Custom Cerakote Camo – R&J Coatings – Modern Mosin Sniper

The final alteration to our Modern Mosin Sniper build was a custom Cerakote transformation. For this job we turned to Richard at R&J Coatings. It took far longer than we had […]

The final alteration to our Modern Mosin Sniper build was a custom Cerakote transformation. For this job we turned to Richard at R&J Coatings. It took far longer than we had hoped to actually get the rifle across the country to Richard, but we think you will agree, the results are worth the wait. (click the pictures to enlarge)

Canik TP9SA review - M1903 rail mounted light

Why Cerakote?

There are a lot of coatings available, like Duracoat, Gun-Kote, Aluma-hyde, even Zombie Coat. We chose Cerakote due to the “…durable, weather- and corrosion-proof, ceramic-based protective finish that resists scratching, chipping, and abrasive cleaning solvents.” (from Brownell’s Cerakote product description). We have also been rather pleased with how the Cerakote finish has held up on the Canik T9SA (link to review). I had read that Cerakote bonds well to the polymer Archangel AA9130 OpFor stock (link for stock review).

Why R&J Coatings?

Custom Cerakote Gun camo - R&J Coatings Woodland camoWe had a number of shops that wanted to do a project with Gear Report. We chose R&J Coatings on the advice of Jason at R&J Firearms (makers of the muzzle brake used in the Modern Mosin Hunting build). Jason said that Richard was “The Man” for Cerakote and he has some really cool examples in his FaceBook portfolio (click here).

If you are interested in having Richard work his magic on your rifle, pistol, or something else (you would be surprised how many every-day items can be coated), give him a call. Don’t forget to tell him you saw the rifle he did for Gear Report. 🙂
Custom Cerakote Gun camo - R&J Coatings contact info

Custom Cerakote Gun camo - R&J Coatings digital ACU camo

From the paint studio

Design Inspiration

Richard asked me for ideas, but if I’m going to work with an artist, I like to give them a fairly blank canvas to use to do whatever their creative vision dictates. My only rules are pretty simple:

  • No primary colors
  • It can’t look like something that you would find at Toys’R Us

With those in mind, Richard worked his Custom Cerakote magic. I didn’t know what he was doing until he sent a picture from his shop.


Inspecting the rifle I have yet to find any flaws in the finish. It actually looks like Richard took apart everything on the rifle that he could and Cerakoted each piece before putting it all back together. Even so, there are several places where the digital ACU desert camo pattern spans parts and is aligned perfectly.  Hidden areas like the comb height and length of pull adjustment wheels and posts are fully coated.

Gallery of Custom Cerakote detail shots

Big gallery of Modern Mosin Sniper rifle Custom Cerakote pictures:

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