the Hogue wrap around grip and found fresh rust forming under the grips again. Although I shoot more accurately with this pistol than any other that I own, I was forced to stop carrying it since it rusts so quickly. I suppose I could send it back to Ruger again, but after the first time they said it was corrected… and it wasn’t.

I was looking for a better solution and heard that various coatings can keep this sort of thing from happening. I suppose a plain coating of a shade that resembles the original stainless finish would have worked, but I figured that if going through the trouble of having it coated, might as well put it in the hands of an artist and see what they could come up with for it.

Here are some pictures of how the Ruger SR1911  rusted:

Here is what the Ruger SR1911 looked like before. Note the Recover Tactical CC3 grip and Storm Lake threaded barrel.

recover tactical 1911 grip review - ATN shot trak hd x


I found Trey at S&T One Stop Gun Shop in an unusual way. I had seen a few pretty cool coated firearms in a couple of FB groups I frequent and learned they were done by Trey. One of the guys that commented on them turned out to be Trey’s father. He told me that Trey is an LEO who also is a partner in a specialty coatings shop. Trey’s father made an introduction and “the rest is history”, as they say. We are big supporters of the LEO community at Gear Report, so we were happy to spotlight the work of someone that has dedicated his professional life to protecting and serving.

Trey and I talked about a variety of ideas, with some flavor of tiger stripe camo being one of them. However, I left the design to him and was surprised when I finally saw it. I threw an extra wrinkle by sending the Ruger SR1911 with both a Hogue wrap around grip AND a Recover Tactical CC3 grip with rail.

How I first saw the finished product was kind of funny. While walking from one meeting to the next at the NRA Show when my phone beeped. It was an Instagram notification with a picture of a pretty cool 1911 in tiger stripe camo. I said something like “that is badass!” and put my phone back in my pocket.
A few steps later it hit me… why did my phone beep for that? Doh! I scrambled to pull the phone from my pocket and confirmed what I had hoped. That wasn’t just a badass 1911… that was MY badass 1911!

Custom Gun Coating by S&T One Stop Gun Shop - KG Gun Coat Tiger Stripe - instagram

Here is the picture I saw on Instagram

You never know from pictures what something will look like up close. I have to say that I was very pleased when it arrived. I thought it looked great in the pictures, but it actually looks better in person. I have looked it over thoroughly and the attention to detail is impressive. I am surprised how good the colors work together. It just goes to show why it is a good idea to let the artist decide since they are often better at visualizing the finished product than your average person.

What Trey says about S&T One Stop Gun Shop

“I really only offer firearm coating work. I specialize in custom jobs though. One-off deals to make the firearm personal to the customer. Pricing for the piece I did for you is $240. Generally, full handguns run $140-$300 depending on level of difficulty. Long guns can range from $160 (bolt action type) to $500 for wild, custom sporting guns. Turn around time depends on the gun, but currently (June 2016) I’m looking around 3-5 weeks. The best way to contact us is through or by email at Thank you again for this opportunity.”

So, check out the pictures below and the other work on their FB page. If you like it, give Trey a shout and have some work done.



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